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Mexico: Intestinal problems:

Let it run its course, plenty of fluids. Docs down here don't want u using any meds to stop it. Usually safe practices work, we don't eat anything from the street, ask at restaurants if they use purified water for ice, mixed drinks etc. Have fun, explore Tonalo + Talaquapua, Fabulous furniture, glass blowing etc..worth a trip. If u need a English speaking guide, I know a great one. We've used him several times. His Guadalajara tour Cathedral, Historic tour is amazing..I have some pics..Raul Negrete. He also can have things shipped for u.

Mexico: Good community for community service work:

We've visited Guanjanto and loved it, 3 universities, lots of culture, near perfect Climate. Also excellent bus system to take u to surrounding areas, like Leon and San Miguel Allende.

Mexico: Playa del Carmen safety:

Haha, RVGringo, you are the expert on Lake Chapla/Ajijic..and what u say is somewhat true. Drunken tourists are everywhere, but mostly on their feet, not driving, there are bugs, mosquitoes, + scorpions pretty much everywhere.

Mexico: pv homes:

My suggestion is to live in areas you are interested in for at least 3-6 mos. MX people are wonderful with big hearts and always ready for festives, some times for 2 or 3 days. In the majority of MX (other than gated communities) there is no zoning, meaning anytype of biz can be next door or nearby, usually including chickens, dogs + noise. I'm sure u are getting the idea. We bought in 2001 and have seen many well meaning folks want to live with the locals, and was too much. There are many ways to get involved in any community you chose.

Mexico: The best beach place, deal. this that etc.:

True, bottom line, MX is a country of various options, as in US or anywhere. IMO, the cost of living in MX v US ranges from 30 to 40% less in MX v US..from property either rental/owning, taxes cheap, insurance about 25%( we live on oceanfront), high quality healthcare/meds cheaper than US, (we still carry Medicare) doctor visits we pay out of pocket, very reasonable. Food is less, but living on an island makes things a little higher as everything is shipped in, albeit still cheaper than US. There are areas in MX that a person can live on SS, mostly in the interior..Travel around, research areas, sign up for ex-pat sites on line. Hundreds of thousands have retired happily from all over the world, retirement heaven.

Mexico: Advice on Moving to Mexico:

GoldenGirl4, Since u are not ready to leave US this minute, I would suggest you contact an international headhunter. There are loads of American Companies/Factories in MX. I'd think they might have a need for an employee with medical backgrounds. As to the items u want to bring, car could be an issue and think u will need a temp visa. Contact your closest MX Consultant. In OH. for your residency. Most bigger cities have a Costco + Sam's Club so u can get TV's there..most people find it easier to sell or give stuff away rather than the hassle of dragging it with u. Might also take a look around the Guadalajara area, 2nd biggest city in MX. Loads of ex-pats in and around there. 3 medical schools + world ranked hospitals. Lastly Google ex-pat sites of areas u are interested in, they can give u the best advice on areas, check weather patterns, rent in areas of interest for at least 3-4+ mos. Also around GDL and San Miguel Allende area there are several Spanish immersion schools. Remember May-Sept is the hot, humid summer beachfront summer mos. Many ex-pats go to the mountains during those sweltering rents for a few mos. Guanjuanto might be an area of interest, 3 major universities there..beautiful, loads of culture, 45 minute drive to San Miguel Allende..Happy Hunting.

Mexico: Best INEXPENSIVE beach areas to live in Mexico:

I googled the area are headed to, it is lovely. Best of luck to you, keep in u plan to go soon? I'll keep u posted on QRoo happenings..

Mexico: Is There Affordable Hospitalization Coverage in Mexico??:

Agreed, Merida has the best hospitals in the area. Cozumel has good care for regular stuff. Amerimed has a hospital in Cancun + in Merida..You will be surprised how many docs train in US.

Mexico: How much am I expected to tip?:

Let's try and remember the past 3 yrs have been really hard for the Mexican people, peso devaluation cuts their buying power. At restaurants we pay in pesos and tip in USD..We all need to remember we are guests in MX. No UGLY Americans, please.

Mexico: Best Airport in Highlands:

Agree on GDL, that's what we use. Although we did fly from Cancun to Leon on Volaris. Which is about a 40 min can ride to Guanjuanto. Great area especially in hot + humid mos. GDL is great too, furniture manufacturers Mecca!


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