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Italy: Bank recommendations:

If you want to open an international checking account there are websites where you can do so. I opened mine at ipagoo.it.

Italy: how do i renew my italian passport:

What US state do you currently reside in? You don't have to necessarily renew at the same consulate where you got your passport in the first place. Tell me exactly where you live and I'll tell you who to contact.

Italy: Ostuni for retirement?:

Ostuni is not a region; it's a town in the province of Brindisi (pronounced BRIN-di-si, not brin-DI-si), which is in the REGION of Puglia.

Italy: Can I study at 2 schools?:

Not if you take the American course online (unless the school tell you differently).

Italy: Italy or Spain-decisions, decisions:

I know Italy but I don't know Spain. Both countries have their problems; I'd say that Spain may be a little cheaper ON AVERAGE. That means that a small Italian town may be cheaper than Madrid or Barcelona. By the way, if you understand Italian better than you speak it, that means that YOU DON'T SPEAK IT!!! Not to worry, I'm in LA and I tutor Italian.

Italy: Giuliano Gemma RIP:


Italy: ven 4/10 VASCO ROSSI coverband al 33 Testaccio Roma:

Non mancheremo; adesso vedo se riesco a trovare un volo da New York a Roma.......

Italy: Bloom International College Milan, Italy:

Forget about Bloom, send him to Bocconi......

Italy: Physical therapist or something else job??:

Teach ESL (English). There's gonna be competition, but you can always teach privately at home, charge good rates and get a leg up on that competition. There's more demand for English in Italy than there is for massage therapy. You might need a license for that too, and if you're not citizen and if you don't speak the language, it could be a slow boat to China........

Italy: Looking for Americans Living in Montepulciano Tuscany:

No, it's Tony (Antonio)....don't know where you got that other name from.....

Italy: House Insurance:

Che differenza c'e`tra ipoteca e mutuo?

Italy: Moving to Italy to retire 2013:

Check out the wonderful town of Soverato (CZ) in Calabria. It's one of the prettiest beach towns I've ever seen. Zanzara72

Italy: Any Expats Live/Know Anything About Borgomaro?:

Guys, let's get with the program; Italy is subdivided into regions and provinces. When you're talking about some small obscure town, saying that it's "about 15 miles or kilometers from the coast" isn't enough. You HAVE to specificy the province; all provinces are abbreviated with 2 letter abbreviations. For instance, Soverato (CZ) means that Soverato is in the province of Catanzaro, which is abbreviated CZ.

Italy: Acting without limits: Breaking the comfort zone. March 20 in Rome, Testaccio!!!:

Does your company have an actor from Van Nuys, who fired his Italian teacher because he dared to show him how to say something in more than one way??

Italy: national visa application question:

Don't bother....instead, register for an Italian language class in Italy (which is something you should do anyway) and get a student visa. They last six months and you can renew it for another six months w/o a problem. Student visas are much easier to get.....

Italy: Cat needs in Italy:

My friend in the Lombardy region (Milan and the lakes) is the daughter of a pet store owner and I can ask her general info. By the way, you're dead wrong about Italians not liking cats in the house, it's true that you'll see a lot of them on the street, especially in Rome, but I've known a lot of people with house cats in Italy..

Italy: Best Places to List Italian House for Sale:

I would go to Trovacasa.it......I've seen it as part of the Corriere Della Sera website........

Italy: Should I future proof my life?:

Take what pays the most, take both if you can.......

Italy: Any expats in Livorno?:

It's only sad if you don't like cacciucco and Modigliani; count me out, I love both.....

Italy: paying utilities??:

You have to get something called Rapporto Interbancario Diretto (RID). There are two types of these accounts and I suggest you get the type known as ordinario, because it's geared towards payment of utilities. Go to this link: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rapporto_interbancario_diretto#Funzionamento and see if wikipedia offers it in English so you can understand it......

Italy: Anyone want to meet up in Rome Center:

I wish I were there. One of my favorite places is called Lo Zodiaco, great affogato and great view.......

Italy: Studying for Masters:

Go to this website: http://www.pubblica.istruzione.it/

Italy: Moving to Milan in April.:

I have a friend in Milan and she speaks English. She might be able to help you as least learn about the city, I don't know what she can for you job-wise. Email me at messina540@hotmail.com

Italy: health insurance:

You can get it free. Refer to my other message with the office names....

Italy: health insurance:

You have to be an Italian citizen to get public health insurance. If you're not, you have to go with a private company. By the way, the word for health insurance in Italian is "assicurazione sanitaria". Google "assicurazione sanitaria mediante le aziende private" e get it translated into English. In bocca al lupo e in culo alla balena!!!!!


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