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Bulgaria: Mobile homes:

Useless worries !! Along the Danube river are hundreds of Mobil homes in Bulgaria. If it is provided with a valid number plate, you can stand there as long as you want ! My neighbor mobil home has been standing there already for 6 years.

Bulgaria: Help!!:

Hi Rudy , If you have a property in Bg and a pension there is any problem to recive the resident permit ! Kind regards , Philippe

Bulgaria: Bus to sofia:

Dear Sheels , Yes , every day around 7.45 in the morning the bus to Sofia is comming in Razgrad . Only on Sunday it's around 11.45 in the morning ! Have a nce travel , Phil.

Bulgaria: Newcomer:

Hello Sheels , I know somebady who can help you . You can always call me on this number when you are in Bulgaria . 0897485128 . Regards , Milanova

Bulgaria: Looking to build a small holiday village:

Hello CarlMikey , I know the owner from a big peace of land with vieuw to the Donau River ( 400m away ) There is water and electricity on this plot and it will not be difficult to get all the permissions to instal 5 or more log cabins ! Regards , Aksinia Milanova

Bulgaria: garvan silistra bulgaria:

Hi Dean , I know this village , the nature is beautiful over there but the village is very empty and many house are ruines . Regards , Phil

Bulgaria: Stephan Strombolovo:

Hi Stephan ., Welcome in Bulgaria . what has to be done and when ?? Philippe

Bulgaria: Buying a house in Dzhulunitsa:

Dear Nadia , Dont buy , still thousands of properties on the market !! You can always buy directely from the owner !!! Regards , Aksinia and Philippe

Bulgaria: Switch on water and electricity:

Normaly you need to go to the water an electricity Cie and not to the municipalty. For sure it's also in Belene . good luck

Bulgaria: How many Brits?:

Hi Jesska , Welcome to Bulgaria . Only in my village we are about 10 families from abroad . So all over Bg you will find UK citizen . Be careful with very cheap properties . First look and buy after ! Axinia and Philippe

Bulgaria: Business Contact:

Typical if you contact Cie in BG , they never answer . Can you send me the phone number , will try to herlp you . Axinia

Bulgaria: moving to bulgaria:

Helle Amy and Daren , Must it be an Inglish school ? Kind Regards Philippe mail :

Bulgaria: Bulgaria:

More and more citizen from all over the world are comming and living in Bulgaria . Just like I did 8 years ago . If i can help people with information you can always take contact . Sure for free . Philippe

France: Ruine south of France:

I am looking to buy a old house or ruine near lake in the south of France . I worked more than 25 years in renovation so the conditions from the property can be very bad but water and electricity need to be available . I speak French , Dutch , English and German

Bulgaria: Renovation works:

Many EU and UK who buy a property in Bg have difficulties to find serious renovation workers . If possible I can help you . I work more than 25 years in construction worldwide . If you like more information or pictures from some projects in Bulgariasend me a mail or an letter true Expat Echange Sincerely yours

Bulgaria: renovator Sofia based:

Hi Diarmuid , I already send you a private message Kovachitza

Bulgaria: Living in Bulgaria:

Dear friends , You are looking to live in Bulgaria and need a lot of informations , pictures ets ... I am ready to help you for free .... so dont hesitate to contact me. Axinia Milanova


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