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Ireland: INIS SPEAKS! (sorta...):

Living in Ireland, I really hate living up to the annoying, overly vocal, demanding American stereotype, but... remember, nearly a year ago, INIS allowed us to comment on proposed changes to the regulations for retirees? ...The changes that we were told were coming in early 2017? Well, early 2017 came and went, and I started emailing INIS monthly as to the status of the rules change. After four tries, I GOT AN ANSWER!!! Yes, INIS HAS SPOKEN! ...and the news is that " the new policy on Retirees is nearing completion and will be published on our website in the coming months." I guess this means that we shouldn't expect any sort of pre-release publicity or notification to those currently on the dreaded Stamp 0 list. Just as INIS has done in the past, the revised rules will just magically appear one day on their web site, where upon we all can try to decipher what they really mean. Sorry if I got your hopes up that there was something meaningful in their communication, the sheer fact that they finally replied seems like a small victory. Now, about all the other issues I've repeatedly emailed them about.... :-)

Ireland: (Paying Taxes in U.S & Ireland):

Ireland has an agreement on taxation with the US; you'll pay income tax in the US, or Ireland, but not both. Receiving your Social Security payments in Ireland is simple to arrange and not an issue; there's tens of thousands of American retirees receiving their SS money all over the world.

Ireland: A couple of Ireland stories I want to share...:

It happens! A fine late evening meal in a local restaurant, some great conversation with the locals, a good pint in the belly... out for a walk through a beautiful old town after dark, feeling perfectly safe... thinking about the history that surrounds you, and you find yourself really, really happy for the first time in you don't know when... that's when the burning desire to never leave sets in....

Ireland: New Irish Census Statistics:

The government's Central Statistics Office has released new information gleaned from the 2016 census. As I'm a US retiree here on a Stamp 0, I was curious to see what changes have occurred in the retirement sector. It seems, if I'm reading this right, there's been an increase of about 10 percent in the number of US retirees between 2011 and 2016, and a slight drop in those from Canada. In any event, there's still less than a thousand US retirees living in Ireland, which seems shocking considering how wonderful it is to live here. Here's a link to my info; you can use the pull down menus to see a bunch of interesting stuff based on occupation, age, and nationality, if you're into that sort of thing...

Ireland: Not Moving To Ireland:

I'm sad to hear of anyone giving up their dream about living here. I know what that dream is like. Please keep in mind that Ireland is in the process of revising their immigration rules and things may change in your favour.

Ireland: Is this a new Stamp 0 "catch 22"?:

Today's Irish Times (22 May) reports that beginning next month, anyone attempting to obtain an Irish driver's license will need to be in possession of a 'Public Services Card' (essentially a national identity card). Well, we holders of a Stamp 0 aren't entitled to public services, are we? So will these cards be issued to us? I've fired off an email to INIS about this, but knowing how poorly INIS handles their email, I'm not holding my breath. Anyone out there with info on this subject? I'll let you know if INIS responds...

Ireland: Stamp O health declaration:

A simple note from your GP, on his letterhead, stating you're not carrying a weird disease that will wipe out the nation is sufficient. A general assessment that you're in good health is all they require; there's no form, and they being bureaucrats, not physicians at INIS, they wouldn't understand any medical terminology, anyway.

Ireland: INIS - Hello? Anybody Home?:

A brief warning / heads up to any Forum readers seeking information about INIS rules and regulations via email, at least as it pertains to messages sent to their Unit 2 residence division… I’ve sent a series of questions to Unit 2 over the past several months. Here’s the status of my queries: Question #1, re: Leasing of Irish property I own for income contributory to Stamp 0 requirements: Sent: 2 March Resubmitted: 7 April Re-resubmitted: 15 May No reply received as of 17 May Question #2, re: Household Benefits Package / Free Bus Travel for Seniors: Sent: 27 March Resubmitted: 25 April Reply received: 26 April Question #3, re: Discrepancies in Stamp 0 renewal timelines: Sent: 14 March Resubmitted: 15 May No reply received as of 17 May So, other than auto-generated confirmations that INIS received my emails, I’ve received one note back out of seven attempts at contacting them. I intentionally left my ‘green card’ ID number off of my letters, because I was curious to see if INIS is responding to email from the general public. Would that have helped? I don’t know. The purpose was to see if INIS is reading their mail. Based on the above, I’ll let you decide.

Ireland: Banking:

You should be able to electronically transfer funds to the bank of the seller, or your solicitor, or whomever. You'll need their bank identity code etc. Your bank can give you more information on how this works.

Ireland: Retiree Gayle Stacey is back in the news:


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