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Ive travelled to many parts of the world, im a ex civil and Royal Engineer, Company founder , member of the Institute Of Asphalt. Pioneered new ways to control paving and planing machines, as well as a handful of other engineering solutions. Now retired and spending my life between UK , USA and the Caribbean

Advice for New Expats

Learn as much as you can, on line , from books and people who already live where you want to live. Going on holiday to a place is often very different from living there. Get to know and understand local customs, food, people, and the pluses and minuses of living in a new place, be flexible. Check out medical facilities and ease and cost of flying into and out of your new found homeland

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Im already doing it


  1959 to 1962

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Solving engineering problems

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Asian, Italian,

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London Science Museum

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For Whom the Bell Tolls

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No one favourite

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ManU and Surrey CC

Some Forum Posts:

Belize: Relocating from NJ and searching for the perfect beach:

You cant avoid the seaweed, its on all eastern facing beaches. Placencia maybe your best overall choices.. CC is small, AC over crowded, but Placencia is the up and coming area.

Belize: Mechanic jobs:

Hyde is great for shipping. Getting a job is another matter, very unlikely. Best bet would be to start your own biz. But Belizeans use their own people. You ought to come visit and see how the Mennonites do it. Good luck in your venture

Belize: Retired Military in Belize:

There are many ex British Army and Air force on AC , they are either retired or working in their own or expat owned businesses, there are many others scattered around Belize. but no ex forces clubs as far as i know.

Saint Lucia: Property:

Sorry to hear youve found nothing that suits you both, dont think anyone on the forum can help, you'll just have to keep looking. And ive no idea about Micoud, you need to carry out a good indepth visit there and ask a few good estate agents their opinions. Good luck

Belize: Health Insurance:

We fully agree with CC4Me says, we did exactly the same, except we used our divers medical insurance to medivac us back to USA, we paid less than $300 to do this, This we used up until we left AC in 2015. its the simplest and easiest route to take and effective.

Belize: Garmin GPS:

If you put gps in the search box you will find some info.

Belize: Having pharmaceutical drugs shipped to Belize:

I would rather believe Dr. Alan than Con any day, Con isnt a med. man, just an expat. Who i know is pretty much intouch with many things here in Belize. Con, i think at times you are a con. Just saying, but ur as bad as CC4me, people who moved to CC in the last 6 months or so who now think they are experts not expats. Enjoy your spats. They have no effect on me at all.

Belize: newbie doing research:

You really only need one bit of advice come visit, boots on the ground is the only way, see 4 ur self and make YOUR decisions, is pretty simple really but it takes time and a bit of money, but its your life not anyone elses.

United States: I want to move to Canada:

If your g/f is leaving there, why do you want to go there, i also think you need to be on the Canadian forum

Belize: Becoming a Counselor in Belize:

If your looking to live of an income generated in Belize doing this bring a million$$$

Belize: Placencia Internet Costs 20 Feb 2018:

We used Smart in AC the little portable MIFI units, they were great, worked anywhere on the Caye. Just as a comparison we pay $49 for 100mbps in central Fl'. But atleast Belize is slowly improving but not really catching up with other Caribbean coiuntries. But well done Smart

United States: Obtaining a Counselor's License:

Your on the wrong forum, you need to post on the Belize forum

Saint Lucia: Building house:

Hi . A lot will depend on the plot of ground, whether its flat or on a hillside as many are and how easy site access is. i understand anywhere between $100 to $150/sq ft thats USd . If you need someone who's totally reliable to build for you, he would give you a price etc. let me know and i'll put you intouch

Belize: Cowork Space in Belize:

We had a few friends on AC who ran world wide companies based on comms. they paid a high price for top internet speeds ans always worked from their rented homes. Ive never seen what your looking for in Belize, there were certainly none on AC. Another worked the stock markets , paid $800/month for his internet but was making good money.

Belize: American wanting to retire in Belize:

People ask these questions every week for yrs, you can use the search box to find and answer nearly all the questions you are asking and a load more. Good luck

Belize: Moving to Belize:

Excellent advice, but finally its your eyes and ears that will find the 'right' place and never buy property for atleast the first year, its very easy to buy, but very difficult to sell.

Belize: EarthBags in Belize:

Ive seen great places built out of bales of hay, cement covered they are immensely strong, weather proof and incredibly well insulated, just not sure if you can get bales in Belize

Saint Lucia: Realtor:

Then best person we found was Don at but i know many realtors dont show others properties. ive heard this a few times especially about one lady realtor

Belize: Moving Company:

Try Hyde shipping, weve used them twice excellent people. They are in Belize City, sorry ive lost their phone #

Belize: Prescriptions:

I also believe it maybe illegal to bring those type of drugs into the country, especially if you have a large number.

Belize: Big ticket items moving from Chetumal to Corozal; Fees? Taxes?:

I never met a Belizian who wasnt on the fiddle one way or another, avoiding taxes was the number one pastime , and were talking small stuff compared to the gov. ministers who are ripping off millions and denying locals a faster growing infrastructure .

Belize: Internet in Belize:

All our Canadian friends that had homes on AC were snow birds, most had major businesses in Canada and incomes over $500k/annum and didnt care a hoot about what stuff cost , they just wanted to have sunshine and to party. Very different from expats on $2k/month where every cent counts.

Belize: online ordering of power drill:

Get a cordless. I bought in in my luggage, made sure id used a few times before, Had no problems.

Saint Lucia: Spouse Work Permit/Renting/Medical Insurance:

I dont think you wife will get a work permit, but inquire when your there. You dont have to leave the c ountry to get your visa stamped, just a visit to Castries, and you can negotiate a deal, maybe not pay anything for wife and kid, atleast you can pay for 3 months in advance. You dont have a chance in getting anyrthing under $1000 / month in Rodney Bay. Try Don at plus yes lots of stuff word of mouth. I dont live there at this moment, but can give you pretty much up to date info and places to go. Good luck Rob

Belize: "Ethical Traveler" lists Belize as one of "The World’s Ten Best Ethical Destinations":

Its interesting to read about this Org. They obviously dont know about illegal de forestation or illegal up rooting of mangroves , they do know that the Belize gov. has yet to protect the reek, the also base their listing on social welfare and human rights. Considering how bad social welfare is and Belize is on the list for human trafficing , how did Belize get on the list and it makes you wonder how good their other info is, just like Int. Traveller who writes a lot of fiction. But atleast they are trying to do something , just need more in depth knowledge.


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