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Razdel, Bulgaria

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United Kingdom

About scotcouple

Weare a married couple who live in razdel Bulgaria, been herre since April 08 and love every minute of it. We had never visited Bulgaria before we have found it a beautiful country to stay but it has it's challenges.No dopubt the winter will be the biggest one.

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Advice for New Expats

If there is one thing I would say it would be Please do your research and be realistic in the budget you have to spend


St Leonards primary
  1965 to 1970

Dunfermline High School
  1970 to 1975

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Dirty Dancing

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Bulgaria: need helpful advice:

Hi Shirley, Welcome to expatexchange, we live in South East bulgaria where summers tend to be long and hot and winters short but can be cold. First thing i'd say is what do you want from BG? There are many many areas of Bg that are of equal beauty. Ourselfs we decided that being around an hour away from an airport would be just fine and decided to settle in one of the many quiet little hamlets scattered all around Bg. If I can help at all then please email me. Wishing you all the very best jeanette

Bulgaria: Caravan:

Haskovo is a very lovely region plenty rolling hills and lovely scenery, Certainly well worth a trip down.

Bulgaria: Stray Dogs & Cats:

Hi there Jaqueline, Yes there is a big problem with stray dogs and cats in around main towns and also in some of the villages. However there is Dog neutering and sapying programme being run in Yambol at the moment, Where they are taken and given a health check ie Fleas, Worms and other nasty parasites and then neutered or spayed. With a cat its different you don't own them they own you, They are left to wander around and forage for their own food. We rescued 2 Bulgarian puppies in May 08 they were tiny when we got them but now they are huge and have to live outdoors in their own quarters. Which they just simply love. I will go and have a look at your site on bebo. Jeanette

Bulgaria: Staying in BG:

Hi there deeoz07, Welcome to the Forum I'm Jeanette your Forum leader, If you have any queries or suggestions then please feel free to ask.

Bulgaria: Need some advice:

Hi there glad to see Bulgaria posts are on the increase. Yes I agree with a lot of what has been said on this thread, Things I consider important on what to look for is Be careful when you are selecting Estate Agents, Use a Full service agent which means the price advertised is ideed the priice you pay, A lot of them add extras on top of the price. Do your homework, talk to people who have used them. Consider your budget carefully and be realistic. Be sure in what you want when you move here ie Montains,Sea or rural consider the seasons e in the South there is long hot summers and harsh winters. theres literally loads of things that you should consider. I'd be happy to chat to anyone and offer any help I can. Jeanette I'd be more than happy to help and talk to people wanting this better life style.


Hi there, We used a company in Yambol. they are An English Company. and if fact they are the only english compnay in Yanbol the be members of the Real Estate Union. Their lawyers are excellent , their professionlism is second to none. I'd be happy to provide you with further information. Jeanette


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