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Guatemala: start a hostel:

That's the right attitude, Come on down like so many others. Get a good feel for this beautiful country, learn Spanish. Learn the "ropes" and you'll do just fine hostel or not.

Guatemala: Mountain towns:

Antigua is 5,o5o in elevation less than 50,000 people. Antigua has a great market. Also many small neighborhoods away from the park. I live on the north side with little or no gringos.

Guatemala: Purchasing a motorcycle or scooter in Guatemala:

Antigua has Honda, Yamaha and other moto dealers here. $1,000 should by a decent scooter. Moto not so sure.

Guatemala: Q to USD:

If you're in Antigua, go to BAM or BAC or BI they all exchange Q's for $'s.

Guatemala: Licensed notary:

Check with Jose Caal in the Revue Magazine office on 3rd Avenue. He does visa renewals and may be a notary as well.

Guatemala: flying into guatemala:

On the form you list tourist and check the boxes on the form. If you are bring more than $10,000 cash declare it. Everything else is for personal use if asked. The form is a one page form mostly check the boxes enter your name passport #, etc.. No big deal.

Guatemala: Pet kennel:

A lot of the Vets here in Antigua offer boarding.

Guatemala: TIKAL:

The chicken buses are questionable but the Pullmans are safe

Guatemala: 2017 importing a vehicle:

Do you have your Visa? Might not be able to import a new model vehicle (2018) based on current import laws.

Guatemala: Onward ticket:

I live in Antigua and have been here for 6 years. Travelled to the US and back many times, as well as, Mexico by bus. Only one time I was confronted by a Delta Air ticket agent and she told me if I did not have an onward ticket the Guatemalan Migration would not let me into the country. I showed her my Passport with some 20 pages of Visas (entry and Exit). She said never mind. Never asked by Guatemalan Migration for an onward ticket only the airline asked.

Guatemala: Vaccines in Antigua:

I've lived in Antigua for over 6 years and have to admit I did not get any Vaccines before I moved here nor have many of my expat friends, some being in the medical profession as well. Sometimes a Country's State Dept.'s can get carried away with travel warnings.

Guatemala: 90 days:

Where do you live in Guatemala? If in Antigua, I can give you some information on extensions, etc.

Guatemala: Tax Question:

Social Security Retirement Benefits are not taxed by the US Government.

Guatemala: Need State Record:

If you have ever been finger printed? if so, maybe you can get a copy. Just a thought. I'm going to get a copy from the military when I enlisted many years ago

Guatemala: nonresident tagging moto:

Why don't you just ask the dealer of the moto your looking at?

Guatemala: Yumbo dealers:

I believe there is a Yamaha dealer on Santa Lucia.

Guatemala: Appliances Antigua:

Try Elektra or Way they should carry them

Guatemala: WildHair:

Depends on where you live. Antigua, expensive the lake less expensive. I pay $400 for a furnished loft apartment all utilities paid, cable, Wi-Fi, etc. here in Antigua. Food, that depends on what you like to eat.

Guatemala: computer services:

Enlaces on 6th avenida between 4th and 5th calles. Randy is the owner and speaks English. Located in the liquor store.

Guatemala: Anti-vax:

I've traveled for a number of years until retiring in Antigua. The only Vax. I've had was Yellow Fever because I was traveling in the Amazon River Basin for an extended period of time. They say that children and Seniors should get Vax.. Well, I fit in the Senior category, 71 years old and have gone with out getting sticked for any of the typical nasty things out there. The only problems I've had was with food poisening and I don't believe there is a Vax. for that. You may receive negative comments about bad things that will happen, etc. But it is a personal decision. Enjoy Guatemala.

Guatemala: Living in Guatemala:

Hey David, love the book, the best part for me is a consolidation of the different pertinent websites. Now I'll have to order it to get the whole scoop. And $4.00 doesn't break the Bank, thanks again.

Guatemala: moving to Guatemala:

sojournerEXPAT. Let me get this straight., you want to move to Guatemala so you visited here. Don't know how long you were here or where you visited while here. But, you are an authority of the dangerous areas of Guatemala City and Mixco. Is that correct? My girlfriend lives in Mixco, one block from Central Park, so I guess she is in ground zero of the most dangerous area of Mixco. You failed to mention the various zones of Mixco and all the dangers of living in those upper end Zonas of Mixco. Your post about all the zones of GC and Mixco sounds like it came directly from the US Embassy web page. Care to explain where you came by this information?

Guatemala: Rentals sitting long?:

Where have you been looking online? RE agencies, Craigs List, OLX?

Guatemala: More information about expats in Guatemala:

Antigua and the lake Atitlan

Guatemala: Expat communities in Guatemala:

Antigua has a load of expats as does the lake area. But, what support are you looking for?


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