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Bangladesh: Bangla bangladesh language:

where can I get some cd, put into my car player and listen and learn Bangladesh?

Malaysia: moving, marriage, lvining:

i am an American and want to retire in Malaysia with my pension. can i find a young Malaysian woman? can i send money to Malaysia from the usa? is there problem getting housing? can i get medication i need?

Afghanistan: marriage, moving, living:

i am an American and want to more to afghanistan and retire there on a pension and marry an young afghan female. can i send money to a bank in afganistan from America? can i find a place to live? how can i find a young muslim woman?

Pakistan: marriage, housing, medical insurance:

1. I am an American citizen wanting to live in Pakistan, using social security pension 2. for $300.00 united states dollars, will the rental apartment have running water and toilet ? 3. I will have medicare. can I pay my medical payments using medicare? 4. is there any banking problems having my retirement check forwarded to Pakistan??


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