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stumpy replied to the thread Need employment on the Laos forum:
Michaelemy initially posted:
Hello, am Emeka by name, 32years of age, Nigerian. I seriously need an employment. I have being into the hospitality industry for some years now. Has experience on catering and hotel/home management. Am loyal, humble, punctual, God fearing, skillful and hard working, honest and obedient. Hobbies are listening to cool musics, meeting people and making friends, traveling, cooking, sports and playing games. However, I can also work in the factory or industry, homes, companies. Any one with a favorable help should contact me via my email address.... Thanks
stumpy replied most recently with:
Laos is not the easiest country for expats to find work in especially such a job as you are looking for. This type of job can be done by a local. You could try a Google search for work in Laos. I am an expat, living in Laos with my family and I have not had a job there since 1997. Good luck.
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A popular takeaway restaurant in Vientiane, Laos has closed and the owners are now selling off all the physical assets for a total of USD15,000. This will suit those who are interested in setting up a small restaurant in Vientiane or other parts of Laos. The purchase includes everything you need to start working immediately (apart from the building). All marketing materials including social media accounts are also for sale for those who are interested in the brand. Please see for more details.
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stumpy replied to the thread teaching opportunities on the Laos forum:
Weijingren13 initially posted:
I am currently living and teaching in Sichuan province of China. I have been here about six years. My current place of employment is slowly going under, mainly due to poor management. I could easily relocate, but I would really prefer to leave China. Considering I have not been paid in full for the last five months, money will be tight. The bus from Yunnan is affordable, so I am considering just going for it. How feasible is it to show up, at this time of year, in Luang Prabang or Vientiane and secure enough work to live off ? I having been living in the Chinese country side for years, so I am happy to live simple and cheap. I have a BFA in Sociology, and about seven combined years of teaching experience. Also, I am an American citizen. Can I do it? And if I did do it, any advice? Or any places with good information? I can't use google here, and the usable search engine results are not very helpful. Thanks for any and all input. -Phill
stumpy replied most recently with:
Kiettisack International school, Australian International school are 2 others worth trying.
Eketerina replied most recently with:
Dear Phil: I am currently in OZ and previosly taught in Thailand. I scored a well paid job in Vientiane via Skype interview. I leave in 2 weeks. Joba pay between$1200 and $200 per month. Rents are more than Thailand but you earn more than Thailand. However, food and everything else is cheaper. MOst schools pay 50% into USD and 50% Laos Kip. into a bank for you. There are also tutoring jobs and so foth. I suggest you try Panyathip School or Vientienne International School. If you make it let me know! Good Luck
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snikrep60 replied to the thread Info on moving to Laos on the Laos forum:
AlecD initially posted:
Hello ... I am retired and seriously considering settling in Laos ... I am trying to find any information on procedures, requirements etc. I would appreciate any advice / personal experiences / links to relevant websites etc. Thanks for any replies.
snikrep60 replied most recently with:
Stumpy I have a business visa and I now a number of other expats who don't have a business, but get the B2 for around US$450 per anum. Chris
snikrep60 replied most recently with:
Hi Alec I am of a similar vintage, and have lived in Laos for the last eight years. First I would spend time here during different times of the year to make sure you can cope with the weather. Next I would make sure you have an income stream as work is almost impossible, unless you create it. Living with a Laos woman is illegal, and the marriage processes if you go that route, is over a grand and takes a year. Business 1 year visas are available for around US$450 per anum. Chris
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vinhpt3 replied to the thread Cars in Vientiane on the Laos forum:
vacreative initially posted:
Hi All Do most people buy 4x4 cars in Vientiane? My family and I are moving over in July 2015 and I want to be able to drive around the country. Would it make most sense to get a smaller family car for everyday use and rent 4x4 for the trips out of town? I am trying to source good websites for car sales by car dealers preferably. Any advice would be great! Thanks!
vinhpt3 replied most recently with:
Hi Vacreative, I have been here for 4 months, and I have some comments for you. You can find out that there are a lot of Pick up car in Vientiane. People here like that type of car. I also visit Kolao, a car distributor in Vientiane for renting a car. It seems quite easy to rent, but they told me that there were some limits for example only drive in Vientiane. I also have a plan like you, to buy a car to drive around Laos. But my plan to buy a car is after Feb, 2015. It is easy to buy a new car here, so no worry. In here, you can buy Ford, Toyota, Isuzu, Range Rover, Mec, BMW... Vinh
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stumpy replied to the thread Expat salary rate on the Laos forum:
Kurapika initially posted:
hi, what is the ideal rate of an expat there in Laos, specifically Civil Engineer? THANKS.
stumpy replied most recently with:
Local engineers get around $1000 to $2000 a month. Difficult for expats to get work there now as companies employ locals.
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stumpy replied to the thread Bringing War Scrap to the US on the Laos forum:
Schleprock initially posted:
Hello everyone, first time post, long time reader. Looking for a little expertise on a crazy idea I have had brewing. I am looking to do some motorcycle riding through Laos and mostly along the Ho Chi Minh trail. I am curious what the rules and possibility are of bringing medium sized remnants or pieces of US aircraft parts back to the US. Mainly offering money to the locals for neat stuff I would like to bring back for small local aviation museums or just for display. I would really like some feedback on the possibilities, I plan on coming over in March. Thanks in advance.
stumpy replied most recently with:
I suggest you Google search for the Mine Action Group [MAG] in Laos and contact them as they are in touch with govt departments.
Schleprock replied most recently with:
Hey Stumpy, Do you have any links or info on who I could inquire with. I'm not looking for any kinds of old weapons or stuff like that. Maybe a small aircraft panel or the like. I'm curious about the feasibility of boxing it up, dropping it off at a shipper in Vientiane and sending it back. Thanks !
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gloresco posted Serviced Offices in Laos on the Laos forum:
Anyone know a decent serviced office in Laos?
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vacreative posted Boating in Laos on the Laos forum:
I am moving to Vientiane in Aug 2015 and am keen to rent a boat on the Mekong. I have a boat licence from Singapore and am confident with small speed boats. Does anyone know where I can rent a boat from (self-drive)?
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Review of Vientiane International School in Vientiane, Laos
Review-of-Vientiane International School
What advice would you give to someone considering enrolling their child in this school?
Don't enrol. The school is too expensive for what it offers. (Continue)
A reader replied most recently with:
Thailand is dangerous. It is no place for a child in a boarding house. So many children are raped and then killed to silence them. It astounds me that parents could have such little regard for their children.
A reader replied recently with:
I am curious why so many parents of VIS students are looking for tutors elsewhere, particularly in Math. Is there a reason for this?
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