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I am Macarena Rose, and was born in Washington DC, raised my Children in St. Petersburg, Florida, and then moved to Belize over 10 years ago. I believe in living your life, and not wondering what if- so this is WHY I am in Belize !!

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Do not leave your brain at the border ! Google who you are working with- check out testimonials, and ask questions.

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Eckerd College
  1982 to 1984

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Helping Others

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Air and Space

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Body Heat

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The Secret and The Alchemist

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Cayo Avengers

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Belize: Carmelita Gardens:

More lots there for sale by past Owners then any other development. percentage wise. Actually I feel it is better to buy in a non planned development- and do your own thing, that you can count on.

Belize: Moving to Belize with kiddos:

My Children did well adjusting- work permits run normally 1000 USD a year- Finding work is at best challenging- I usually recommend buying an existing business. There are several viable options I can think of if this is an option for you. Smiles to you !

Belize: Retired Veteran seeking a rental property in Belize:

If you contact Ginny at I am sure she can help you find one in Belize

Belize: Placencia/Hopkins Points of Contact:

we adore Doug Usher a local with many years of Real Estate 673.3636 He is a Buyers Agent

Belize: Realtor:

Kate Corrigan at the Spindrift Hotel - 632-4102 of Keller Williams Belize

Belize: Family of 4 from Canada looking to move to paradise:

To clarify- I moved to Belize over 13 years ago with a 14 year old and a 15 year old- 5 cats and 5 dogs, 4 containers- 2 vehicles, 1 motorcycle- My kids went to both local schools and home schooled- am feeling i may have something to share after doing this move, having helped many with our relocation service and fact remains- my experience here in Belize, still to this day has been authentic- at times a challenge, and vastly the majority of the time- a move that touches my heart, being part of Belize.

Belize: Retirement??s:

Roshel can help you with the Belize tour at - she is also a QRP guru

Belize: Dec. Visit:

You can contact Jaz at she handles Rentals on the island - she is with Keller Williams Realty on the island - and is a local with terrific contacts . She is terrific !!

Belize: Net or Gross for retirement qualifications:

if you want the contact of person we know who helps you thru the whole process for QRP seamlessly- email us at She is who we have sent our clients to and has a 100% approval rating

Belize: bradinbelize:

i sent message to Brad for you- i sold him his home- so know him well-

Belize: Home Schooling:

I moved with 2 teenagers 13 years ago, and they attended the local schools the first year. Then the following year, home schooled. The system we used was very good- and they had plenty of friends to visit with on the weekends!

Belize: Flying to Belize from Tampa, FL:

Wow- I moved form this area to Belize over 10 years ago !! easy via American airlines- Enjoy !

Belize: 7-27 Texas Seminar about Belize:

Worth sharing here is a 1 day before you fly to buy in Belize and beyond seminar in San Antonio Sure you realize the importance of speaking in person with expats and experts as to offshore, intl corporations and .....

Belize: Driving to Belize from Texas!:

There is this event July 27 in San Antonio Texas for ?'s about Belize and how to set yourself up International I know folks who have done the drive, and it was stressful- Another option is to ship your stuff from Texas and fly to Belize-

Belize: expats in the Cayo area?:

I would contact Ginny - her email is She has lived in San Ignacio forever, and her Mom moved there over 30 years ago-she KNOWS everyone and is very helpful- See you SOON !

Belize: have questions on belize before you move,contact me:

Hello Sandy, You will have 30 days stamped in your passport when you arrive, you shall need to go to Belmopan every 30 days thereafter to get a monthly stamp to extend your time in Belize. After one year, you can apply to be a resident, and when approved, you will pay 1000 USD and need no more stamps- Smiles, Macarena

Belize: Pets into Belize:

I myself moved to Belize with 10 animals- you will need a permit for your Yorkie from Baja- and a clear bill of health from your Vet before you arrive, within 10 days of traveling to Belize. When you arrive Belize, and show your permit, they will take a look over of your baby- and then you are free to go- no quarantine- As to ALL you other questions, if you are lookign at Ambergris Caye, I feel you are well served to speak to a Woman named Ann who lives there with her Husband ( and are Expats) who is a Relocation specialist, her email is Smiles, Macarena

Belize: visit to belize:

Corozal is the border town, so perfect for your 1st stop- i would not miss San Pedro though. Or San Ignacio for the ruins and jungle !

Belize: A long-shot... Racquetball in Belize?:

No there is not, however - may be a REALLY GREAT idea to build one here !! I moved here from Florida, and would adore to have it here ! Smiles, Macarena in Belize

Belize: Belize?:

I read your post, and yes, there is always room for good builders here. My direct email is Smiles, Macarena in Belize

Belize: Second Scout Trip to Belize:

Feel free to email me at and I can give you some folks to talk with, Smiles, Macarena

Belize: new to belize:

Where did you buy in Belize ? I can then help you when I know what area you are in- Smiles, Macarena in Belize

Belize: American TV Show Coming to Belize!:

I am Macarena Rose -owner of Rainforest Realty and have Expats perfect for your show- Please email me at and check out Smiles from Belize, Macarena


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