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Ireland: monthly cost:

Hi Denise, I had a thread going about cost-of living a few months ago. You might want to browse through to see if anything in there helps you plan. There was some interesting discussion. And I'm with you about the occupants of the WH. By the way what made you choose those locations? Cheers

Ireland: (Paying Taxes in U.S & Ireland):

This website has some interesting discussion of the topic: https://www.americansabroad.org/taxation-of-social-security-benefits/ Overall, I think you're right though. If you are resident in Ireland you have to pay taxes on income which includes Social Security income. But as a citizen you'll also be eligible for the different deductions that may apply to your personal situation.

Ireland: Cost of Living:

Wow. Thanks for the detailed response. Thank goodness for Our Lady of the Pub. LOL. "You would be surprised what just talking to the people will get you." - that's what I grew up with, in an Irish Catholic family. So did my husband-so I will find it familiar. It's a nice way to be. I won't quite qualify next year for the reduced fare (64). I was also considering Galway, near where one of my grandparents hailed. Galway is very popular now isn't it? But I'm not sure of their hospital services availability. Also, Dublin of course would be too expensive.

Ireland: Job Prospects after Grad School:

Just noticed a blog entry on tech industry in Dublin on the home page for Dublin here on this site. If you select Dublin above in the box underneath EE Ireland, it will take you t here. Best of luck.

Ireland: college or career school?:

How would one go about looking for a college in Ireland? My son is in a community college here in the U.S. and wonder if it would be possible for him to do some sort of career training in Ireland. He's in a computer/coding program at home but would like to take a year with us in Ireland.

Ireland: Dublin to Cork:

How would one go about traveling from Dublin to Cork and how long is the trip?

Ireland: Location Scout trip:

I'm working on a budget for settling into a longer-ish-stay (3-6 mos. - a year) in Ireland Following is my item list so far: 1. Flat or house rental (what utilities to include?) Dublin, Galway, Cork? 2. Transportation: Car rental? I know this might be too expensive, but then how to get around? 3. Health Insurance? (not sure about this. He's on medicare. I have blue cross. 4. Food budget (a month?) 5. Pub/entertainment (a month?) 6. Emergency fund 7. Visa/passport fees

Ireland: Citizens and health insurance:

My husband and I are both entitled to and are working on Irish citizenship.He thru registry of foreign births and me through grandparents. We are considering retirement but both have health conditions and need access to doc visits. Would we be entitled to any healthcare coverage for citizens?


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