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richunt replied to the thread Need to procure a bottle of Cobra Whisky on the Laos forum on September 01, 2015:
mayz945 initially posted:
Hi, I'm really in need of some assistance here. Is there anyone here who knows someone or could help me procure a big bottle of Cobra Whisky? It is a very important gift for my best friend's wedding that I would need shipped to the US. I am more than happy to pay extra for someone to find and send it and can do a transfer via PayPal or other means. Please do let me know. Many thanks in advance for anyone who can assist.
richunt replied on September 01, 2015 with:
I have seen it at the morning market. Not sure the name of the shop but it is inside & not sure which floor. But it is available there, kind of expensive, $100 US for a large bottle. Smaller bottles are available.
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Lissard replied to the thread work permit on the Laos forum:
Lissard initially posted:
Hi, I'd like to invest money in the banks of Laos, strangely enough, to a work permit plus Bussinesvisa is necessary. I myself live in Thailand (Phetchaburi). question: Is it possible as a foreigner of these lives to get approval in Thailand in Laos and what do you recommend me? ............................................................................... Hi, ich würde gerne in den Banken von Laos Geld anlegen, dazu ist merkwürdigerweise eine Arbeitsgenehmigung plus Bussinesvisa notwendig. Ich selbst wohne in Thailand (Phetchaburi). Frage: Ist es möglich als Ausländer der in Thailand lebt diese Genehmigung in Laos zu erhalten und was empfehlt Ihr mir?
Lissard replied most recently with:
hat keiner von euch arschkrampen eine Antwort?
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aahiggins posted Birding on the Laos forum:
does anyone know of a birding group in Vientiane, or Laos
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Hi, My husband and I (we are Indians )will be accompanied by my 9 month old baby for a 1 month visit to Laos for business purpose. I would like to know if there is any problem carrying the baby along or possible precautions that we should take to manage our baby properly. If it is not advisable to bring such a small baby please let me know that also. We would like to explore Laos on weekend because that's when my husband will be free. Also we would like to rent a home so that we can cook for baby(if it is ok to bring him along). So how to get a rented home and what will b ethe budget like? We are planning our trip next week.
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KhoyLao posted Opportunities In Laos on the Laos forum:
Hey everyone. A little background quickly. I am mid 20s male and have been living between Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia the past 5 years, mainly Thailand though. I have a very good grasp on the Thai language and have been to Laos once. The language is quite similar so I was able to get by with locals. Anyway I am thinking of moving to Laos but have a few questions if somebody could shed some light on them? Firstly as a British expat what are the requirements to set up a legit freelance business such as being a graphic designer? In Thailand for example you need I think 2 million baht up front and to hire 4 Thai nationals. For me that is far from realistic. Secondly if I wanted to remain in Laos for an extended time what would the visa situation be, lets say for 2 sides of the coin, on a B visa and also as a tourist? Cheers Tom
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Solutionca replied to the thread Babysitting or Nanny for Expat or Lao Children on the Laos forum:
MarleneCH initially posted:
I am living now since 6 months in Luang Prabang and live in a rented house near Ban VISOUN. Have capacity as a Babysitter or can offer tutoring in English, German or French. Please contact me on my private E-Mail. Marlene
Solutionca replied most recently with:
Hi. Sorry to bother you as of no help re your situation, but am coming to Luang Prabang later this yr as have been traveling throughout Asia looking for a place I might enjoy spending an extended amount of time. I notice u have been there quite awhile. Are you having visa issues and do you find enough to do to keep you interested for a lack of a better word. Thx.
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krishunnyb posted Housemaid required on the Laos forum:
We are an Indian family living in Vientiane since the last 11 months. We live in Ba Phonsinuan, in the lane opposite Lao Golden Hotel and close to the La Ong Dao hotel. We are looking for a housemaid who has at least one years work experience and has working knowledge of English. Providing reference check papers will be preferred. Interested persons can contact Ms. Gigi at 20 59180456.
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thecanarytrainer posted Oudomxai on the Laos forum:
Hey all, I'm a researcher for a documentary production company based out of Montreal, Canada. I've been assigned to follow up on a story in Laos - I'm asking around, and thought I might try the expat community to see if anybody can give me a hand. The story we're doing is about the Chinese railway being built between the Lao capital and China, and cutting through Oudomxai. I wanted to ask if anybody here lives or has visited Oudomxai, and if I might be able to ask a bit about the area on Skype or something? Thanks guys.
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Break Dengue is hiring a blogger/journalist seeking an adventure to cover and event on ASEAN Dengue Day (June 15), the position is paid ($100 per article). Please apply below.
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Rhippo replied to the thread Trying to find some one in Luang Prabang on the Laos forum:
Rhippo initially posted:
Hello, My wife and I were married in my friend's home in Luang Prabang in 2002. It was an unbelievably beautiful traditional Lao wedding and was probably the best moment (week!) of my life. Unfortunately, since leaving Laos, we have not been able to get hold of him. It was certainly challenging to contact him back in 2001-2002 (phone is the only thing that worked--twice!) but soon after returning home, we found that his phone didn't work. We have sent many letters/packages/gifts to what we thought was his address but I'm pretty sure we weren't writing it correctly (it was written in Lao). I have searched the internet for Luang Prabang forums or news groups or ANYTHING that might allow us to get hold of him, but there just doesn't seem to be a good way of finding him. Does anybody know of any directories, phone-books, or anything that might assist us in figuring out a way of contacting him? Any ideas you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Rhippo replied most recently with:
Wow, just saw this--sorry for not responding sooner! I love that idea! I had no idea there was a Facebook page for the Laos Expat Forum! Will be sending a request today. Thank-you to everyone for the replies and the great suggestions. You are giving me hope that I may just be able to find him without actually flying half-way around the world!
kimclinton replied most recently with:
Oops typo Expat Luang Pra Bang ok
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