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Hawalli, Kuwait

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Easy going, friendly, extrovert

Advice for New Expats

know the nature of the people you are going to live among..that will make things much easier

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Australia or Newzealand


  2002 to 2008

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Chinese, Italian

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pretty woman, Ocean 12, Derailed, 50 first dates

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Kuwait: Advice Please:

Hello Again, For recruiting, please try SkillRate Advisors: Tel: 00965 22425930/35; Fax: 00965 22450299 - E mail: and if you want to check for vaccancies in Hotels, i think Marina Hotel is one of the best hotels in Kuwait and i guess they always have vacancies, but also u can check Movenpic, Al Raya court yard, if u r intrested in investment companies let me know your current position in Finance I might can help offer ur Cv to someone I know if u have any previous experience in Finance - Investment related field....and yes Kuwait is one of the countries that was affected after the Global Crisis, but recently they has started to recruit again as things started to get better :)

Kuwait: Walking:

I am intrested too, let me know where u plan to walk..

Kuwait: Belly Dancing:

Hi, I guess they do at the Palms hotel, give them a call ;)

Kuwait: Finance Jobs in Kuwait City?:

Hey Scotland, there are alot of investment companies and banks in kuwait that might be of ur intrest, u can also register on,, or and apply to the availabe jobs..or i believe the best way is to visit kuwait and go urself to some companies to apply..if u plan to do so, i can tell u some companies and bank names...If u hav more qs, pls let me know.

Kuwait: Job offer in Kuwait:

Hey Christa, life in kuwait is not expensive i believe, u can get anything u want easily if u know the right places.. there is no specific dress code here in kuwait, kuwait has a multinational community, but in general u need not to wear very revealing clothes that would make ppl stair at u can simply where wat u like and looks normal. the people here are friendly in general..kuwait of full of kuwaitis, lebanese, egyptians, palestenians...and so many other diff u might too find a variety of behaviors. the weather here is very hot in summer and nice and cold in winter. there are so many english schools in kuwait, u can check below link to hv a look..and good luck if u decided to come :)

Kuwait: Glad to answer you questions:

well, thats easy, u can hit road 4 as u r heading to salmiya, and u get off the first exit that has a sign to "fahaheel - road 30" which will lead u to road 30, after abt 3 to 4 mins, you'll c the British school sign on the left u can make the nearest u turn and get there ;)

Kuwait: Recreation (i.e., drinking) in Kuwait:

hey there, just readed your posts, and thought of making some comments.. things are not as bad as you're descrbing here'll just make the guy abandon the whole every society has its norms and traditions.. talking about girls..there are alot of open minded women here in kuwait..not necessarily kuwaitis..but lebanese,morocon, egyptians..but u need just to be with the right crowed..if u r open minded & extrovert enough, you'll get to know the right ppl. about drinking..i ve been to many parties where alchol was in tons :p, and i believe that so many americans & westerners here drink without have to travel to dubai or eles.., again the fact of knowing the right ppl it wat wd make things easier for u. if you just started making friends things won't be that bad..i am sure - i am arab, but i do know alot of americans here who can manage their social life here and ok with it. good luck

Kuwait: glad to help new people.:

500 KD is more than enough to get a decent's just depends on the area, u can always search in Salmiya, Maidan Hawally and Salwa, I am sure u'll find wat u want with good prices...u don't hv to expect the worse :p ... it's only "be smart" ;)

Kuwait: Possible Transfer to kuwait:

Hi Danny there are many american schools in kuwait, most famouse is kuwait American school, American schools of Kuwait, International Academy, and universal American school, u can check their websites too for TKD classes there is kid's gym called the little gym or flex fitness. and might be others but those the ones i know ;) good luck nd let me know if i can do any more help

Kuwait: car leasing:

Hi Nick, an average 4x4 - 2008 may cost abt 15 KD per day, but of course since u will be living here, so i suppose u'll need it for a long term, so in that case, i believe it'll cost u less than 15 kD if u made a contract with the dealer for 6 months for example or one year. this is a link for Kuwait Fiinancial house, which is one of the leading car showrooms in kuwait, and another useful link may be for Al Sayer Group maybe u can just specify the type and brand of the car u wish, and email or call them, or even i can do that for u, just let me know the necessary inform abt the car type. cheers


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