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Mexico: Dealing with the police.:

What I have learned is be careful trying to tell a Mexican in a position of authority what your view of a situation is. Many others have said on this forum to not challenge those in authority as many times there is no set rule for their responsibilities or procedures....I suggest be careful trying to get them to see your side. Even rules to get a visa from the US is not the same with each office. Be careful telling them their job.

Mexico: us car insurance:

You won't like the price. I just bought for one month.....over $200. I know one month is not the annual premium divided by 12 but sure more than I liked paying.

Mexico: Back home from driving trip to Mexico and Belize:

My first mistake was thinking that crossing the border with my personal vehicle would trigger Mexico to force me to a stall or area that would MAKE me get a TIP.....Wrong! I thought I was just lucky and got the green light to pass thru. After my 4th or 5th couta stop past Monterrey I got pulled over by a Federale. His English was no better than my Spanish but we got it figured out that I must have the TIP attached to the inside of my window. The best way he could explain this to me was to pull over the next vehicle passing that has a TIP and let me look at their paperwork. His conversion from Km to miles was off a bit because he told me the next 'returno' was 4 miles was more than 40 miles before I could turn around. 147 miles later I was back in Reynosa/McAllen to spend the night and try again. US border thought that was pretty funny and knew NOTHING of the process going the other direction....or even their hours of operation. This time I got the TIP and was on my way. $400 US dollars lighter but was returned upon departure of Mexico to US. I thought maybe it would come to play when I left Mexico to enter Belize but it did not. I am sure I got this information to make sure I got the TIP from someone on this site but I failed to remember it when I crossed.....(I knew it was too easy!). Anyone crossing with your own vehicle and going to drive into Mexico don't forget to get this permit. I was a bit upset about having to drive an extra 147 miles twice until I realized it was better than 947 miles in. My almost fatal mistake was not buying a GPS with Mexico maps installed because without it I would have been LOST hundreds of times....literally. In the big cities you get shoved off to some side street and 15 minutes later you can pull over and assess your situation. I was told without a GPS you have to find a taxi and pay him to take you to the main highway. Lots of construction makes you get off the main roads to 'no mans land'... I am a small town boy and being in the 'centro' of a 4 million population city is no fun for me when I can read the signs. Half the time for me I did not know if the name on the sign was the city or the state......just saying. And don't be confused and think that a specific highway number is only attached to one highway. For example 57d is attached to more than one highway and so is 15d and 140. Without a GPS I would have turned around and gone back to The States. You city folk may not have my issues but it saved my trip. I had a great trip. Saw a lot, learned a lot. I have been to Mexico and Belize many times but only flown in and rented a car and stayed in one specific area. This was a whole new ball game for me. I am going to tally up my couta receipts and see how much the toll roads cost for the trip. I know it was a lot. I think there is about 75 toll/couta tickets to add up. They range from 26 pesos to 250 pesos approx. I never really felt unsafe except my last night in Mexico. I stayed in Saltillo. I stayed in an upper end motel in centro and was going to walk to find someplace to eat. I made it a block or so and got way too many looks. I ordered a pizza in when I got back to my room. The next morning I watched on the news and gangs/Los Zetas killed a few that night. Saltillo is not a safe place to be. I only drove in daylight hours and on toll/couta roads when possible when on the Pacific side and middle Mexico. East of Villahermosa has a whole different feel to it. As much as I liked the Chapala area it is pretty close to Guadalajara and the known gangs there. I tried to couple Johns driving directions (actually US to Belize and back) with my GPS and only got more confused. His directions to the tenth of the mile was too confusing for me. Basically Hwy 40 to 57 to 150 to 145 to 180 (put a d on the end or those numbers and you will get the toll version) will get you past what I call the dangerous parts of Mexico and near Campeche City. If I was to try to drive again I would try a Mexico data service for my phone and tablet it may work as well as a GPS. Having internet as I traveled may have been a great navigation tool also. I had it turned off my hand held devices as not to incur massive roaming charges. I am sure next time would be much easier. Ron

Mexico: Need Contact in Merida & Progreso:

I have a longtime friend in Progresso who is a tour guide his name is Pedro. He knows the area well and can get you in the right direction if he can't help you himself. The days of cruise ship is in he's on 80th Street and the malecon on the non Cruise ship day he's on 78th Street and the malecon. What you really need to know is Pedro everyone can put you in touch with him.

Mexico: Moving to ajijic:

The reason you probably won't get a lot of response here is because these forum are not a starting place for you journey. Those already here expect you to do some research then ask specific questions. You can try by using the "search" window as one of your tools to learn.

Mexico: earthquake:

I am driving down thru Mexico City on my way to The Yucatan. Plan on being thru Mexico City about 1. October.I know Puebla had 7.1 but I can't find what the road conditions are going down hwy 57D then 150D. Can someone shed some light on this? I looked for it online but no luck yet. Thanks

Belize: Crocodillos:

The Curve bar, at the Hopkins Marina, used to have a river croc. that they would feed daily. I have some great pics of him eating chicken parts being fed by one of the locals and employees.

Belize: First time Belize visitor to determine where to live:

The reason you don't get much information from this site is you need to do some research yourself first then ask some specific questions. Those that have a financial interest in you may speak up but generally speaking this site is not a replacement for your research. Using the search window will answer many questions for you.

