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Mexico: schools in Mexico City:

Hola Todos, We will be moving to Mexico City in the near future (by June 2014). My husband's office is in Toluca, but he will need good access to the airport, so we will likely settle in the Santa Fe area. Our daughter will be entering 3rd grade in the fall of 2014. We would love some advice on schools. So far, we have learned that only the American School and Greengates have PYP (IB primary years) programs. Is that accurate? Both schools are far from where we would potentially be living in Santa Fe, though we would also consider living in Huixquilucan if Greengates were truly the best option. I am somewhat concerned that Greengates only offers classes in English since bilingualism is one of our main drivers/goals for moving. We have also come across Colegio Peterson, Eton School, The Edron Academy, Westhill Institute, Colegio Winpenny, Escuela Sierra Nevada, and Colegio Grimm on the internet and closer to Santa Fe. Does anyone have recommendations or thoughts on these schools or others? Finally, we would also consider a school in Toluca. We just haven't found one on the internet. Are there any? The reviews we have found online have often been mixed (except in the case of Greengates (all positive)), so it's been really tough to sort this piece out. We will be visiting in December and January, so I would love to have a shortlist of 4 or 5 schools by that time. Thanks so much for any help in the meantime. Sincerely,


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