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Belize: Skype:

I found that SKYPE was basically blocked or would only work for a few seconds. I subscribed to a VPN account in the US and used it to then Skype it worked well. Or use the SMART telephone service if you are in the southern part of Belize. It works great as well.

Belize: Looking for a contact:

My wife and I are just building a home in Belize and plan to retire there in the next 5 years. We have learned alot about this amazing country and would love to chat. Looking forward to your response. cheers Allen

Belize: Financing:

I am currently building a house on a lot in Belize and have found a couple of ways to finance at a lower rate. Some through the property owner and other through my own bank as an unsecured line of credit. Yes the Local banks are higher interest rates so my approach is to finance as much at a low rate as I could before borrowing from a Belize bank. Check out my website at if you would like me to set up a call with you to give you some ideas on how I managed this. cheers

Belize: Gated communities near Placencia?:

Yes there is a fantastic one. Check out

Belize: Where is a nice place to live:

I am currently building near Placencia, and am actually here on a 2 week vacation. I have 200 ft of ocean canal and am 1 km from the beach in a gated community. Would love to talk more with you as we are planning on becoming snowbirds in a few years. check out We have been checking out cave tubing, maya ruins,snorkling, deep sea fishing etc. The people here are amazingly friendly and I and my family have all fallen in love with Belize.

Belize: OK, Even More websites:

Check out southern Belize retirementpropertyinbelize, the monthly tours are great and give you a great idea of what living, retiring in Belize would be like. Cheers

Belize: Safety/Theft in Gated Communities:

There is one new gated community that meets your needs Check out my website I look forward to talking with you in the future. Cheers Allen Kessler


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