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Pakistan: pakistani american female moving to lahore!:

There r quite a few NGOs operational in Lahore which work for women empowerment, peace and education/health etc. Once you are here, mail me for a few addresses. I will forward them to you and you can try your luck. As far as teaching English is concerned, there is a huge scope here. Many foreigner friends have been teaching English in a select band of expensive Lahore schools. But yu need to have those relevant diplomas etc to get into the fray. Its beginning to get hot here. Buy or rent a place in Defence, Lahore Cantonment or Gulberg etc -------and first ensure that you have a power generator installed there to beat the persistent electricity load-shedding in this part of the world. That is your biggest challenge and do not take it lightly.

Pakistan: Islamabad advice needed:

Hello, Except sensitive military installations, bridges and govt offices etc (as is the case in nearly every country), you can photograph whatever you like. Locals are more friendly and hospitable than what you can imagine. They won't mind you taking their pictures. Within the Blue Area (G 6 included I think) it is very safe for you to have a stroll. The area is full of restaurants of all sorts. You will surely find what you like to eat (including junk food). No, Facebook is not restricted at all. It was banned for vital reasons for just a couple of days few months ago. Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi are more modern than most Asian cities. You won't regret living here. Cheers Sabir Lahore

Pakistan: From Lahore:

Hi expats, So how many of you have been invited on IFTAR DINNERS during the first 25 days of the on-going Ramadan? How was the evening? Anybody yet to be invited? Was life normal (shopping eatables etc) for you during this month? Any problems?

Pakistan: women in Pakistan:

Hello from Lahore, Long-elusive peace and sanity will soon greet the Pakistani and the expats living here. What do you think? Let us start a campaign to urge the powerful countries to promote bloodless policies. Why kill civilians?


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