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Some Forum Posts:

Brazil: Permanat Residency vs Brazilian Citizenship:

Hello. What is the benefit of a Brazilian citizenship vs having a permanent Brazilian visa? How much are the fees to apply for permanant visa? What are the fees for a Brazilian citizenship? Thanks in advance for your responses. Kim

Brazil: What type of cell phone to buy to use in Brazil:

Hello. I live in America. I will be traveling to brazil in a few months. I want to purchase a cell phone in the states with a sim card that I can use in brazil. Can someone recommend the best type of cell phone and what cell phone company that will give me a good rate. I know that the cell phone has to be unlocked. Thanks. Kim

Brazil: Fortalaza:

I would love to visit Fortaleza. I live in America. But your advertisements on your website clearly appeals to white Europeans. Your advertisements appear to be racist and not inviting to those of African descent. Change the attitude that your advertisements. That may help to increase your traffic flow.

Brazil: Should I get married in the U.S. or Brazil:

Guys. Me and my Brazilian boyfriend want to get married. Is it easier to get married in the U.S. or in Brazil. I am American and do not speak Portuguese. However, my boyfriend speaks English. I would like to obtain dual citizenship. Do I have to know Portuguese before obtaining a permanent visa? Thanks Kim

Brazil: New In Florianopolis:

Nico, I will be there in December. I plan on staying there for 1 month. Are you working there? Or are you looking for a job. How wsere you able to get a permanant Visa? I am American. Female. Looking to move there, permanantly. I can't wait. Kim

Brazil: C.P.F. Number:

Does anyone know who I can contact to check the status of my request for a CPF number. I applied for a CPF number on January 19th 2012. I have not had a response, yet. I contacted the Brazilian Consulate, via, email, for an update, over one month ago. They have not responded. I know that my request was received, because the money order that was sent with the application has been cashed. Please help. Thanks, Kim

Brazil: Expat families in Floripa:

Marlington, I applied for a CPF on January 19, 2012. I have not heard nothing. The money order sent long with my application has been cashed. So I know that my request has been received. What can I do next? Thanks Kim

Brazil: Flat to rent in Florianopolis:

I am VERY interested. Please provide me with price for room. Will the rooms be furnished, etc? Send pictures and more details about the flat. I will be visiting Brazil this summer. I am looking for a place to stay for a few weeks or months. I do not speak Portuguese. Need to learn. Please send additional info to my private email that I will be sending to you. Thanks

Brazil: Move to Brazil / open a business in Brazil / I am looking for investors:

What type of business are you interested in opening in Brazil. I am looking to move to Brazil also. I need a permanent visa. Investment Visa. How much will business partners have to have in investments for an investment visa? Thanks--Kim

Brazil: My 90 days are up:

Andy, Are you from the U.S.? And are you, now, in Brazil on a permanent Visa? I'm looking to move to Brazil. I'm live in the U.S. I do not have a job. I plan on using my rental income in the states as support in Brazil. Is $1500 (usd) per month a good income to live on in Brazil? I'm 45 years old. I would like to find supplemental income in Brazil. IE. Teach English. I know that I cannot apply for a permanent visa until I turn 50 years old. Until then, I am willing to live in Brazil for 180 days per year for the next 5 years. Then apply for a permanent visa at 50 years. Thanks, Kim

Brazil: Older Brazilian Men, with Teenage Girls, normal?:

ConfusedinUSA, I live in America, also. My 1st time visiting Brazil was in August 2011. The first thing that I noticed was older men with younger girls. Very wide spread in Brazil. I was told by a Brazilian native that the young girls seek out older men, for financial stability. There are a lot of impoverished Brazilians. The mothers of these girls, also benefit, financially. Which is why they do not stop their daughters. I do no know about your girlfriends' situation, but I would not use her past against her, if I were you. It sounds like by dating older men, she became a mature, responsible professional... A lawyer at that!! Do not refuse to marry her based on what might happen in the future. If you have a daughter, she may not feel the need to make the same choices that other young Brazilian girls probably had to make. Those girls were probably poor and needed financial stability for her family. If your family is financially secure, there will not be a need for your daughter to date an older man. So, I would advise you to marry and stop creating imaginary problems. There are going to be lots of things that you and your girlfriend will not agree on. Even on how to raise your kids. That's will all families. Good luck!

Brazil: Looking for a room to rent in NE Brazil, near beach:

Hi All, I am American, looking to travel to a coastal city in N.E. Brazil. My plans are to stay several months. I am looking to rent a room in a nice home, on the beach. Or rent a single room domitory (furnished) for females, that has all inclusive internet, hot water, private bathroom, small refrigator and cable. Or a small studio apartment (furnished) on the beach. Thank you for your help.

Brazil: Looking for a room to rent in NE Brazil, near beach:

Hi All, I am American, looking to travel to a coastal city in N.E. Brazil. My plans are to stay several months. I am looking to rent a room in a nice home, on the beach. Or rent a single room domitory (furnished) for females, that has all inclusive internet, hot water, private bathroom, small refrigator and cable. Or a small studio apartment (furnished) on the beach. Thank you for your help.

Brazil: Portuguese v/s Brazilian Portuguese:

Are Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese the same? I am in America. I am interested in learning Brazilian Portuguese. However, the only language being taught in my area is Portuguese. Thanks, Kim

Brazil: i need info and friends.....:

When will you be in Brazil? What stat in Brazil do you live? Will you send my your private email address, so that we can talk in private? Thanks Kim

Brazil: Gays to Brazil:

Frank, Do you live in Brazil? I am planning a move to Brazil. I am a gay, single , black, female. I have the same question about how gays are accepted in Brazil. Some say that Brazilians :live and let live". That gays are not discriminated against. Nor are Black Americans. Is this true? Thanks Kim

Brazil: Expat offers Advice on various Topics:

Whew!!! With all of that, what are your monthly costs living in your town, in Brazil. It sounds like you have a GREAT job. Where do you work and are they hiring? :-) I live in the U.S. looking to move to Brazil. I am unemployed, planning to use rental income from the U.S. to support myself. In your opinion, will $1500 per month be enough to support a single female, with no kids? Thank You.

Brazil: African Americans in Brazil:

Can anyone tell me how Brazil receives African Americans, who want to live in Brazil. I went to Salvador Brazil. I did not see any African Americans there.

Brazil: Looking for a job in Brazil:

I am a college graduate and a Realtor in USA. The economy is not so great here. I am interested in teaching English in Brazil and working in the real estate industry. I currently have a tourist visa. I do not speak Portuguese, but I have plans to take courses to learn the language. I know that I have a long was to go to accomplish my mission. Anyone, please send advise my way. Are these goals attainable in Brazil. What steps to I have to take, to obtain employment at a university and in the real estate market. Thanks for your help.

Brazil: Searching for living quarters:

I am from the USA. I am in search of home owner who is willing to rent a room to me, while in Brazil. Or a cheap hostel, but nice and modern. Any area of Brazil, that is on the coast is where I am interested in residing. I am planning to move to Brazil, but I have not narrowed down a particular area. I am still in the "research" stages. I am interested in a ? low cost of living" area. But a safe area of Brazil. Please forward any suggestions. Thank You.

Brazil: Inexpensive housing in Brazil:

My plans are to move to Brazil in December 2012. I am looking for inexpensive housing. A 1 Bedroom 1Bathroom, flat or apartment. $500.00 USD or less. I prefer to live in on of the coastal cities. I do not care where, as long as it is safe. I live in America, now. I welcome any suggestions. Thanks


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