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Argentina: 3D graphic design in Buenos Aires?:

I wish you luck but I do have a few questions regarding your question about your “job chances”. Are you Argentine or a Foreigner? Are you fluent in Spanish? What is your primary motive for going to BA? Income, opportunity, see the country, romance ...??? If not fluent in Spanish your job chances drop dramatically. A bi-lingual Argentine, Spanish and English, with a College Degree in 3D Graphic Design probably earns the equivalent of US$300 weekly. Does that ring your bell?

Argentina: passport:

There should be an Immigration Department in Mendoza City that can handle this for you. If your VISA has expired you will be lectured and receive a fine which is less than what it would cost to take a Bus to Santiago Chile and then turn around and come back. Or to fly to BA and jump over to Uruguay.

Argentina: Exchanging US land for Argentine land, anyone?:

expat0tree, Yes, the ubiquitous clutches of the Governmental taxing authorities. You have piqued my curiosity and knowing where the parcel is located would certainly help. If it’s 20-acres in San Francisco, Los Angeles or Manhattan you have a deal. If it’s 20-acres in Furnace Creek in Death Valley, California maybe not. I hope it’s somewhere in-between.

Argentina: Advice on a shipping company:

Kelly, I am sure you have done your homework but be careful when you move. The moving company may be A+ but that will not reduce your risk at Argentine Customs, especially if Buenos Aires Customs. If either you or your spouse is an Argentine resident you are probably okay but if you’re not, please be extra careful. I have heard many horror stories about automobiles and furniture being stuck at BA Customs for so long that the storage fees imposed by Customs exceeded the value of the automobile and the owners just walked away.

Argentina: San Rafael, Argentine Joint Venture:

I will provide the land in a gated vineyard development next to well established vineyards and provide utilities if you build a Model home on it for people to see and perhaps want to do the same. Sorry, no homes made out of tires, bales of hay or modulars. And you must have the capital to build the home. I can have it built for you at about US$50 per sq, ft. or USA$550 per m2.

Argentina: What to do with 40-acres?:

I have 40-acres in San Rafael Argentina with ample water rights. But a recent Agronomist Report says the land is too salty to grow vineyards, orchards of groves. I could cleanse the soil but it would require several years and a lot of chemicals. Any ideas what I can do? No, I don’t want to raise Pet Rocks. If someone can come up with a way to legitimately use this land? I will provide the land and water. I am not necessarily looking for money. I am open to some form of a partnership or a JV. Let me know.

Argentina: Hosehold goods for sale:

Argentina is a large country, what city are you located in? And are you selling a car?

Argentina: 2017 grape harvest:

Mike, Thanks for the info. Our Chardonnay harvest was up slightly to over 27,000 kgs. and again for the sixth straight year Mumms purchased all of the Chardonnay grapes to make Champagne. Our Malbec harvest was also up to nearly 100,000 kgs. and again the grapes were pre-sold to a local Bodega under an "Elaboration" Agreement. And our Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah harvests were about the same as last year. Our Vineyard manager predicts because of grape shortages prices should be strong but I won't know that until September..

Argentina: Cordoba - School in City Center:

Just curious, why Cordoba???

Argentina: Cheaper car in Paraguay?:

The are two key factors in buying a car in Argentina or bringing one in; what you pay and can you bring it into Argentina without a horrific tariff imposed, e.g. 35% - 50%??? Good luck and keep us posted.

Argentina: Hail damage in San Rafael:

Mike, Since 2008 my vineyards have suffered from hail, some years 20% other years 5%. I have explored netting but like you said, it is very expensive, especially for 50-acres. Argentines get sweetheart funding from Government programs for netting. Foreigners are offered nada, zilch, zero.

Argentina: New immigration rules for Argentina?:

Mike, Thanks for the info. I don't blame Macri or any country that prohibits Felons coming in to their country. True, the issue still exists, "If the Felon dully paid his/her time and restitution etc. maybe he/she should have another shot at civilian life".

Argentina: Making the move?:

tbarben, The message that BA was the land of "milk and honey" and as safe as Fort Knox was sarcasm. BA like any big city has its issues with crime, however, it is not a war zone as some describe.

Argentina: Tax Amnesty:

elhombre, Pretty sad if true because the whole point of this forum is to exchange candid, often intense or even brutal observations and comments about a country.

Argentina: What not to miss:

I would definitely spend a week in Mendoza Province, Argentina's wine country with over 1,100 Bodegas. Thus far my wife and I have visited about 40, that leaves 1,060 to go.

Argentina: buying hectares for almond production:

Wow, talk about trying to cut a wide swath with a small scythe, you pose a lot of questions that will require a great deal of time to answer and where any professional like an Agronomist would charge a large fee. My caveat, when dealing with raw land on the outskirts of San Rafael make sure the right for you to drill a well is in the DEED. Obtaining the right to dig a well is not longer a given and obtaining a "Permit" can require many many, months unless you are one of those guys who doesn't believe in having a permit.

Argentina: Sell my AR Pesos for US$:

I need US$10,000 for my AR Pesos. Will pay more than exchange rate. If interested contact me. Tom at

Argentina: Choosing gift vouchers for Argentine staff:

I may be a late comer but if you are going to buy wine what kind of wine and what quality of wine are you going to buy? Mendoza Province alone has 1,400 Bodegas and I am sure each one will extoll the virtue of buying its wine. For a price many will ship the wine especially if to addresses in or near B.A.

