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Haiti: Moving and finding work in Haiti as a white person:

people will charge insane prices for a decent apartment, even a mediocre room. you need to fight for the right price. I know people who pay 1000-2000US for an apartment for the month but a Haitian could get that same apartment for 350US-600 a month. I lived in Cap Haitien from 2005-2011 on 350 a month for a small apartment on the coast in a good part of town and that came with my utilities. food is very cheap if yo ushop in the local markets. if your a single man buying just for yourself you could get a months supply of food on 100 US no problem if you shop in the grocery stores you will pay as much even more than you do in the US. Being your White you will want a truck/automobile because its constant harassment on the streets especially if you walk. but if you can handle yourself then walk. buying a truck in Haiti is a pain in the ass get on in DR or a motorcycle if you want to keep it cheap but beware they will be very expensive. you can bring a car/truck from the USA and ship it in but get ready for red tape and hellish taxes and fees and mind games from corrupt officials. i can live well in Haiti on 1200-1500 dollars a month US but most people need more like 2000-3000 depends on what your standards and needs are. if you need more help send me a message - David

Haiti: Shopping in Haiti:

just a video of my daily shopping routine to give all of you new comers to Haiti a glimpse into the world of outdoor markets - link http://youtu.be/84xobuBpMmA

Haiti: dave6:

my email is djjazzydave@juno.com. I lived in cap Haitien Haiti for about 7 years and spent much time in the PAP area but now i am in Jamaica. i go back to Haiti on a regular basis. any questions you have i would be happy to answeremail me anytime

Haiti: renting a house in Haiti:

i wish i could be of more help but you are asking for a big living space and i live in a small apartment. however there are websites that have Haitian homes for rent in the PAP area. check out this site http://www.viviun.com/Rentals/Haiti/ renting a house in Haiti can be very cheap but beware people will do all they can to over charge sometimes even insanely high amounts of money they will ask for. learn the economy and fight for the right price.

Haiti: Relocating wife to Haiti from USA:

i guess my first suggestion is....buy her a plane ticket? please give more detail where are you from? american citizens can stay in Haiti up to 6 months but if you over stay your visa it is often not a issue. at least it is almost never a issue in okap but pap may be a problem. if your wife wants to stay longer than 6 months she can apply for a longer visa

Haiti: Florist in PAP! Please help.:

i wish i saw this post sooner. i have a friend of the family who is a florist in pap. here is a suggestion call hotel christoph in cap haitien and ask for the manger she is a friends with a florist in okap named geroge if she puts you in contact with him he could help but again sorry i could not be of help earlier

Haiti: want to visit haiti:

where in Haiti do you want to visit? the nord? PAP region? what area and what city? and what kind of experience are you looking for? are you interested in a tourist experience or do you want to see the country for what it is? what do you need and want to know in specific?

Haiti: Les Cayes:

I have never been there but i hear mostly good things compared to PAP or Okap. it is a small city and i have been told it is often boring wth little to do but some activity like a few small disco techs with live music and DJs, bars and a few restaurants. there are large carnivals several times a year. I heard it is rather peaceful and the crime rate is lower than most areas and there is little violence. I am sure you can find many fun things to do if you look for them and are creative. as far as cost it should be like okap. I may be wrong but i know for sure it is cheaper than PAP. in OKAP you can find a good apartment with current and running water for around 350 US. yo ucan even find decent places cheaper than that but a place that you pay 350 at may even provide you with drinking water but i am sure you could find a good place for 200 but you need to look and not let people take you for a ride people will do all they can to over charge you and there are many people that will do all they can to remove yo from your money...dont let them. food is cheap if you go to the local market and produce is very cheap a single person could eat well on less than 150 even 80-100 dollars us 7-800 haitian dollars /4 thousand gourdes the grocery stores are more expensive but you will not have to deal with hard sells and people ripping you off or causing trouble for you. taxi fare is 25 gourdes/5 haitian dollars for a ride in town across town it goes up 50 gourdes and triple the distance 100 and goes up like that tap taps are 5 gourdes in town thats like 2 cents restaurants are often cheap depending on where you go.you can get a plate of beans and rice for 50 gourdes and add chicken or meat 100 gourdes but i suggest you eat in nice restaurants. basic medical care is cheap ect ect

Haiti: Need a Car Rental:

are you in PAP area? or okap? i could give you connections in Cap Haitien or PAP. it is easy to find a taxi service that would drive you for 50 to 100 US a day depending on how far you are driving. as long as you covered fuel cost you can find a driver very cheap

Haiti: Most Important Household Items to Take to Haiti:

Many items that are made abroad will cost you double in Haiti or in some cases triple. Bring a truck or car and fill it with as much as you can because the shipping companies charge you by size not weight. i would bring a TV, video game systems, dvds, games, mattress/bed and bedding, pillows, radio, flashlight, batteries, tools, computer/hardware/software if you own a gun i would bring that as well.

Haiti: RN moving to Haiti:

what city will you be in? there are many but to find a paying job and get under contract you will need a good skill like water treatment or previous in nation building. i am based out of cap haitien so i have many contacts in that region and some in pap

Haiti: Mobile Internet?:

yes there is mobile internet service. CONATEL, Multilink, Access Haiti, ect. talk to digicel they may have some mobile program by now. me i go to some of the hotel bars and use there connection on my laptop i really do not do mobile but things are coming along and many of my friends have iphones and smart phones so you will be fine.

