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Ive travelled to many parts of the world, im a ex civil and Royal Engineer, Company founder , member of the Institute Of Asphalt. Pioneered new ways to control paving and planing machines, as well as a handful of other engineering solutions. Now retired and spending my life between UK , USA and the Caribbean

Advice for New Expats

Learn as much as you can, on line , from books and people who already live where you want to live. Going on holiday to a place is often very different from living there. Get to know and understand local customs, food, people, and the pluses and minuses of living in a new place, be flexible. Check out medical facilities and ease and cost of flying into and out of your new found homeland

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Im already doing it


  1959 to 1962

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Solving engineering problems

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Asian, Italian,

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London Science Museum

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For Whom the Bell Tolls

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No one favourite

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ManU and Surrey CC

Some Forum Posts:

Belize: Horses:

I know that temp. change and pasture are a major problem, right from the horses mouth !!!

Belize: Nice house for sale..:

I hope a change of name helps you sell. Good luck,

Saint Lucia: Bank account and visa:

Hi Martin. Im assuming your either a British subject or American, , you dont need a visa to visit St L You will need bank references and a proven address in St L to open an account Good luck

Belize: Opening restaurant in Belize City:

BC is an armpit, the guys coming of cruise ships already have paid for decent food onboard, they dont spend money in land based restaurants, ive been at both ends, BC is a dump !!

Belize: BZE trip:

Youve got Ken who knows all the answers, so what are you asking the forum ???

United States: Buying a restaurant in San pedro:

Your on the wrong forum

Saint Lucia: Importing Currancy & Opening Bank Account in SL:

Hi Mary We have an account at Scotia bank Rodney bay, you can only open by going there and you will need a reference from your bank, You can transfer monies you your builders account direct fron your UK bank, just need all the correct details, really easy, dont go carrying huge wad of cash. Happy New Yr to you

Belize: Ambergis Question:

Many yrs ago there was talk of a bridge connecting norther AC to Mexico with a border post, but at this moment nothing came of the idea.

Belize: Expat strangled in Placencia:

Sad to read about a lady who had just sold her house in Placencia strangled on 23 Dec. the police havent even notified the press yet. They havent a clue who murdered the last expat couple, be interesting to see what they make of this sad case

Belize: Scouting trip to Belize:

In all honesty your not going to get much of an idea in a week, you need to come for a minimum of two months , maybe visit twice once in the wet season once in the dry, visiting/vacationing is not like living there, very different. Good luck

Belize: Belize move, ship household itrmd or sell before move?:

If you check the expiry dates on tinned goods, medicines baby food to list just a few many are out of date, this is why they can be bought cheaply by importers . I buy wine in Sams club, the same wine in AC is exactly 6 times more. Totally agree, bring white goods in, local stuff rusts while you look at it. A new golf cart on AC around $12k USd , the same in Florida just over $4k. The best way to enjoy Belize is to travel back to US atleast once a yr. get your medical checks done and stock up on essentials

Belize: Belizian Realtors. How to become one?:

Hi . If you dont know the country or the area you are going to represent and are unknown and have no contacts , unless you have a stack of money , your going to lose your shirt.

Saint Lucia: House wanted:

Hi , Get in touch with Don at they have many houses for rental, trouble is, this is the busiest time of the year, so availability is minimal. Also check out the ads in the local paper, The Voice, Good luck to you

Belize: Considering Move:

Theres only one city in Belize and its not where you want to live. I dont know of any angry malcontents on this forum, Terrific gives great advice Dr A has a great sense of humour and offers the downside of living in Belize, you have to find the plus sides, which are many, we lived there for 16 yrs, but had two other homes in USA and UK so we were able to top up with meds, hospital check ups etc and the arts and crafts we missed. There are one or two who have never lived in Belize that offer 'advice' . but is pretty obvious that they have never been thro the real living in this country, holidaying or a few short stays is no lesson in living in a country whether it be Belize or USA. Come visit, rent, try out different areas and make your mind up independently. Good luck

Belize: arriving in 2018 saying hello:

With little chance of ever getting a job , how are you going to support yourselves.?

Saint Lucia: Streaming Services: Available?:

Sorry, I cant help with any of this, ive put you both intouch with my local friend ,John, and im sure he or one of his kids, late teens, would know the answer. Or when your there next go into a geek place and ask a few questions.

Belize: Belize is #10 on Fodor's Places To Go To in 2018!:

I totally agree with Fodors, Belize is a great holiday destination , totally different from living there, A vacation in a country is so very different than living there.

Belize: Buyer Beware:

Im surprised ReMax are involved, although everyone one who works for them is self employed, and if it is a scam they will be livid their name has been used. But those of us who have lived in Belize have heard these stories so many times and im still amazed people are willing to part with their hard earned cash in a foreign country buying sight unseen, would you buy a house in America site unseen NO of course not. Good luck getting your money or house, just hope its not a scam, if it is weve little chance of retrieving anything.

Saint Lucia: Lease or Buy Vehicle:

Vehicles are very expensive in StL due to the high import tax, i know nothing about leasing on the island or if its even available, buying a good used vehicle is the way to go, but get it properly checked out at a test garage. Good luck

United States: Thanksgiving Gatherings in Your Region of United States:

Just about every home in the country, dont think you thought this one out admin.

Saint Lucia: General advice:

Hi Lizzy. We spent 18 months on St Lucia, we did think at one time we would retire there, Im a Brit and my wife American. We owned a beach bungalow on Ambergris caye, a nice ranch bungalow south of Houston and ive a home in England. We love St L and still do, but the kinda places we liked were all well over $500k but we could rent them for around $1800/month. We were going to invest our money from two house sales and rent there, but to cut a long story short bought in Florida and love it here. You need to look in the north , the Rodney bay are, contact Don at, hes great and will give you all you need to know. Elec. is not cheap, local food very reasonable including chicken and pork. Cars expensive, TV , phone internet reasonable . Your best bet is to go for a couple of wks, meet Don and have a feel for the island, love the people there, so warm and friendly, but my wifes need of specialised med, facilities and those being covered by her insurance led us to buying in Florida. Let me know if i can be of further help, Rob

Belize: more good news:

I love Canucks, great bunch of people even have Canadian relatives. And Irene makes issues out of everything even having a black husband she really carries a lot of chips on her shoulders, sad person, only those that agree with her are deemed OK.

Saint Lucia: Any South African's living in Saint Lucia?:

Hi, only S.Africans i meet where from yachts that had come into Rodney bay, never met any living on the island. What kinda questions did you have in mind?

Belize: Car accident killing 3.:

There was a lot of comments on the Ambergris caye forum, apparently the American was an army guy and spirited out of the country the same day. Heard nothing about any help to the family. Very sad

Belize: CC worries:

Firstly the closure of the airstrip, means no medvac for serious cases, either ferry to SP then plane or ferry to mainland then ambulance. Not good if youve suffered a stroke, heartache or major trauma, secondly the Gov. has passed permission for the Belize wellness centre to be built, partly over water partly on land covering 490ft of water front and over 9 acres on land, what this will do the the peace and quiet of CC is a major concern, but money in someones pocket in the Gov.


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