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Algeria: cheap airfare:

Does anyone know of any packages to Algeria? I see advertisements all over for other countries but never Algeria.

Algeria: Marriage and Moving to Algeria:

Thank you all for your input. He isn't interested in any one country... just wants a good life. And that's understandable. I cannot afford travel and my living conditions are very bad.If I am able to go one day it has to be to stay. Im at a job where I mainly get 4 hours a week with not much potential for finding other jobs, I do not have and cannot afford a car, stuck with my granparents who want me out of their house asap. Its a mess. My biggest concerns is his restrictions as an officer and the legalality of it all. Will I remain in Algeria or will they send me back? Im terrified. And yes, I am a Muslim. Unable to live a muslim lifestyle here too. Very hard on all accounts. Inshallah a job will arise from somewhere and I can figure out something. ANOTHER QUESTION: Are there any cheap airlines or packages of flying to Algeria? Whenever I look it up online it always SO expensive.


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