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Virtually every expatriate or expat family will need to consider their needs for a global phone and internet provider. Below you will find internet services overseas and international cell phone service providers.

Imagine being able to call back to the U.S. absolutely free from anywhere in the world on almost any mobile device. With magicJackGO's free calling magicApp for iOS and Android, you can do just that. And with magicJackGO, you can take your home or work number anywhere for less than $3 a month.

NationPhone&TV's USA TV Abroad Service offers you a real US cable subscription streamed to you live from the US. You can watch on your PC, your TV, or on your mobile device!

Country-Focused Resources

Your ideal companion for all communications needs! Swisscom is the leading telecommunications company in Switzerland and one of the ten most popular brands among the Swiss.

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