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Panama: The US appears to be targeting an invasion of Venezuela from Panama:

The US Air Force launching an invasion of Venezuela. Now that's just too funny. I was in the Air Force. They are definitely not trained for an invasion.

Panama: Recommendations on my tour:

Well, I was part of tour groups in Honduras and Costa Rica and got a lot out of them. Then I took trips to Mexico and Panama on my own and ended up getting little out of them. Your just limited geographically no matter what you do, and then there's language problems, etc. Can be very frustrating. My advice would be to go on a tour first, then come back and do your own thing. Looking into a tour of Columbia soon. If I like what I see, than go back and do a trip on my own. Just makes sense to me. Good luck.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica best place to retire in 2018:

This list is ridiculous. For example, compare Costa Rica to Portugal. Portugal wins hands down in just about every category. Do your research people and don't sell all your stuff and book a one way ticket to Central America. Better have a back up plan cause there will be a good chance you will need it. I've read many stories of people that didn't think ahead should things go bad, and are now stuck in a nightmare with no way out. Don't be a sucker.

Panama: Chronic Pain Med Availability:

Do you mean you got your drugs illegally LMAO

Panama: Needs list: is this realistic?:

For me, wish lists turn into goals. Setting goals means making a plan to reach those goals. Sticking to the plan means getting those things done that I had on my wish list. Gotta start somewhere. Not the same as a wish list for Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. I mean making a wish list with a real plan.

Costa Rica: Ecuador or Costa Rica:

Always look forward to reading your current posts.

Panama: Panama vs other Latin American Countries:

If you have the money and aren't concerned about family contacts, move to Western Europe. A more international flavor, much lower crime than in Latin America, and the cost of living in some of these countries would rival the costs to live in some Latin American countries. Of course, if you have close ties to family and friends in the States or Canada, this might not be a viable option for you. But if you are single or retired and don't have these concerns, then Western Europe might be something you might want to consider. I am currently looking at the Azores as a place to retire. Midway between the States and Europe. Decent weather and low cost of living. Small town feel but with an international flavor.

Panama: Am I wasting my time?:

It's pretty sad when people are trying to get by on $1000 a month anywhere. If they can't make it in Panama or Nicaragua, where do they go? I live in the States. My SS and pension comes to around $2300 a month and I barely get by and I'm single. I still work part-time which helps. I really feel for people trying to live on less. I guess the only alternative is like you've said before and live like a local.

Ecuador: Gun ownership and bring guns to Ecuador:

You might want to do a little more research as far as homicides in the USA is concerned. Google states with the most homicides by guns and you will find most states with high homicides by guns are in republican states, such as Louisiana, Mississippi and Alaska all of witch have lenient gun laws. Just sayin.


How much are you renting your casita for?

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Crime Ecuador:

Never been to Ecuador but have traveled a lot in Central America. Thought of moving there but heard most crime goes unreported so there is no way to know what the real crime is in both Central or South America. I'm single, but would never consider moving there if I had kids. Just not worth the risk. Think about this; who would you call if you had a problem? An abulence, good luck. Sounds like the police is pretty much useless. If you are self sustained and can handle all your problems without help, then that's great.

Panama: Ex-pats in Pedasi:

Took the bus from PC to Chitre (sp) several years ago. Hung around there for several days, then took a cab to Las Tablas, then on to Pedasi. I found Pedasi easy to walk around, but having a care once there would of been nice cause there were many places I would of liked to visit but didn't. Looking back, I probably could of got a taxi to show me around. There were plenty in Pedasi.

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Are there spiders in cuenca:

Really? I was stationed at Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo and saw tarantulas all the time. At night, when things got cooler, I'd see them all over the roads for the heat. It was kinda weird cause you would see all these dark spots all over the roads

Costa Rica: Miscellaneous:

You should know you dumb f@@k

Costa Rica: Crime in CR:

Anybody else notice that most of the countries with the lowest crime also have the highest standard of living, highest quality of life but also have the highest cost of living.


I also went to a Catholic school for a few years. The nun (teacher) was big on using the ruler. I remember on day something was stolen. The nuns had everybody go into the restroom and had them strip down. Lucky for me, they found what was stolen before I had to go through that.

