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Greece: Is it worthwhile moving??:

My wife and I have just put our house up for sale here in the Algarve in Portugal (east) because of getting older and too far from amenities. It's beautiful here, very quiet and walking (with 2 dogs) without seeing anyone is quite normal. I have my heart set on Corfu but my wife says (she's read up on it) that it's more expensive than Portugal. But I noticed online somewhere that Corfu, in general, is just a little more inexpensive than here in the Algarve. Who can give us some good, honest advice about the cost of living in Corfu? Tell us about the weather, the culture, wildlife (in particular reptiles) etc. Does anyone live in the south near the lake? It's probably more flat there so that one can ride bicycle.

Portugal: Car insurance recommendations:

Become a member of AFPOP ( and then try MEDAL for ALL insurance. They are in Portimao. Good luck.

Portugal: Too many messages:

I agree with you Tom and Maria, I don't think all should be discussed on here. I am trying to unsubscribe from this forum, but can't find out how. Any suggestions?

Portugal: Insurance costs for persons over 60:

Terrig, Medal has I think by far the best and cheapest health insuance (if you are a member of AFPOP) My wife and I (both 66) pay about €1250,00 per year. You even get back when going to the dentist. If you can't get hold of them with a form, contact them directly, they will be more than happy to give you a quote. Good luck.

Portugal: Health Insurance:

Hello SD107. I'd stick to what craigandmickie just said. Afpop is by far the best and, with a good service. We have everything insured with them. Ben

Portugal: Monthly Rentals:

We are moving out of our country home in Odiaxere (near Lagos/Portimao) which we rent at the end of May. It has 2 bedrooms, an open kitchen/dining/living room, a bathroom(with bath) Garden is about 1000-1200 meters square. We're at the end of a dead end road right up against a river (it comes up-when high tide-to the fence) It's beautiful here. Maybe this is what you are looking for for a month.

Portugal: Dogs?:

Dear Yummmmmyme First of all it's not common to have dogs in a apartment, a house with a plot of garden is better so they will have some space(we just bought a house but it was difficult buying in countryside-we're in the Algarve- having a plot of land and, for our budget) About vets! There are very good vets everywhere and not particularly expensive. When you're travelling find a suitable kennel where they'll take good care of your dog(s). We just booked one for our 2 dogs and pay €24 per day for the 2. As for travelling through Europe, there are countries that you need a vignet to be able to travel through. Good luck....any more questions? Just fire away.

Portugal: Algarve Info:

Hello Muffet: I can recommend you a real estate agent called Elly van Hulst ( and a lawyer ( We bought our house in Santa Catarina from Elly and Fernando was our lawyer. Hope this helps.


Where do you plan to live in Portugal?

Portugal: International Health Insurance:

Dear Dbolton We've been through the same, living here now for 4 months. We've been looking into health care a lot and finally ended up with MEDAL insurance brokers via AFPOP. We also have our car insured with them and house contents. But join AFPOP first so you can get considerable discounts. Good luck.

Portugal: Tax Rates:


Portugal: Health Care:

Hi Sam We did a lot of research about healthcare and decided to get healthcare via MEDAL, who are insurance brokers. But join AFPOP first because being a member gives you a right to several discounts ( Good luck

Portugal: Expats on the south coast:

Can anyone tell me if there are (many) expats living in Olhao, Faro, Quarteira, Albufeira, Portimao, Lagos. We need to check out the area in May (may want to live there next year) and my wife, who is English, would like to be able to speak English with others from England. We would be renting long term preferably at sea and not too far from airport to England. Love to hear from you. Thanks.

Greece: English expats living in Corfu or Greece:

Trying to establish where English expats live in Corfu or Greece near the sea. My wife is English, I am Dutch and we live in Belgium. I am still working and stop on 26-06-2015. We would like to explore Corfu and Greece to see if there is a suitable place to move to. What we would like in particular: English speaking people in the area (Dutch is ok as well but not a must), we would very much like to be near the sea (for maximal light) and must not be too far from airport so my wife can visit her children and grandchildren in England every 3 months or so. We both love the sea and even the hot water springs (went to Edipsos about 3 years back) Who can help?

Greece: snorkling in Corfu:

Who can tell me which places to check out whilst in Corfu next year where to snorkle...thinking of coming to live there for a while but would like to know which places are "interesting". Oh, by the way, I am just learning to snorkle. Any info is most welcome. Also renting out long term in these areas.

Greece: Thinking of retiring to Greece:

Hello all My wife and I are looking into making a move to a country with a nice climate; looking into Greece now. Can anybody tell me where the weather will not be too hot in summer (the winter will not be a big problem) My wife is english...I'm dutch. She would appreciate being able to mingle with fellow english people. We are mainly looking into Corfu where we will be renting. All comments,positive or negative will be appreciated. Getting back to england every 3 - 4 months to see her kids and grandkids shouldn't be a problem either I expect. We want to be near the sea for maximum of light. Thanks

Portugal: Considering a move to Portugal:

Hello here. I will be getting a pension in July 2015 and my wife and I are looking to rent in Portugal. What are we looking for: -My wife loves the sea, there's more light there she says, so, near the sea (preferably a sea view) -A town or city which can be bustling but also quiet and relaxed. -My wife is english and would like to be around english (speaking) people, I don't mind either but I'm dutch. -We're bird and animal lovers. -We like warmer weather, but not too hot. -Not too far from an airport to England Any suggestions as to where we should look? Everything is welcome and thank you. Ben

Costa Rica: Mail:

How does the mail system work in Costa Rica?

Belgium: Rent an apartment:

Yes Clamdigger it should be enough. Depends on your life style I guess

Costa Rica: TV in Costa Rica:

Are there many english channels on TV in CR and what do they cost per month (e.g. SKY)? What are the costs of internet (if it's possible to get it)?

Costa Rica: Brit wanting move to Costa Rica from Portugal:

Can you tell me how a corporation works and the advantages/disadvantages of doing this?

Costa Rica: Satnav in Costa Rica:

Because we are coming to Costa Rica again early in 2014 I decided to take my own satnav from here and downoad a map of Costa Rica from GARMIN. My wife, who was looking into this, stumbled on the fact that satnavs only do San Jose,Heredia and Cartago thus making a download as good as worthless (and saving me about$100+ ) if you are going further than those places. So, if on holiday here and you are renting a car WITH satnav, I would be very careful because you will be losing your money. Happy holidays.

Costa Rica: Finding a Rental:

Bde2327 If I were you I would have a look at the short term rentals and then get in touch with these people...try airbnb...there's loads of rentals on there . Also on VRBO... good luck.

Costa Rica: car rental:

HarryPotter I am renting from in Jan. for about 40 days and got a pretty good price I think. Iam renting a Daihutsu Bego 4x4 and will be paying $1635 all in, which is $41,00 per day. Not a bad price I think. Take a look at their site.Good luck.

Costa Rica: Where to stay?:

Patrick try AIRBNB! They usually have a lot of places to stay.


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