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Belize: PLEASE refer Realtor AC &/or Corozal:

We have a house in Corozal for rent. Please contact Rick at allynnproperties @ I believe we can accommodate you. Andrea

Belize: Long term rentals:

We have a house in Corozal available for long term rental. Please contact Rick at for more information. Andrea

Belize: Wanting to move to Corozal:

When do you plan on coming to Corozal? How long do you want to rent? Do you have a budget? I strongly advise against living in Consejo. You will need a very reliable vehicle and be prepared to be stuck for days dusting the rainy season. Work may prove to be difficult unless you become self employed. I live in Corozal. Feel free to ask questions.

Belize: Moving to Belize:

The cost of living in Belize is not close to comparable to the USA and Canada. We live in Northern Belize, Corozal. We own a home there ( and in Canada ) there is no comparison. Food is VERY reasonable, we buy all fresh goods at the market and dry goods at one of the many grocery stores in our community. Rent in our community can range from $150-$300 US per month, most of which are furnished. Gas is expensive, but it is in Canada, so we feel if you want to drive you pay the price. $3000.00 per month in Belize will allow for a very comfortable lifestyle. The crime rate is no different than most other Central American country. Always use your common sense when it comes to safety. Any other questions you can email me at

Belize: trip to corozal:

Where are you staying in Corozal?

Belize: The Copper Horse Inn:

For those of you considering visiting Corozal Belize I highly recommend The Copper Horse Inn. We stayed there for a month this past March/ April! It was fantastic, great rates, great food and great staff. They will help you with your journey in Belize! Enjoy! Find it on a Facebook at: or on the internet at:

Belize: Considering Belize:

Where are you planning on visiting? If you are going to be in Corozal I highly recommend The Copper Horse Inn. They are on the net and they have a FB page. We stayed there for a month this past March/April. Great rooms and great food!

Belize: long term rentals:

For how long? I may know of a great place. Send me a personal email at with your details.

Belize: Need to rent a car in Corozal!:

I understand that car rentals in Corozal are very expensive. I am wondering where is the best and least expensive place to rent and wether or not there is a private renter willing to rent their vehicle? We need a vehicle fron the 6 of March till the 4of April. Thank you for your help!

Belize: Anyone moving to Belize in Jan 2014?:

We are hoping much sooner. We have a house in Corozal. There are many Canadians and Americans living there. We are heading there on the 6th of March, staying for four weeks and possibly returning there later in the Spring on a more permanent basis. We are going to do some touring around and Cay Caulker is on our list. I will post my thoughts. We love Corozal, it is quaint, quiet and very friendly. It has all of the amenities you will, excluding big box stores and fast food. For that you can cross the Mexican border which is only 6-7 kms away. It is not likely you will need to though. When you are ready to come down for a visit I recommend The Copper Horse Inn, wonderful hotel and delicious food. If you are looking for a long term rental we may be able to help you out with that as well. You monthly allowance will be more than enough to live comfortably. My personal email is: andreainnunavut@ if you would like to talk further. I can give you the play by play from Corozal in a week or so. We have spent time there, but briefly last year. Best of luck, Andrea

Belize: Guns:

Really? Why? The less Gus te better!

Belize: Talk about move to Belize/:

The Copper Horse Inn is also a wonderful place to stay. Great food, directly on the bay and within walking distance to everything. Great monthly rates as well. A great couple of Canadians run the hotel, they make you feel very at home. We will be there for a month beginning the 6 of March.

Belize: Long Term Rentals - Corozal?:

When do you plan on going to Corozal? You should check with The Copper Horse Inn about long term rentals. We have a house there but it is currently rented for 6 months. I will post if that should change.

Belize: Looking to buy a vehicle in Corozal Belize:

We are interested in buying a car in Corozal Balize, we have a house there. Can any one recommend a seller? Do you have one for sale? We are looking for a small 4x4., in good condition. We understand the roads and w are aware of import taxes and tip ensure they are paid. Would love to hear from you on this topic!

Belize: Building a pool?:

We own a house in Corozal and want to put in a pool. Any suggestions regarding contractors, types of pools, etc.?

Belize: Permanent Rental Homes:

Easily done! We have a house in Santa Rita Heights, near CorozalbTown for rent if you are interested in checking out that area. We LOVE it there, many expats! Great people, good restaurants and only a boat ride away fro the Cays! We are also only several miles from the Mexican border where you can access the big box stores and movie theaters if that appeals to you. You can email me at for more info and pics if you are interested. You will love Belize!!!

Belize: moving to Belize:

We are staying at the Copper Horse Inn from March 26-april 3. We can not wait. We purchased a home from Gloria in Santa Rita Heights! Would like to hear more of your impression of the Inn. We purchased the home sight unseen; we have talked to Gloria numerous times, but have yet to meet her. We love Belize and cannot wait to retire there! Thanks. Andrea


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