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1.) E. All of the above.

2.) False. Let's say that again with added emphasis: FALSE. It is possible you will be loudly or directly challenged if you engage in boasting or other kinds of self-congratulatory behavior.

3.) C. While you do need to be cautious of bragging or criticizing Australia (this applies to all countries!), Australians respect those that can hold there own in an animated and open debate during conversation. A and C are both true, and it is important to take the time to explore the similarities and differences between Australians and your home country.

4.) False. Australians usually expect direct eye contact.

5.) E. All of the above are false. It is important to respect "personal space" during a conversation. "B" is false, too, because it is perfectly acceptable to ask to have something explained if you don't understand it, and also gives yo the opportunity to participate in the conversation. Australians will find it odd if you simply listen to conversations without contributing.

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First Published: Mar 29, 2004

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