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Mexico: San Felipe BC MX:

Thinking of taking a trip to San Felipe with my dogs and RV . Would appreciate any thoughts and feedback of RV sites and life in general there.

Mexico: In The Spirit of The Season:

Peace...with impeachment!

Mexico: New US Tax Law:

Progressive is better than either!

Mexico: Where to live?? Off the beaten path??:

Check out Lo de Marcos north to La Penita. All small communities, reasonable real estate, nice beaches, and 90 minutes or so to Puerta Vallarta airport and shopping!

Mexico: So... my neighbor goes through my garabage.:

hopefully this idiotic posting will be shut up for good.

Mexico: Singles in Mexico:

Just wondering if there is a good way to meet single expats online. US dating sites usually do not list profiles of singles outside the US.

Mexico: Bring a tiny house to Ajijic:

This time of the year you will see many RV's heading Mexico, down Rt 15, to San Carlos, Mazatlan, PV, and beyond.

Costa Rica: Please" Playa Hermosa / Jaco:

"cause he's a know-it-all!

Costa Rica: TRICARE for life:

This is only good for "lifers" while the rest of us veterans, anything less than 20 years, have to put up with the VA!

Costa Rica: Expat guesthouse:

In Atenas, go to a restaurant, and the gringos will find you, descending like ants on candy! Why not learn some Spanish and seek out locals who really know what is happening?

Costa Rica: CR Divorce help needed:

If it were me, and I'm close to your age, I'd forget about and enjoy the rest of my life. Who knows except you and someone in CR!

Costa Rica: Rental cars:

I have not seen this topic in a while so am looking for current honest recommendations for renting after arriving in Liberia. Two week rental as we search for the place to rent or buy a home in the Lake Arenal area.

Costa Rica: Small farm-steading advice?:

Anyone who is seriously interesting farm steading in CR should contact Dale Johnson at He's an exert in these matters and a long time CR resident and former professor at Rutgers University. An old time friend.

Costa Rica: Lake Arenal-which side?:

Wind, rain, roads, etc.,...which is the best side to live on and enjoy...and why?

Costa Rica: Rainy season shoes:

I joined this site to learn more about moving to Costa Rica...How about you folks with the leaky shoes use private email.! I think that would be more convenient!

Costa Rica: bank:

As I understand, the problem is not carrying more than $10,000 in cash, but NOT declaring it and it would be helpful to have proof of source, like a bank statement and withdrawal notice.

Costa Rica: CR for well-off family of 3, 11 year old son?:

My experience in Costa Rica indicates there is more "white collar" crime there than violent crime. However, in a poorer country that the US, and if you are considering a $500K home, with young children, you are making your family a target in my opinion.

Colombia: Looking for a Colombia Forum:

Trump is in the perfect image of a Latin American strongman. He surrounds himself with generals and family members who do his corrupt and dishonest bidding. He will not last!

Colombia: Colombian wife:

What are the visa/residency advantages in Colombia with a Colombiana?

Colombia: Problems at Customs with a Return Flight Booked Over 90 Days?:

Arepas are good!

Colombia: Car rental:

Appreciate the thoughts but I will be driving with my Colombian girlfriend visiting relatives in varies places, often in the countryside, and we need the "freedom" to come and go!


My suggestion and expereince is a little different, and so far, has worked for "us"! I met my girl friend on LAC and we corresponded for a while learning about one another using google translate. Far from perfect, but it works. She already had a US travel visa, so I brought her here. Twice. We've had lots of fun and a few challenges. She's back in Colombia, and I will visit in April for the first time. We got a lot of the "issues" out while here on my turf, which is better I think than trying to do it there first. I am looking forward to seeing Colombia and meeting an already nice and warm family! YMMV!

Colombia: US restrictions begin on Colombian visas:

Nellie, you missed the Federal judge in Washington State who issued a TRO on the Trump ban as unconsitutional.

Mexico: BEST walk Ability?:

Where in MX are these places?

Colombia: One Way Tickets and Does Colombia have an equivalent of the Fiancé(e) (K-1) Visa / 90 Day Fiance in the US?:

One would think it much easier and even less expensive to bring the Colombiana to the US and marry here. Plus have a prenup here.


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