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Ecuador: Building in Ecuador:

If you build in EC please interpret Engineer as I suggested as Engineer/Architect. There is nothing wrong with using the foreman as long as you have drawings prepared by an architect/ engineer. In order for code and zoning to come for inspections grawings have to be submitted to the city/municipality. From the lack of comments on the earthquake thread I see most buyers are not concerned with earthquakes. Please see Haiti to see what can happen with a short quake.

Ecuador: Realty sites:

Thaks Barrett, exactly what I have been saying. Be careful the gang may attack you! Thanks for having the valor to post the thruth. I met one of these while there and declined to pay per hour. What a sin. I should have paid and narrated a rosy story to avoid being attacked!

Ecuador: JP55301:

Apparently there is a need for English teachers if you are well educated and hold the required credentials.


Carola, Silver, Boncur. Since i see daily the same questions from newbies and many do not know how to serach, or are not inclined, i have been thinking of how we can come up with a practical and simple document where we can touch on the different services, conditions, prices etc that they will encounter in EC and briefly state the difference from other countries using the US as a base. It occurs to me if we can first originate a laundry list of the main activities or items ( and we can inclusive have the newbies help by suggesting some of the items they want on the list) and once we have the list then we can comment briefly how this is in Ecuador. For example the list may look something like this: 1. schools 2.cost of utilities (breakdown) 3. medical 4. cost of food etc Then in schools for example Silver already has posted great info about how the teachers and students care, how the students are free of alcohol and other drugs in the majority etc. Under medical we may add that this free thing IL says does not work and you need to go private. We can mention that Dr visit homes and are inexpensive. We can say if you are older than 65 no plan will take you etc What do you guys think?? feel free to suggest anything different. I don't own this and my only intention is to help others answer the question of should they move since I have already answered my question. Once done we can always refer newbies there and most of their questions will be answered. Also it can greatly help them in answering the great question IS ECUADOR for me??? It should be very simple and based on real experiences you guys have gone through. I don't want to compete with any book or "OWNER'S MANUAL" Right Boncur?

Ecuador: I Survived Ecuador…& Other “Strange” Tales:

HGQ, I see you are back with your usual humongous postings which are essentially US bashing and pro a perfect Ecuador. To confuse people into believing this you make your postings unreadable because of the length and then in case they do read them you fill it up with meaningless statistics that do not really apply to the daily living in EC. Having said this I want to warn all the newbies that Hector and I go way back in this forum when I took off his mask and uncovered him as the realtor Realtor that he is and who has financial benefits from bringing people to EC where he markets property and services. he now discloses that in fact he is a realtor but before He had been hiding as a simple poster. Still he does not disclose all his doings. So buyer beware! Now he plans to move to EC in Salinas, I think, and is interested in selling and has connected himself with the IL network! So make sure you don't believe his information on prices and way of life because, as a faithful member of the IL network, He will make everything look rosy and market you a property at triple the price you can obtain locally. KEEP AWAY from his network if you want to buy and use a local professionals. For example he mentions ocean front properties in Salinas beach for $200 to $350K when in reality you can buy for less than $100K. As far as the daily living and politics you can believe Carola, Silver and Boncur that have lived there for quite some time and are thruthful reporters of the real conditions there. Its a shame when some of our own want to take advantage of our trusting and good nature.


Corrie, Becky why are you guys moving ? Are you in retirement age or will you need to work?

Ecuador: Crime update:

Richalich, I don't understand how quoting crime incidents in thee US will help the newbies get information of what goes on in EC? They want to know what is happening there in EC. They all have a Master's degree in US crime and don't need any additional info in this area, what they do need is the info on EC. Bear in mind they are trying to make a very difficult decision and need all the info they can get good or bad. There are many good folks here in the forum that have been nice enough to share their experiences with the newbies and I would hate to see them go away because of undue criticism.

Ecuador: ...and speaking of children:

Omulerie, how old are your girls?

Ecuador: Looking for playsport (pete):

Pete, I received your private message but I got the response returned. Apparently the forum servers are having problems in sending and receiving replies. I searched for playsport in the Ec forum and nothing comes back. Send me a message with your E-mail and I will respond.

Ecuador: Day to day life in EC story:

Suspirar, you are right. And newbies need to pay attention to your last sentence: "The people of Latin America manage to put up with a lot that Americans would not tolerate on a continuous basis. " To the point that not only do they put up with the crime but have internalized it as something normal in their daily life. And they warn you to be careful as something normal and acceptable. They are too nice and conformist. Yet they don't put up with governments they don't like and have ousted two presidents before this one. He better be in his best behavior.

Ecuador: undecided:

Boncur you are right! Ask the recipient to answer the message to confirm receipt. Report to the Admin as I have.

Ecuador: 60+ days prior equals no Menaje de casa?:

Good info but that still does not guarantee that Aduana will honor what is on the web. That is why you need someone knowledgeable that does this daily and knows the people like Rene Torres seems to be.

Ecuador: On Our Way:

keyman, you finally did it! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You picked a great city to live. Its one of the one's I liked very much. Do you already have a place to live?

