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Expat Report Dating and Marriage in Tarnazsadany, Hungary by Dicky was published
What is it like in your country of residence for someone with your relationship status (married/divorced/dating)? If you're single, how do you meet other people? Do English-speaking people tend to gravitate to certain parts of your city?
I enjoy my life here. I do not speak the language,am happily married to a Hungarian lady (Continue)
Expat Report Living in Tarnazsadany, Hungary by Dicky was published
What activities, clubs and organizations would you recommend to newcomers to help them meet others?
It really depends upon your personal needs. This is a quite rural place, the villagers quitely go about there everyday business. Gardening is a big thing, growing your own produce. A car is essential although there's a regular bus service to the bigger towns. (Continue)
Expat Report Expat Banking in Tarnazsadany, Hungary by Dicky was published
What advice would you offer others about banking abroad?
I bank with my old bank in the UK, everything is done on line at no additional cost. (Continue)

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