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Belize: Canadian looking for land:

Make sure you use a reputable agent and lawyer in purchasing. Soooo. Many people get burnt...... In that you think you have purchased land when you haven't. Land purchase deals, land title deeds etc all open to corruption. Corozul and sarteneja be aware of the roads. The road to consejo up in corozul goes past the corozul dump and floods causing nasty biohazards etc. the road to sarteneja is flooded 4ft deep for a mile, they are having to boat to corozul for supplies. But off the grid, sarteneja has some nice places too. As for dreamscapes, google it.... Read up on it. This was meant to be a big development, but as far as i have seen recently nothing has been developing on it for a long time. Lots of people purchased the plots but I'm Not sure about the infrastructure, ie road access, electricity etc. that sort of thing. I'm not even sure I anyone has actually built on their plots? Maybe other posters can enlighten us? Join belize expats on Facebook there are a lot of Corozul expats that post there and might be able to help you.

Belize: Help verifying Med availability:

Contact Belize Medical Associates (private hospital in Belize City) pharmacy dept. their pharmacists can inform you of what they have or what alternatives are available. Their telephone number is 1 501 223 0303 (office hours, ask to speak to Pharmacy). Another good place to call is belize healthcare partners, google for numbers. The pharmacists are excellent over here.

Belize: Am I crazy? Misinformed?:

For free calls to the states I used. The talkatone on iPad or iPhone. It's free calls to any USA cellphones or home phone, business phone.. Any. Usa number. The person on the other end doesn't have to have the Talkatone app to receive the call. It works well, I chucked my majicuack abandon net phone out. They. Just can't call you back using talkatone. Because ya don't have a USA number here in. Belize.

Belize: What is Your Favorite Beach?:

The split at Caye Caulker. I love the people, the bar, the depth and the whole place.

Belize: Hell or high water !!:

You couldn't pay me a million bucks to "go back"[

Belize: Need Information on Belize:

1. QRP (qualified retire persons) requires 2000 us$ a month to come into the country. 2 . Depends on you 3. QRP allows you to brings things into the country duty free , it allows you to buy a car duty free. This is the tropics, MDF furniture doesn't last long, hard wood furniture does. So it's better to have a few good pieces of hard wood than stuff you bring in. 4. Medical insurance can be purchased from Cigna , sagicor...which is a Jamaican company. If you have preexsisting conditions, it's debatable whether you can get it. Sagicor, will allow treatment in the us if it is not available in Belize. You. An also get treatment in Guatemala or Mexico under sagicor 5. Banks are fine but very slow. You can spend half a day in a queue. There are no US banks, this is Belize, not US. You can get a US dollar account with CBi in the matalon building on northern highway Belize city. 6 exactly. Depends on your lifestyle 7 very expensive. 6us$ a gallon. Makes you think twice before getting in the car. And cars are expensive due to import duty tax. 8. Depends on where you live. There is no mains gas. You purchase gas in a canister . Never fails you run out of gas while in the middle of cooking a meal. Electricity, probably depends on where you live. I have no problems in Belize city. The only time the electricity goes off is during big storms, and then for only a little time. 9 Cable is excellent I pay 20us$ a month for 120 channels . It's reliable and good. The Internet is very expensive and slow, but reliable. We pay about 80us$ a month.

Belize: prescriptions:

Belize medical associates has a pharmacy on st Thomas. Rd, Belize city. Bradley's imports, in Belize city are the pharmacy importers. As for sending packages into Belize, I wouldn't recommend it. My sister sent a a package early August, I got it end of December. Import duty tax is always payable on items shipped in. So it costs a lot that way. You could also see if it is available in Guatemala or Mexico, both an easy bus trip away. Most places don't need a prescription. If you tell me the drug you are looking for I will ask on your behalf and find out if it's here and the costs of it. For example I have a friend with a baby who needs hydrocortisone pills daily. They only had it in liquid form which was exorbitant in cost. They could bring in the pills but they were two and a half times the price I could buy them in Canada. I just did a web purchase to my family in us and they hand delivered it while on holiday. We saved a fortune.

Belize: Caye Caulker vs placencia vs Corozal:

How quiet? Mega quiet place would be Sarteneja. Rent are very low there, there are some, but few expats, and it's right on the sea. Miles from nowhere... ... If you like that sort of thing.