Mexico: 2 Questions???:

I am driving down to the Yucatan from the US. I plan to cross at McAllen Tx. (#1) How much alcohol can I cross the border with in my passenger car? I have carried 3 or 4 liters before in checked airplane luggage but I am hearing 1 liter per each 18 yr old and some crossings can be different. I plan to be in Mexico for a month or so. My Canadian whisky can't be purchased in Mexico so I want to bring it....(#2) Where do I purchase Mexican car insurance? My US company does not sell it for foreign travel. Going into Belize I purchase it across the border in Belize. I think I heard here it can be purchased in Tx. before I cross over. And do you have a preferred company? Thanks in advance.

Mexico: The best beach place, deal. this that etc.:

I would guess the San Carlos/Guaymas area would have safety issues being so close to the heavily traveled cartel routes??? Thoughts? Anyone have information on this area?

Mexico: Best INEXPENSIVE beach areas to live in Mexico:

I have found the least expensive beaches are North of Merida. They are fishing villages but still nothing in that $ range that I am aware of on the water. Walking distance from the water would be the best prices. Check them out. Town East and West of Progresso 40-50 miles will give you a search area to start with.

Belize: RUDE:

Many think a great place to vacation is a great place to live. If everyone painted a rosy picture you would not get all the input needed to make an informed decision. If you come to Belize and fine "The Terrible Two" wrong then to you they are rude and wrong. We changed our minds and now heading to The Yucatan mostly because BobbyVVV and the Good Dr. got me to thinking deeper than I had in the past. Sort it out for yourself but I am happy they were honest in their feeling even if I did not want to hear it.

Belize: draft beer:

You might not like what Dr. Allen and Bobbyvvvv have to say but do you not think there is some truth to it? I have been in love with Belize for years and visited more times than I can count. In the last couple years I have changed my plans to Yucatan Mexico. These two got me to thinking and with my research they are correct in how they feel and if it does not give you cause to think they you probably have some kind of blinders on. Maybe the good Dr. puts more emphasis on good wine and cheese than you take it for what it Is worth to you. Better decisions are made with more information. If you already have you mind made up then maybe the facts are not important to you. Just sayin''

Mexico: Stop!..the politics.!!...ENOUGH!:

Who does not know that talking politics or religion is not a way to get along or make friends??? They could not leave it in the monster thread (because it now takes too long to open) now they have to poison the rest of the site. I suppose telling them to get on with something positive is a waste of my time.....SHAME ON THEM!

Mexico: Hostility toward Americans?:

Ramsfan took his ball and went home on the 'other' thread now the libbies have no one to fight with. Looks like the dribble has crept into this topic. If they weren't selling advertising now I am sure the moderator would have stopped the politics here and made it return to the purpose of the site...

Belize: BDF can expats join?:

Being unhappy 99% of the time is a choice. Like a counselor friend of mine once said..."No matter where you go there you are!" Find out why you are unhappy and fix it. We are looking for a change because we want to get rid of harsh winters and many of the American people are living like they are privileged. Many don't connect the thinking process of 'work to eat'. In many countries if you don't work you starve. In America if you don't work the gov will feed you. How f**ked is that!

Mexico: residence visa requirements:

Other than being able to identify yourself and prove income what else is required at the US Mexican embassy? I know if Belize a medical exam for HIV and Hep is required. Do they require medical exam? What else other than age and money? thanks in advance.

Belize: selling handmade items pre residency:

I am always surprised to see people asking to do illegal/wrong things on these forums. Belize has rules in place for a reason. Maybe you can 'get away' with some stuff, maybe not but this is a poor place to ask. I know for a fact the Belize government monitors social media and has acted on things posted. Just sayin'

Mexico: Caribbean side Expat Communities?:

PeggyJ. thanks very much for explaining that those places are not "exactly" clones of each other. fyi Belize is a country not a town. You said Belize and Corozal are on the clear blue waters o the Caribbean. Sorry but Corozal is on the Bay of Chetamul and the waters look exactly like the Gulf of Mexico....nobody dives or snorkels there. Good fishing but more like river water. I was just trying to give the original poster some food for thought. If you feel the need to correct someone at least be correct yourself.

Mexico: Trial visit to Lake Chapala:

I have never been to the Chapala/Ajijic area. The research I have done leads me to believe the average age there is probably much higher than Caribbean or Gulf areas. And it appears that the dress is more formal. When I go to sites that advertise The Lake Area that is what I think I see...Question-Am I drinking my bathwater or is there some truth to my post? I kind of think the age thing may be true as the weather is milder...AND maybe older folks dress up???? Fyi my wife and I are 65 and I dress in Harley t-shirts and my wife buys new jeans with holes in them already. Is that area too "OLD" for us?

Belize: shipping companies:

Katzgar is not officially on the welcoming committee. :-(


Use the search window too. Works well.

Mexico: Subarus in Mexico:

I see there is a Subaru dealer in Merida but are there many Subarus being driven around the Yucatan/QRoo area. I am doing a month drive down late summer and curious to know if Subarus are a common vehicle to have there.

Belize: Subaru's in Mexico:

I'm planning a drive down trip to the Yucatan in Q Roo. How popular are Subarus in Mexico if I need service? I vacation down there many times but I don't recall. I've tried Googling car dealerships in Merida without much luck. Thanks in advance.

Mexico: Puerto Vallarta:

Hey BM ... You might look at the beaches north of Merida in the Yucatan. They are small fishing villages basically with lots of expats. Prices not as high as either Caribbean or Pacific coasts because the Gulf of Mexico water is not as nice. Great fishing just no diving that I have seen. We like the prices and the people. Merida, a city of 700k is 30 mins away. Extremely safe area. Progresso does have a cruise ship couple times a week... Good and Bad for us.


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