Haiti: Banking or Money Transfers?:

money transfers like western union take the biggest cuts. my advice is go Banque National de la Republique d'Haiti or uni bank most of them have a ATM use your debit card and check with your bank back home to make sure you will be able to do this. if your debit is a visa or master card you should be fine and after you get your transfer pay for what you can in american but it is best to change your money to Haitian. find a respected money changer. if you are in cap haitien haiti send me a message i know the best money changers who take the smallest cuts.

Jamaica: Last of the Jamaican Germans doc:

here is a documentary about the last of the few Jamaicans of German heritage who reside in the isolated former German township of seaford town Jamaica. link- http://youtu.be/LY2vGtlSoZA introduction to documentary- http://youtu.be/8BMg3emmGZ0

Haiti: Thanksgiving Events for Expats in Haiti:

i do know of some american missionaries who have get togethers on american holidays who are part of 4veh radio station i think it is connected to men in missions something like that just look up 4veh radio outside of cap haitien haiti. look them up i dont really hang with them but a few of them are nice people. depends on how well you vibe with the evangelical missionary crowd. some i find to be really nice people some i find to be really rude and arrogant but hey there are good and bad people every where you go

Jamaica: documentary on white Jamaicans:

this is a trailer for a documentary coming out on white and asian Jamaicans. share your thoughts. link- http://youtu.be/_uqEMH4vMp4

Haiti: expats in Cap:

I am residing in cap Haitien. there are other expats in and around cap Haitien, some americans, canadians, swiss french, french, Lebanese, to name a few, hang out at the lakay and the christoph hotel if you want to meet the other expats, give me a message here if you ever need any help.

Belize: live in Belize on 500 a month US???:

i have read on some website that you can live in places like Belize for 500 us a month or under 1000 a month. then when i check the prices and cost of living on things there i get a whole other story. could someone tell me what it costs to live there on a decent budget? I want to keep a budget of 1200 a month.

Philippines: cost of living in the philippines?:

i was considering the Philippines to relocate and start a small business. i have some money to work with but want to keep a budget for my living expenses under 1200 US a month, could that afford a decent lifestyle? what are the basic costs like there?

Thailand: racism in thailand?:

i have been told that there is a level of racism towards Caucasians in thailand. how common is this? I have been told and found that most thai people i meet are very kind and have little to no problems with Caucasians but i was wondering how bad and how common racism is in Thailand and what are the best ways to deal with it.

Laos: is laos cheaper than thailand?:

i am trying to move out of Haiti where i have been running a small business for the past 6 years. i have a budget i can live on for awhile of 1200 US. a month, i have been told that kind of budget would do well in thailand but i was wondering if the cost of living is lower in laos?

Philippines: Meeting other expats:

wow seems some people get a real warm welcome while others ask the cost of living and they can go pound sand?

Thailand: planning on a move to thailand:

me and a friend have been considering a move to south east asia and Thailand makes the top of the list from what we have been reading. I have been running a business in Haiti for over 6 years and i have refused to leave after all the riots, coups, earthquake, cholera and so many other sickness, attempts of robbery, robbery , and countless death threats and several attacks and all the other problems i have maintained and would stay still but long story short i have not felt valued as a person in this country and have no more obligations and have done as much as i can. i have decided to sell everything and and my friend who is finishing school in the usa has decided to sell some of his things such as a very nice car, and we have decided to combine out money and go to a country where we can live well as cheap as we can and start a business and invest into a community where we will be more aprreciated and more welcome than in Haiti. my main question to you all is could the two of us survive well on 1100 1200 US dollars a month for the two of us? that is how much we will have for our budget for awhile to get our selves going, between the two of us a budget like that can last us a long time.

Paraguay: moving to Paraguay:

me and a friend have been thinking about a possible move to Paraguay, we are planning on starting a shop or providing some service to the community to make money but we have enough cash to last us a little bit and get ourselves started, we want to keep our budget under 1200 dollars US. a month. could we live well on 1000-1200 a month in Paraguay? and what kind of business is needed in paraguay? thanks for your help-David

Haiti: visit to haiti:

i will say this, you are welcome to come to Haiti but you are picking a very rough time. i am currently pulling out of Haiti and moving on to greener pastures...i hope... Haiti can be a great place since you have a valuable trade it could get you some employment. but the people who have the easiest time come with alot of money, things in haiti are cheaper than the usa but luxury items are very pricey. a good aprtment could run you 1500 -2000 a month in petionville or a decent section of pap, i suggest you live in petionville, nazon or delmas those are the best sections to reside in but your security is highest in petionville. dont trust to many people. being white brings a stigma and you represent money and people will try to exploit it, even if you are a black american or outsider the same stigma will follow. Haiti is not a easy place to live but there are postive aspects, learn the economy rate of exchange, money system, learn the lay of the land , be safe careful, and dont drink the water, and dont trust anyone. treat people with respect , if you are a water specialist there may be some room for you in reverse osmosis and making a water business but many people do that already.


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