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Brazil: Are there any tax advantages to Home ownership in Brazil?:

We are thinking of buying a home in Brazil when we retire there. Are there any tax advantages to home ownership in Brazil? Can you deduct the loan interest like we do here in the US? Thanks

Brazil: Import Taxes on Household Items:

When we ship our household items to Brazil, is there some dollar limit on what can be imported? Is the import tax on all that we ship? How does this work?

Brazil: Taxes on US earned retirement $$ ?:

My question is about anticipated taxes on my retirement income - 401K, pension, Soc Security. Since I earned my money in the US, I know I must file and pay US taxes once I start to receive it. How will I be taxed in Brazil when this money is transferred to a Brazilian Bank? Is it taxable in Brazil? I will be retiring in a few short years. We live in the US now. I am married to a Brasileira, so I will get a Permanent Visa before moving.


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