Belize: Belize visit:

There are loads of good car rental agencies at the airport, google renting a car in Belize. There are name brands like hertz etc and local brands like crystal and jabiru. Three years ago we rented a car from jabiru, we chose a four by four because we knew we wanted to explore places, (not offload), and that the roads were bad. We paid about 90us a day. Belize city is really the only place you can rent a car, and almost all the car rental shops are at the airport. We were very pleased with jabiru, have used it many times since. The car was quite old, mechanically sound, and did the job, when we extended the lease unexpectedly, Eddie, was fine with it, and we were given a discount paying 6 days for seven days use. If you are just traveling from the airport to corozul, then that road doesn't need a four by four, but roads to lamanaiI, altan ha, ,places in San Ignacio such as Barton creek, various tourist sights , are probably best travelled to in a 4x4. If you visit the cayes, you won't need a car at all, there are no ferries that take cars, and cars aren't allowed on the islands.

Belize: home mortgage?:

We are QRP residents in Belize. When we were on holiday, we purchased a house, nine months before moving here. We had to open an account, but being non residents we opened one with Belize Bank International. Its a US dollar account, our pension comes in dollars directly from the states, we can remove money from it, in US dollars or in belize dollars. It costs 10 us dollars a month, and has a 20 us dollar wire charge every month the pension comes in. Since we live close to the bank, we have found it unnecessary to open a Belize dollar account. We tend to stick with cash, and have a pay up front credit card, we can easily fill up on this account if we need it. It works for us. We don't have a mortgage. Its an easy way to show each year, that the 2000 US dollars has been brought into the country monthly, as per our QRP agreement with BTB Belize.

Belize: Fishing in Belize:

I don't know very much but I have seen fly fishing off the split at Caye Caulker being done by tourists whomweremvery successful , not sure which company does that. You should contact Belize Tourist Board, they would be able to answer this question.

Belize: San Ignacio or Belmopan:

I have expat friends in bullet tree, near San Ignacio that are home schooling their kids. Also some that had been home schooling and have now chosen private schools in Belmopan, despite living in San Ignacio. So the kids commute, although most of the kids are a little bit older than 10yrs. Contact Dr. Isabelle, , check out her Belize wildlife referral clinic Facebook page, she has three children of varying ages and would have some good info for you I think.

Belize: Learn to speak Spanish course...:

I don't know of any in Corozul. But there are loads in Guatemala. Bus Belize city to Flores, easy. they are live in, with families only speaking Spanish, four hours school daily, one on one teachers. The four hours in aftn volunteering, being part of community. Meals and accommodation included about 150us$ per week.I've had friends do it for a couple weeks and loved it. If you cant find any in Corozul, you could bus up to Chet? Mexico.

Belize: Electric Bill w/Air Conditioning:

Depends on the size of the airconditioner, we have air conditioners ranging from 5btu to 14000. We have great sea breezes in Belize city. If I really need airconditioner I move into the room with the smallest space, best and most efficient machine, a split level unit. Electricity is expensive, mostly used to heat water, and keep the security lights on at night. Our costs are about 50 to 60 us$ a month without aircon, I would triple those costs if running an aircon.

Belize: Public Transportation:

Interesting question. San Pedro has none, but everyone uses golf carts, there are water taxis to and from mainland. Belize city, is only a couple of miles big, it has public transport fifty cents per trip wherever, almost every town is small and walk able, most people use bicycles. For transport from bigger towns, Corozul, orange walk,Belize city, Belmopan, dangeiga, punta gorda, San Ignacio... The mode of transport is by old American school buses... In beat up bad shape. I've used them to travel Belize city to San Ignacio, and Belize city to Corozul. The only top class bus is the Mexican ADO bus, that runs once a day to cancun, about 9 hrs travel.

Belize: Looking to buy a vehicle in Corozal Belize:

Bravo in Belize city, a Nissan dealer sometimes has second hand cars, that they know the history and maintenance history on them. Give them a cal for advice. Are you living in Corozul permanently? If not, where are you going to safely store your car? Hoping you have a lockable garage? Many cars are brought in from the states, they arrive in smashed condition, this means almost no import tax is paid, then they are "fixed" and sold to unsuspecting people, yet are very dangerous if you were to have an accident. There are no car facts documentation, so if for any reason you were buying second hand, make sure you have an honest trust worthy mechanic (are there any of those?) with you. Lastly, remember to get a car that can easily be repaired with genuine proper parts. Check what types of dealerships are inbelize city, cos when something goes wrong, you need parts easily. I know of a friend that has a car in Belize, he needed a pumpp of some sort, not available in Belize, Mexico or USA.... He had to write to a wrecking yard in uk to get the part sent over and it cost a fortune . So choose your car wisely. We opted for a small 4x4, the Nissan extrail (not available in us), new, from bravo and have it maintained there, don't want to take it to a mechanic and have all the original parts ripped off. If you do use any mechanic, other than big names, always stay with your car and watch what they do, it's in your best interests. If buying secondhand, always chek tyres for wear etc.". We seem to be the dumping ground for tyre seconds, that unravel and can be deadly, we've had two blow ous, and had to replace all four tyres twice,. Despite being brand new tyres every time. And that's in three years! The roads in Belize can be really bad.

