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Panama: Bringing tools to Panama from Texas USA:

This story does not finish with the link you provide. As someone considering driving to Panama from Arizona, I'd like to read "the rest of the story"!

Mexico: Retirement in cities with educated people:

You sound just like Trump...blaming others for you stupid mistakes

Panama: Pensionado versus 6 month tourist visa & atty costs factor?:

Having had a home there and thinking of returning, I must agree with the former posts entirely.

Colombia: Trump, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela:

Hopefully on a catafalque!

Colombia: So I fell in love in Colombia:

My Colombian fiancé and I coming back to the US from a vacation in Costa Rica were taken to secondary interrogation and hassled so much she broke down in tears. They threatened to send her back to Colombia and accused us for violating immigration (Trump) laws. ICE does NOT want you to get married here without going through the veting in the home country. You are embarking on a tough and emotional roller coaster as we did...and it ended our relationship. I’d move to Colombia and enjoy your new family and forget about the racist US and Trump. ICE and Homeland Secuity and Trump do not want more immigrants unless they come from Norway!

Colombia: I love you, Honest I do.:

It’s too bad there is not a “litmus test” to be able to,separate the good ones from the gold diggers.! And the emotional,cost can be greater than the financial cost.

Panama: Panama's Economy:

While I love to fly COPA, it often is more expensive that any other airline going to PTY. And the stock can be played as well!

Panama: Dogs to Panama from US:

The key to me retiring in Panama will be the ease of getting my two dogs to Panama safely. Has anyone experienced this effort, either on their own or via a pet transportation service?

Panama: I want to come home!!!:

Real racism is in the USA and starts with Trump and his administration. While many Republicans are not racists, they showed their true "colors" (white) when Obama was elected President. It has only gotten much worse with Trump et al.

Mexico: San Felipe BC MX:

Thinking of taking a trip to San Felipe with my dogs and RV . Would appreciate any thoughts and feedback of RV sites and life in general there.

Mexico: In The Spirit of The Season:

Peace...with impeachment!

Mexico: New US Tax Law:

Progressive is better than either!

Mexico: Where to live?? Off the beaten path??:

Check out Lo de Marcos north to La Penita. All small communities, reasonable real estate, nice beaches, and 90 minutes or so to Puerta Vallarta airport and shopping!

Mexico: So... my neighbor goes through my garabage.:

hopefully this idiotic posting will be shut up for good.

Mexico: Singles in Mexico:

Just wondering if there is a good way to meet single expats online. US dating sites usually do not list profiles of singles outside the US.

Mexico: Bring a tiny house to Ajijic:

This time of the year you will see many RV's heading Mexico, down Rt 15, to San Carlos, Mazatlan, PV, and beyond.

Panama: Yuan Currency from China Coming to Panama:

I would imagine many good things could come of these new investments, especially sing that the US has abandoned Central and South America. But I also wonder what negative impacts this may bring to Panama as well.

Costa Rica: Please" Playa Hermosa / Jaco:

"cause he's a know-it-all!

Costa Rica: TRICARE for life:

This is only good for "lifers" while the rest of us veterans, anything less than 20 years, have to put up with the VA!

Costa Rica: Expat guesthouse:

In Atenas, go to a restaurant, and the gringos will find you, descending like ants on candy! Why not learn some Spanish and seek out locals who really know what is happening?

Costa Rica: CR Divorce help needed:

If it were me, and I'm close to your age, I'd forget about and enjoy the rest of my life. Who knows except you and someone in CR!

Costa Rica: Rental cars:

I have not seen this topic in a while so am looking for current honest recommendations for renting after arriving in Liberia. Two week rental as we search for the place to rent or buy a home in the Lake Arenal area.

Costa Rica: Small farm-steading advice?:

Anyone who is seriously interesting farm steading in CR should contact Dale Johnson at He's an exert in these matters and a long time CR resident and former professor at Rutgers University. An old time friend.

Costa Rica: Lake Arenal-which side?:

Wind, rain, roads, etc.,...which is the best side to live on and enjoy...and why?

Costa Rica: Rainy season shoes:

I joined this site to learn more about moving to Costa Rica...How about you folks with the leaky shoes use private email.! I think that would be more convenient!


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