Colombia: why>:

Why would any sane person seriously consider retiring in any Latin America country, except maybe Chile? These countries are rife with violence and are not too fond of outsiders except for the money they have. I've been to many of these countries and trust me, the only thing they want is your money. Other than that, you are a waste of time. Cultural immersion, really? There version of this is that once your money is gone, your immersion is done. Southeast Asia is no different. I guess if you are low on funds and want to stay close to relatives, than Latin America might be the right choice, but unfortunately the pay off is crime through the roof. Check Numbeo if you don't believe me. If you want a decent place to live that won't cost you an arm and a leg, try Portugal or Spain. Cheaper than the States or Canada.

Panama: Considering Panama for Retirement:

There in lies the problem. I have visited several Latin American countries and loved it. Met many nice people. Had a good time. Beautiful countries. But at 67 years old, the idea of having to be careful where I go or have to be home by a certain time due to safety just doesn't appeal to me as a retired person. Someone from Nicaragua posted me a while ago and told me that if you are retired and especially single, CA is not a good move unless you have family or friends there. Makes sense. Western Europe seems a better fit for a retirement destination. No offense to CA, but it is what it is.

Ecuador Welcome Forum: safe travels:

Wow Ocean, I've been keeping up on your post and you seem to be so settled and comfortable in Ecuador, I'm surprised that you feel a need for such security when traveling. If anybody in Ecuador should know about the need for security, it would be you.

Ecuador Welcome Forum: What's to do:

Great post. Sounds like your retirement is going well.

Costa Rica: We're #9 for most killed:

It all comes down to community. There are communities in the States that cover for the people that rob people and break into houses. It's the culture of that community. I'm sure this is true in other countries. Unfortunately, the reality is these places are usually in impoverished areas where it's pretty much survival of the fittest. If you have the money, you can live anywhere safe. Sure, even these places won't mean that you won't deal with these problems, but it is less likely they will occur. Let's face it, money is king and makes a big difference in anybody's quality of life. Nowadays, anybody with middle or low income status will have a problem living anywhere where they can feel safe and have a comfortable life. Maybe parts of Europe or Australia/New Zealand, but that's about it. But then again, gotta have the money to live in these places. Remember, Latin America has now surpassed South Africa for the most violent places to live. But I'm sure there must be places that are safe. The States has many problems and crime in some areas is staggering. Some of the most crime ridden places in the world are in the States (Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, etc.) But at least in a large country as the USA, you have many options that you don't have in smaller countries. And you don't have to deal with being treated differently cause you are an expat. Sure, the USA is a violent country, but compare that to other countries. Not even close. Unless you are really poor and have no chance of living a decent life in the States, than stay there. Of course, there are many people that move out of the States with lots of money but that's different. Like I said, money is king. But that doesn't include most of us.

Nicaragua: Totally off topic:

I have no idea what the policies are for United Airlines, but to treat a paying customer the way that guy was treated is just not right. It's not his fault or his problem that United had members of it's team that needed to get somewhere. I'm not much for suing, but this guy should get a ton out of this. Maybe United and other airlines will understand that without customers, they would be a dead company.

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Risk?:

I have a lot of respect for anybody that is willing to go it alone and move to any country, That takes guts.

Portugal: traveling for a month:

I am looking into traveling western Europe for a month or more some time between May or June. I plan on starting in Lisbon then do some traveling to other countries through the rail system with occasional flying when necessary. I have not traveled to Europe so this is all new to me. I am particulary interested in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Germany. I am retired so cost would dictate how much I can do. This would be a dream vacation for me, so I want to get the most out of it that I can. I would appreciate any suggestions anyone can give me such as the best places to visit, best ways of getting around, hotels, etc. I am interested in some of the usual tourists spots but am more interested in getting to know the people that live there. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. I'm really looking forward to this trip!!!!!!!!!!!!

Costa Rica: and on a positive note!:

On another positive note, I don't see people from either CR or Panama that are fleeing their country to migrate to the States so there must be some good things about living there.


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