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Belize: Trip to Belize in April:

Deciding between Ambergis Caye. Caye Caulker or Plancenia. This my first visit, a combination of vacation and scouting for a future home/re-location. I will only have 2 weeks, so I do not have time (this trip) to tour all the places in Belize. Thank you for any suggestions.

Belize: Visiting Belize alone:

Can you give me the contact number of the man who has a transportation service, as I will be flying into Belize City in April, for the first time. thank you

Mexico: Single female 47 moving to Merida next week:

Progresso Beach - lovely people there but the is not good to swim in - not the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. Just my view of the area. Celestan -near by with the Flamingos - very worthwhile and breath-taking.

Mexico: San Miguel de Allende:

I was in San Cristobal de las Casas - in July, and the returning for 3 weeks in the end of Dec/into January. The food there was awesome, varied,(vegetarian , as I am) and very fresh. Off the beaten path, very progressive and beautiful. Up at 8000 ft,, scenery is breathtaking and magical.

Panama: Pepper Spray - is it legal?:

From my understanding - I was told pepper spray in illegal to take in on the airplane (even in a checked bag). Maybe the rules have changed - but ask the airlines.

Mexico: Best INEXPENSIVE beach areas to live in Mexico:

North of Merida - yes, there are beaches, still inexpensive - and this is not on the Caribbean side. Some do not mind if the water is not so clear and blue. People are great and friendly.

Mexico: San Cristobal de las Casas - apartments/weather:

I was just there, and now is the rainy season, however, it was not all day, every day. Not sure the exact time that the rainy season - most likely most of the summer. It is cooler in the evenings, so many have wood burning stoves, or just warm clothes. I was staying near the town square at a hotel, returning at the end of December, renting a house in Air B and B (from the web-site). My first time there, so I do not much information to share, yet. It is very beautiful, I am going back another look.

Mexico: Weather changes:

I was just visiting (maybe will be moving there) - San Cristobal, at 8000, the air was lovely and fresh--it was during the rainy season however, it really cleaned the air. I used to have breathing difficulties in the past, but that is mostly healed and I had no problem with breathing at 8000 ft. I will have to ask about the burning of the fields, in that area. I think they do not, as it is a very different eco-system.

Mexico: Caribbean side Expat Communities?:

I stand corrected, I know that Belize is a country. Good to have clear information.

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Risk?:

I love this story, very inspiring. I too have moved to another country, in the past, It was very exciting - keeping life interesting. Presently - I am planning on living in another country, again.

Mexico: f/n over whelmed ?:

I am going thru a similar process, I would say, take a trip to an area you are interested in, research in advance and then = "follow your heart". Many ways to do this, I am in the process of looking/re-visiting Playa del Carman. I traveled to Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras. Everyplace has its + and -. . Have fun with this! It takes courage, and willing to learn new ways of life.

Mexico: Moving family to Mexico:

Reading many posts and sharing information = it always comes down to "common sense". I lived for some years in Jamaica, very high crime etc - however I never had a problem there. I left due to some family issues. Now looking for another "home". Mexico is now on the list - especially Playa del Carmen. Everyplace has its + and -. I love the Caribbean Sea.

Mexico: Effects of policies of new administration on lives of expats living in Mexico?:

Got have some humor: OBAMA’S BARRAGE OF COMPLETE SENTENCES SEEN AS BRUTAL ATTACK ON TRUMP This was a good one. Those educated people (LOL) who know grammer.

Mexico: Forum gone dark?:

check your trash/junk emails - there is quite some messages, but they came into the "junk" mail, I am trying to sort out why, in my computer, not quite sure. Lots of lively activity, however

Mexico: Tour guide in Cancun:

I am going to Cancun for a short visit next month, am looking for a person who will do a walking tour of the city. I am scouting the Yucatan for re-location, starting from Cancun, with other areas on the list. Thank you in advance.

Mexico: cabo vs. merida:

I know people in both places, I would say Merida would be more economical - however it is not on the sea. There is a very large ex-pat population in Merida, great medical and very friendly to foreigners (many are becoming residents). Very different places, perhaps one should go to both locations and see what you feel. Personally, I am looking towards the Caribbean area.

Mexico: A good private driver in Cancun:

Can anybody give me a good suggestion of a good private driver ? I will be there in March.

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Cold Canadian looking for beach rental:

That coast. of Ecuador - is on the Pacific side, different ocean than the Caribbean - it has it's own beauty. There are some areas that are "calmer" than others.

Mexico: Going to Cancun to ck out nearby areas to retire:

I too am going to check out Cancun for possibly semi-retirement - for my first actually visit - I am going to "Art Deco Suites", actually apartments, fully furnished - not on the beach but one can walk or take a bus . This area is outside of the tourist zone, so it sounds interesting. I have only flown in and out of Cancun, never actually spent any time here. Personally, I love the Caribbean Sea and humid air by the ocean. This area has a wide variety of places to stay, people living and visiting, internationally diverse population - worth to checking it out.

Mexico: Want to move:

You are a wealth of information, so very useful. Keeping all this in a file, for future use. Next year. Thank you again.

Mexico: Nayarit area:

I have spent much time in Mexico, traveling, and vacationing. I have had very wonderful experiences. I would suggest, let go of any paranoia. My favorite saying "Trust the Universe but tie up your camel".

Mexico: Tired of living in Mexico?:

Learning Spanish is the 1st priority - to be fluent. That is my plan, not sure where I will live, however, to communicate in the local language is very important.

Honduras: Escape to Honduras:

Be sure to go to COPAN, inland. Magical and very friendly..I just back from there (I have been been 3 times now). This is the only place I have spent time, yet. I am going to Roatan in December to explore that island and to play in the Caribbean Sea. You can email me with questions - I am very drawn to that country. I do not know much yet, but from personal experience - it is a lovely place.

Mexico: Need to move to Mexico:

Thanks for sharing information and our previous emails. This is surely on my list. Mexico is looking more appealing by the day.

Mexico: Relocating to Tijuana:

I have never lived in Mexico but I did move to another country, and lived there for a time. Just see it as courageous venture, and I am sure all the problems can be resolved. Many people have done this, so it is not really so difficult. See the vision of the adventure. So doubt, there are people on this site you can give you definate suggestions.


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