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Belgium: Brussels neighborhoods:

What neighborhoods are recommended to live in (will be renting) and which ones should be avoided in Brussels (my husband, me and our son who is 13)? We would prefer the French speaking area. I would love any recommendations! Thanks.

France: Penpal (email) for my son:

Does anyone have a kid around 10-14 years old that would like to be an email pal for my son? We are most likely moving to France in the summer of 2018 and my son is starting to get anxious about it and having someone would really help I think. He is studying French so it can be in French or English. My son is 12, he loves snowboarding, legos, going to movies, etc. Merci!

France: Renting with Pets:

Hi! We are moving to the South of France in the next year or two. We have two cats and two dogs. Is it hard to find a rental that allows pets? Thanks!

France: Corporate relocation:

Has anyone been relocated to France through their employer? What relocation company did they use? What services were provided? Thanks!! (Sorry if this posts twice, my computer was acting funny and I couldn't see the original posted.)

France: Schools in Fountainbleu:

I'm not sure if I understand your question or not, but if you want to have them study before you go, we found a ton of great material at our public library in the US.

France: Buying a house in France:

From what I read, it sounds like you need at least 20% down to get a loan from a bank for a mortgage (as a non citizen). Is the 'at least' the general amount, or will you still have some trouble if you only have the 20%?

Italy: Aussie girl looking for employment:

I know of someone through linkedin that just opened an English language school in Pescara. He is very nice, not sure if he can help you at all, but I would guess it's worth a try. His name is Joshua Caliendo and he is the Direttore Cambridge School of English-Pescara.

Italy: Family-friendly neighborhoods in Rome:

There are a ton of great neighborhoods. I like Prati, Balduina, Aurelio too. Prati is right in the center and pretty calm. PM if you have any questions through this process. I lived there for 6 1/2 years, I didn't have kids at the time, but I was a teacher and had friends with kids. is good place to put ads for English speaking nannies.


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