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Mexico: Moving to ajijic:

The reason you probably won't get a lot of response here is because these forum are not a starting place for you journey. Those already here expect you to do some research then ask specific questions. You can try by using the "search" window as one of your tools to learn.

Mexico: earthquake:

I am driving down thru Mexico City on my way to The Yucatan. Plan on being thru Mexico City about 1. October.I know Puebla had 7.1 but I can't find what the road conditions are going down hwy 57D then 150D. Can someone shed some light on this? I looked for it online but no luck yet. Thanks

Belize: Crocodillos:

The Curve bar, at the Hopkins Marina, used to have a river croc. that they would feed daily. I have some great pics of him eating chicken parts being fed by one of the locals and employees.

Belize: First time Belize visitor to determine where to live:

The reason you don't get much information from this site is you need to do some research yourself first then ask some specific questions. Those that have a financial interest in you may speak up but generally speaking this site is not a replacement for your research. Using the search window will answer many questions for you.

Mexico: 2 Questions???:

I am driving down to the Yucatan from the US. I plan to cross at McAllen Tx. (#1) How much alcohol can I cross the border with in my passenger car? I have carried 3 or 4 liters before in checked airplane luggage but I am hearing 1 liter per each 18 yr old and some crossings can be different. I plan to be in Mexico for a month or so. My Canadian whisky can't be purchased in Mexico so I want to bring it....(#2) Where do I purchase Mexican car insurance? My US company does not sell it for foreign travel. Going into Belize I purchase it across the border in Belize. I think I heard here it can be purchased in Tx. before I cross over. And do you have a preferred company? Thanks in advance.

Mexico: The best beach place, deal. this that etc.:

I would guess the San Carlos/Guaymas area would have safety issues being so close to the heavily traveled cartel routes??? Thoughts? Anyone have information on this area?

Mexico: Best INEXPENSIVE beach areas to live in Mexico:

I have found the least expensive beaches are North of Merida. They are fishing villages but still nothing in that $ range that I am aware of on the water. Walking distance from the water would be the best prices. Check them out. Town East and West of Progresso 40-50 miles will give you a search area to start with.

Belize: RUDE:

Many think a great place to vacation is a great place to live. If everyone painted a rosy picture you would not get all the input needed to make an informed decision. If you come to Belize and fine "The Terrible Two" wrong then to you they are rude and wrong. We changed our minds and now heading to The Yucatan mostly because BobbyVVV and the Good Dr. got me to thinking deeper than I had in the past. Sort it out for yourself but I am happy they were honest in their feeling even if I did not want to hear it.

Belize: draft beer:

You might not like what Dr. Allen and Bobbyvvvv have to say but do you not think there is some truth to it? I have been in love with Belize for years and visited more times than I can count. In the last couple years I have changed my plans to Yucatan Mexico. These two got me to thinking and with my research they are correct in how they feel and if it does not give you cause to think they you probably have some kind of blinders on. Maybe the good Dr. puts more emphasis on good wine and cheese than you do...so take it for what it Is worth to you. Better decisions are made with more information. If you already have you mind made up then maybe the facts are not important to you. Just sayin''

Mexico: Stop!..the politics.!!...ENOUGH!:

Who does not know that talking politics or religion is not a way to get along or make friends??? They could not leave it in the monster thread (because it now takes too long to open) now they have to poison the rest of the site. I suppose telling them to get on with something positive is a waste of my time.....SHAME ON THEM!


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