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Belize: Looking to retire in Belize:

Hi my husband is now living in that area of Belize. There are several towns in the area of Corazol. Orangewalk where there are lots of stores to shop. Chinox which is a small village just outside of Orchid Bay where we have our lot. We are building a B&B Crimson Orchid Inn on facebook you can watch the day to day building. There is a village called Sarteneja a small fishing village it is very beautyfull. You can catch the boat to Ambergris Caye there, as well as Corazol, Its called the Thunderbolt. There is a ship builder there that builds sailboats that are used fot fishing. We went to a sailboat race that happens every year around Easter. You can call my husband Stephen Honeybill at 011-501-669=5076 or email him at if you whould like some more info and are interested in property in Orchid Bay there are a lot of great property there. Hope I was a help Laurene Honeybill

Belize: Helpful Websites:

My husband and I are moving to Belize. We are not retireing but building a B&B. Check out Orchid Bay. There is a web site. There are several chill weekends a month where they will take you all around the area. Orchid Bay is on Corazol Bay and is so beautifull. If you go tell my husband Stephen Honeybill , who helps out there to show you what we are doing. This is a great place to retire. Its new but get in on the ground floor. A new airport just got approved in Orchid Bay. This is a 4000 acer resort. This will be the next place to be. Laurene Honeybill

Belize: Owning a Business In Belize:

Do not loose hope because my husband and I are building a B&B, and it takes time to build maybe a year of less. If you hire a expediter they help you get through the red tape and things happen very fast. If you buy a business the government likes it so you can provide employment for Beliziens

Belize: moving to Belize:

My husband and I bought a lot in Orchid Bay, if you would like some more info contact He also can tell you about other areas around Corozol. Its a great place to live. Lots to do . We love it!! Laurene Honeybill


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