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Mexico: A visit to Ajijic Mexico 3/4 years ago.:

As Britons, my wife and I went for a three week visit to Ajijic Mexico, we had read of the snowbird winter population there, we were looking for a permanent destination, Just before departing I read a US report advising not to travel to the area as there were drug gangs murdering local people. It was too late to cancell, we got to our destination via Texas, the accommodation was Very poor, but the discovery that there had been numerous murders of beheaded victims left in vans outside of town was quite disturbing. It was the worst visit to anywhere in my life, and I have visited Africa, Indonesia, Australia (great place) Seychelles, etc, etc. But nothing compared with Mexico. We decided on Buying a villa in Madeira, a small Portuguese island mid Atlantic, near the Canaries. A lovely scenic place, very friendly folk, known for being Completely crime free. and it is. We live in the capital Funchal, and have a balcony overlooking the city to the harbour, we can see the daily visits of various cruise ships including those from the USA. All the locals speak English, we can fly within an hour or two to many parts of Europe, and within Three hours to London, I'm surprised more Americans don't move here, full year round sunshine, cost of living is great, we have a deal that saves us paying any tax here or the UK. Come on over it's the best destination and the safest by far.

Mexico: Recent hangings in Cabo:

I'm afraid the comments on Europe allowing all drugs to be used is total rubbish.. what a dangerous comment to makeup. Apart from Amsterdam With marijuana, I don't know of any other drugs being acceptable anywhere in the EU. "Guns and drugs" In the USA are a ludicrous combination,


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