Belize: insurance:

Isn't this a question you should ask Cigna?

Belize: Pet Mcaw too Belize?:

Contact Belize bird rescue, Nikki Buxton . And also she will be able to give you the forestry dept contacts. I'm not sure what the rules are on this one, the wild scarlet macaws of Belize are endangered.. So they may be sensitive to bringing your one in..... You could also contact Belize wildlife conservation network at Belize bird rescue is a part of that

Belize: Skype:

Skypemgets blocked in countries all the time. I think if you have downloaded Skype on your computer already and have an account you can use it. I know in the past Skype has been blocked in Belize but don't know it's current status. Remember there is only one major monopoly telephone provider, BTL... And it's not in their best interests to allow VoIP . I live in Belize, I have the talk a tone app on my iPad. I use it to call out to any USA phone number cell or landline for free, but that doesn't really help when people want to call me... They call me on my cell and I dial back using talkatone. Viber does not work in Belize, believe me I tried it. Magic jack can occasionally be used, but it's not straightforward and simple.

Belize: Pet Form:

In order to import your dog to Belize you need an import certificate from Baha. Very easy to find and download the documents from the Baha Belize website. You scan and send the required docs to them and they send you an import cert. when you get to airport you have to have a vet at the airport, you can prearranged this with Baha, who will process you thru... You will pay vet fees customs fees etc on the way in. I bought two cats in from UAE to Belize and found the process very easy. Baha were very helpful.

Belize: need a good reliable honest realtor:

I've heard rainforest reality, cayo with Macarena is a good one. That's the one hgtv often uses on their moving abroad program

Belize: QRP Documentation:

If I recall when we did our QRP documentation we had to have an Official copy of every page of our passport. We decided to wait until we got to Belize to have that done and used a Belizian Notary Public to do that. Im glad we did. It was easy.. and getting him to stamp each page and initial it etc. took forever. But at least I knew that piece of documentation would be "correctly" done. We got our QRP three years ago, it was easy. Bought our car duty free, shipped all our belongings in duty free. Sad to loose all those benefits after a year, but can replace our car duty free every three years, and really didn't find anything else during that first year that we needed duty free (a boat, a plane.. .... etc.)

Belize: Trash/Garbage Collection....:

Inn Belize city we have trash pick up twice a week. In the past it was included in your property tax but starting 2013 there will b.a 10 bz Dollar (5. Us$) monthly charge. If you have excess traash or a large load you can take it directly to the garbage dump and pay a small fee. In many rural areas there is no dump so a communal unofficial dumping ground (ie. eyesorr). Erupts. It costs nothing.

Belize: Where oh where:

thats what we did in 2009. Just had a Fodor's guide book and travelled around, either using the net to book or calling people. Its easy to get a sim card, a number and pay as you go from BTL so that makes things easy. Rental cars are expensive, and of course its advisable to rent a four by four (around ninety bucks a day( cos the roads are horrific..... but life is an adventure, and you are sure to have one on your travels. We rented for a couple days, returned, rented again, the rental agency was wonderful. WE rented from Jabiru car rentals. (now that we live in Belize City, they deliver cars to us and our friends so its much easier than getting them from the airport or at least returning them(. Hertz has an office in town too, near the radisson.... enjoy your trip, being totally flexible and changing your plans on a daily basis, gives you the best chance to see as much as you want to..... welcome to Belize.

Belize: Any thoughts?:

Cant answer many of your questions but as for medical insurance. THere is private medical insurance called sagicor or cigna, but you have to pass a medical examination before getting it, if you even can. And with your health issues, I would assume your premiums would be sky high. There are good hospitals in Belize City, where the main hospitals are, many you pay privately, and they are much cheaper than you would pay in the states. But things like orthopeadics, cancer specialists, heart specialists are not available as far as I know. (For things like that people travel to Guatemala, Mexico or they land up moving to Panama.(which supposedly has great medical facilities) As for drugs... its pretty relaxed here, many places you dont even need a prescription. For advice on whether your medications are available for purchase, and pricing, I suggest you contact BMA Pharmacy at (Belize Medical Associates) on St. Thomas St, Belize City.


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