Ecuador: Earthquakes in Ecuador:

If earthquakes terrify you then you may want to think twice before buying in Ecuador. Ecuador is located in the Ring of Fire which is the zone of earthquakes that surrounds the Pacific Ocean and where 89% of the world earthquakes occur. If you decide to buy regardless, be aware that a large number of home construction there is not built to earthquake code if any at all. Ask for the construction drawings and then hire a structural engineer to review for you before you buy. If you build hire an engineering firm to do your drawings and make sure that as a minimum they design to California earthquake code. Also choose your location carefully because when the rains come you may have a mud slide and lose your home. look what just happened in Peru, next door, in Cuzco where there was a mudslide due to rains and many tourist are stranded there and homes were lost. Also this is happening in mountain homes in California.

Belize: Second passport in Belize:

Does anyone know if you can get a second passport or citizenship if you invest a certain amout of $? I understand there is a proposition to provide this.

Ecuador: anyone renting/knows about rented acco.:

PPP, eidness apartment is super centrical and beautiful. You can't go wrong.

Ecuador: Muisne area experts needed urgently:

Omulerie, you also need to think of squatters. In Peru if the land is not built or fenced in totally they will build on it and it becomes a problem to get them out. I assume in Ec it may be similar. Also as others have said its been said crime is high and the state dept recommends against visiting certain areas in Esmeralda due to Colombian rebels. Check their recommendations it was posted recently here. I still say get professional help! Good luck!

Ecuador: Advice for Prospective English Teachers:

Thanks Silver for such good information and service to all. I do want to comment that your last paragraph is the most important in my view. Many postings mention that they want to travel and spend some time in the country and the first thing they mention is that they can teach English. As you say unless the person is a teacher and cares about the students they shoud not teach. Please find some other way of making a living and do not disappoint a student making such a sacrifice to receive professional training.

Ecuador: Salinas ~ Super Bowl Party !:

Where is Sakinas?

Ecuador: vaccine for Dengue:

Good news for us travelers. There are a couple of companies that are working on a vaccine for Dengue and one of them has already had positive results with the phase 1 testing and if approved may have it for 2012.

Ecuador: Seeking information about Ecuador:

Patrickh, that is a tall order. Are you retiring or are you planning to work to make a living? You don't mention anything about visas and that should be your first priority.As far as the containers they are available by the hundreds in Miami but I would guess that any major port in the US has them for sale since they are used to ship items with no return of container. They cost anywhere from $1500 to $3000 depending on condition. By the way you can buy them modified as an office or a living quarters for additional $'s. As far as the shipping and custums etc there is a wealth of information on this site. I recommend you do a search. I can advance that there were many horror stories about shipping and receiving containers so you need to be real cautious and make sure you understand the laws. A consulate may be a good place to start. I also recommend using a local lawyer which many have been recommended on this forum. As far as shippers look in your yellow pages or the net there are many international movers. Above all go and visit the country for a minimum of a month in the area you chose to make sure you can accept the many changes from your present life you will encounter. Good luck.

Ecuador: Canning jars:

Patrickh, Base on your yard sale question I would recommend that you visit Ecuador before your move to get familiar with the local customs and to see for yourself what would be best to bring. I would recommend that you do bring the tools because they are more expensive in Ec, if you can find them, as well as all the electronics and cars. And if you can bring things to donate it would be super because there are many needy people there that would very much appreciate it. Good luck!

Ecuador: Taking things personally:

Pronto, sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she gets well and you can continue with your dreams. I too got the golden handshake but didn't give up and continued fighting and now I have my own business. Your husband will do fine. I plan to visit Panama and Belize. Can you share why you seem to have discarded Panama?

Ecuador: Quito hotels? 1 night.:

Omulerie, you will have to be more specific on what you mean by "Yuck". I stayed there and found it OK. Its very centrically located and the people are great and very helpful and competent. The food in the restaurant is so so and there is no elevators but the rooms are OK. They have a travel agency in the lobby and provide you very reliable taxi drivers. I may add that your suggestion to take a taxi in the airport and ask him to take you to your budget hotel is an open invitation to crime! Please newbies DON'T DO THIS EVER!!!!!!

Ecuador: US Cell phone that works best in Quito and throughout Ecuador:

Robert, I just came back from EC and I purchased a used phone in a phone store for $30 with a PORTA sim card. Then I bought time as needed in $6.00 increments. It worked beautifully in all of EC and also I was able to call the US or receive call from there very inexpensively. My home phone with ATT also worked but it charged me $2.45 per minute while porta charged $0.45 per minute in EC and $0.21to the US. I used a Cabina (net cafe) and a PC for my E-Mail. Its very cheap I paid $0.75 per hour in Quito. You can also use a cabina to make inexpensive calls to the US. They are everywhere. Good Luck. By the way I also went to Nicaragua and while there I bought a Movistar Sim card and was able to use the phone I bought in Ec there also. I paid only $5.00 for the Sim Card. I understand I can do this as I travel to other countries leaving my expensive phone at home. If you must use your home phone you can also have it unlocked and then buy a Sim card in EC as long as your phone supports GSM.


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