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Belize: Where to live in Belize:

Hello! We tried looking into the Bahamas...but seems to har so now My husband and I would like to move to Belize. We have researched online and it looks gorgeous. From the research I have done it seems to be easier to become a resident and inexpensive to buy a place and live. Where do you recommend living in Belize.? We would like to visit the country this year, but need recommendations on where to visit and where to live? We would like to live in an arean where it is less expensive and we can find jobs. My husband is a boater and also a photographer. I would like to work for a resport, be a teacher or even a loan officer (start with processing loans). I hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks. Marnie

Bahamas: working in bahamas:

hello! sorry to bother you...but my husband and I are looking into moving to Bahamas...we were wondering if you knew how to get a job in the bahamas or how to look for a job? I looked online but have not been unsuccessful.

Belize: Topic of the Week: Real Estate in Belize:

Hi Alexia, My husband and I are interested in moving to Belize. We would love to talk to you to find out more information. Please let me know how we can reach you. Thanks. Bonbond

Belize: moving to Belize:

hello! My husband and I just starting looking into Dreamscapes of Belize. Which property did you purchase? We want to go to belize in a few months to check the properties out and also Belize. Where do you recommend staying when going to Belize? We are going to book our trip soon. When you went to Belize did you check out the entire country? It looks so beautiful and we are excited to check it out. Thanks. bonbond


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