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Belize: Residency, working, property, and duty fees:

Hi, Look at the QRP program in Belize this will help you. This is a good program to go to Belize. For building materiall they have everything. The cost it all depends where in Belize you to built. Where in Belize. We wanted to built in Belize in San Pedro we evaluate the price to built a house in a beach front property is about 100$ per square feet.

Belize: Universityof Belize:

Hi, We might move to Belize to at San Pedro. We have a daughter and she is doing is University on line with Ramussen University(College). We took the ption of an Associate degree and if she want she can continue and the courses are credited for the Bacc. We look at a lot of alternative and make a lot of research for the best on line University, and I can tell you if it can be any help Ramussen offer a good program for business, entrepreneurship. My daughter already did 2 semester, she took 5 courses and we received the books, look at what she learning and it's well applicated,. By this way student don't loose time for courses that are not needed and for travelling time to the University. Hope this will help you. best regards

Bahamas: Looking to move to Nassau Bahamas:

Hi, We are looking to move to Nassau. My husband and I and my daugther of 17 years old. She going to University by Internet. We are wondering, if someone could tell us where to look for a house to rent or buy near the ocean. And also if the job opportunity for our daughter are good in Nassau. She is studying commerce and entreprenuership. thanks

Global Expat Forum: Move to Belize:

Yes San Pedro Ambergris Cayes if the best . Are you an expat moving to belize

Belize: moving to Belize:

HI, we went to San Pedro I a lot of time and other places in Belize, Placencia, Hopkins and San Ignacio. san Pedro is a very nice town, diving is wonderful, houses expensive bur you can find good deals in those days maybe with the economy going down. San Pedro must be seen. You can apply for the QRP programm which is advantageous for expat. Go look at te belize qRP program. We are looking at going at this place full time. We went their for 2 month last summer and 2 weeks in 2009. In 2008 2 month in 2 weeks. We look at the Panama also and costa rica. But since Belize is English speaking we like it better. Peolple are very nice and the look and feel of San Perdo is amazing. If you have other questions do not hesitate.


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