Argentina: Help please:

Antonio, You say "Hi, and i am in the United States. Which has worse problems. Wow, worse in what ways? Where do you live in the USA? Having lived as an American and owning vineyards in Argentina for 5 years I can tell you that if you arrive in Argentina with money for only two weeks and you speak very little Spanish you are immediately in trouble. Foreigners who live in Argentina and who do not speak Spanish are often relegated to menial jobs like working on a farm or a clerk in a store where your wages will be about US$500 per month, barely enough for rent and certainly not an automobile. Stay in the US, work at a job, save money and learn Spanish and read all you can about Argentina. Also, create a Goggle "Alert" for Argentina and in a month you will be many times more informed than you are now. I don't want you to end up in Argentina, quickly become broke, busted and disgusted because of lack of preparation and then bad mouth Argentina.

Argentina: Lodging:

I will be arriving in San Rafael mid to late February 2017 to oversee my vineyards until the end of April. I will need a place to stay and Hotels like the Tower are both too expensive and sterile. If you have or know of someone with a modest home, cabin, Guest House etc. that has a private bedroom and hopefully bath, please let me know including the cost to me in AR pesos. If a car or truck were also available this would be ideal. Please contact me at

Argentina: Transportation:

I will be arriving to San Rafael mid to late February 2017 and staying at my vineyards until the end of April. I will need a form of reliable transportation, perhaps a used car or truck, sorry no horses, bicycles or motorcycles. I really don't want to buy a car or truck . I also don't want to rent a car from a traditional source like a Car Rental Agency because of the high cost of renting for my extended stay. From experience I know that some ex-pats leave a car in San Rafael while they are absent so maybe we could work something out. Please contact me at

Argentina: Grape prices to raise this season:

Mike, Thanks for the info and I think it is necessary because most Bodegas do not share information about the prices they pay. This posture tends to keep us vineyards owners in the dark. I have sold my grapes over the last few years under an Elaboration Agreement. For my 2015 Malbec grapes I received AR 5.4 pesos per liter. For 2016 the price was AR 16 pesos per liter, quite a pleasant increase. Mumms purchased my 2015 Chardonnay grapes for AR 2.9. pesos per kilo and I received AR 6.0 pesos per kilo.

Argentina: Wonder Where Argentine Real Estate Market Is Headed...:

Expatotree, I am not an Economist but I do follow what International and Domestic Economist say about Argentina because I am heavily invested in vineyards in Argentina that encompasses housing, land and wages. Candidly I do not give much credibility to what Argentine locals say or Ex-Pats living in Argentina say because their beliefs are often skewed by personal bias. Regarding housing in Buenos Aires, I think two dynamics are unfolding. First, there are more Real Estate Agents and 3rd Party Reps hawking real estate via the Internet and Social Media because it economically reaches a large audience allowing increased sales and second, housing prices haven’t exponentially increased like food or gasoline, e.g. you don’t see a Condo for sale now for US$200,000 that was US$50,000 three or four years ago. Interestingly I know an ex Bodega Manager who after a ten year career at a Bodega in Mendoza Province packed his bag and headed to BA. What for, to do Fix and Flips. He buys Condos that need repairs, completes them and then sells at a healthy profit (maybe there’s the making of a TV show here). I also think that seven or eight years ago people owning houses and land were asking ridiculous prices. Back then I would preview property and often there were three different prices for the same property. Also, as Christina’s draconian Rules and Regulations choked off foreign investment people couldn’t give their property away so they waited and hoped for a change. Just as everyone hyped the “Good Times” they quickly turned and cried about “Bad Times”. Very few people wanted to buy anything located in Argentina between 2010 – 2015 except the smart ones, foreign and domestic, who doubled and tripled down. I know foreigners, now ex-pats, that paid US$20,000 and US$30,000 for modest 2 bed 2 bath Condos located in San Telmo back in 2007. Today these Condos are worth US$125,000+ and the Owners are considered shrewd Warren Buffet disciples. Argentina has NO MORTGAGE INDUSTRY. Buying a home is always an “All Cash” proposition. This is why you see a 35 year-old married couple living with Mom and Dad, they don’t have the cash for a home. If Argentina had a Mortgage Industry, even with a 50% down payment requirement, you would see an unprecedented increase in new homes that would necessitate workers in all trades, concrete, carpenters, electricians, roofers who would cash their weekly paychecks and buy cars, electronics, more clothes etc. If this was to happen, and it likely won’t until inflation is reduced from 40% to 5%, you might see overbuilding and a glut of homes for sale. And if Argentina had a Mortgage Industry that would help finance the purchase of existing homes (not newly built homes) you would see the real estate market heat up and perhaps motivate many Argentines to sell their homes in order to trade up and or cash out for obscene profits. This dynamic would be beneficial for all; home owners, home buyers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents etc. until the housing market became super heated and imploded and then repeated the cycle all over again (just like in the USA). Regarding Unions accepting less than inflation, what they have been offered is close, 30% v. 40%. While my vineyard worker’s wages went up 400% in six years and I witnessed them getting better cars, 2nd cars, recreational motorcycles, expensive toys for their kids and fancy appliances for Mom, most Vineyard and Orchard Owners pondered, “When will it be my turn?”.

Argentina: Apartment in Mendoza - Lujan de Cuyo:

Niels, Considering the Argentine white grape harvest can be in late February to mid March and only last a week and the red grape harvest is in late March and most likely up to mid April and only lasts a week, I wouldn't base my location for 6 months on such a small fraction of time. The city of Mendoza might be best for you or San Rafael.

Argentina: Sending dollars from Argentina to USA:

I hope you receive many good suggestions as I am always running into people with either AR pesos or US Ben Franklins that are in Argentina and want to send back money to the USA.


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