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KeyWestPirate replied to the thread Recommendation for Spanish Language Schools on the Nicaragua forum on March 28, 2015:
YoungSanta initially posted:
Do folks have any expience or recommendations for a Spanish Language School. Most likely in Granada. I want to continue to learn Spanish by attending one of these schools for a few months.
KeyWestPirate replied 8 minutes ago with:
I Like It !! This is Nicaragua at its finest, the inconsistency. The country is a country of contrasts like this. There is so much crap, and even with the same school your experience will vary. I spent a couple of weeks at Hijos del Maiz in El Lagartillo when I first came to Nicaragua.. Great teacher the first week, amazing progress, amazing energy and commitment, but then the school insisted on switching me to another teacher the second week to "spread the wealth". This made absolutely no sense, but there were few students at this time, and many hungry teachers. Other students' experiences at Lagartillo have varied greatly, both with the quality of homestay, and the quality and competence of the teacher.. The teachers are "maestros campesinos". My teacher, Lisbet, was completing a university degree in Leon. I got lucky. Remember, it will NEVER BE ABOUT YOU. In Nicaragua, you need to continually look out for Number 1. You don't have to be rude or obvious about it, just aware. The culture dictates that most will do as little as they possibly can for as much as they can demand. There is little inventive to excel built into the Nicaragua life experience. You got lucky with Roger Ramirez, the exception to the rule.
bamalam999 replied on March 27, 2015 with:
We used Roger Ramirez at Spent four hours a day Mon - Friday for a week. They arranged an excellent homestay (where we paid the homestay directly). It was very intensive and very good. We went into it thinking that we were going to have a relaxing time, but it was an intense 1 on 1 training in vocabulary, dictation, grammer, etc.. with home work every night. A couple of weeks later on a long bus ride from San Carlos to Juigalpa I spent hours talking to a Nica school teacher (who taught English) in Spanish. He was amazed that our Spanish was so good after only 20 hours of lessons. One of my memories was the young Roger saying (well almost yelling) otra vas, otra vas over and over at me until I got it right :) . They also had daily excursions in the afternoons included in the price if you wanted to join. Isleta trips, swimming, cooking maybe etc..
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iguanalover replied to the thread job opportunities on the Nicaragua forum on March 28, 2015:
Doug1990 initially posted:
Any advice on job opportunities or ideas to support ones self here?
iguanalover replied 39 minutes ago with:
Job opportunities are very limited for Nicas or anyone else and salaries are very low. Jobs in existing businesses are allocated by who you know or are connected to. Starting your own business is questionable, we watched a new poker club last two months this winter. Most of the successful businesses are owned by people who have an outside income to support themselves while they get going. I have seen several people support themselves in Nicaland thru something they do over the internet but they had it going before they got here. It can be done. We have also seen people working in what I call the party trade -- bars or discos. DJ's can do well on the coast. There have been some ads for managers in hotels or B & Bs. We had a friend who managed a B & B. You will probably have to work under the table which is done with few problems. There are also some people in real estate but they have lived here long enough to get to know folks and know the country. Some people say call centers pay the best but I have only seen locals working in them You would have to be legal. Yoga instructors seem to do well also. There is a seeker born every minute. There are also teaching positions, but most don't pay well. The people we have seen that work here successfully brought money with them to support themselves.
atz111 replied 2 hours ago with:
I would do my own business and forget about making nicas or gringos rich off my back Get with the new way it gonna be here.. If i was you, I'd start a bank in Nicaragua...with the help of the chinamans. We reads on here about the dedollarazation of the economy and all the great stuff about how the chinamans is changing the way niacaraguans going to live. For that they need chinese bank to help in getting inn with chinamans business. Get some contacts with chinamans. You do not have to go to china, can do in almost any city in the usa...just look around. Get some yen (yen is chinamans money) from chinaman and bring it here to start the bank. Hire some local chinamans at cheap wages and start slow. Pretty soon people will see how the money is made and since you the only one with china money you on top of the pile. First inn is always the best. I get the name NCB nicachinabank and get sign made.
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cedelune replied to the thread Banks in Granada on the Nicaragua forum on March 26, 2015:
YoungSanta initially posted:
Hey there folks... Is there a 'ScotiaBank' or 'HSBC' branch in Granada?... thxx... Santa
cedelune replied on March 26, 2015 with:
No, neither. However, Scotiabank does have a branch in Managua, although I understand it's separate from the Canadian banks and don't know what, if any, relationship the Managua bank has with the Canadian banks.
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majicjack replied to the thread Round trip or one way on the Nicaragua forum on March 26, 2015:
letitsoak initially posted:
I intend to stay in Granada for about one year and would prefer to arrive with a one way ticket because when I leave it will probably be to a new place. Will immigration require that I arrive with a round trip ticket? Thanks Robert
majicjack replied on March 26, 2015 with:
I showed the girl at the counter and she just pushed it away. She then in turn ask if I had a round trip ticket. I finally got her to look at my cedula and she got a supervisor. I no longer fly Spirit.
tommyhawk replied on March 26, 2015 with:
I once spent 45 minutes trying to get USAir counter personnel to understand that a bus ticket was valid proof of travel out of the country. They said I needed a ticket back to the US. Finally the supervisor called for confirmation and sent an underling out to tell me I was allowed to travel. After all the crap she tried to dump on me she didn't have the courtesy or whatever to tell me she was mistaken/underinformed/tired & burned out and apologize. Costa Rica immigration always asks but Nicaragua officials never did.
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A reader commented on the Expat Report Living in Mechapa, Nicaragua on March 26, 2015 16:03
If a friend of yours was thinking of moving to this city or town from far away, what other advice would you give them.
This is an incredible area for those wishing to escape the trappings of larger, more touristy cities and towns. For all of it's natural beauty, truly secluded beach and quiet atmosphere, there are always challenges. For example, energy is spotty, telephone service isn't available yet without an antennae, fuel and propane must be purchased 1 hour away in Chinandega...But it is a special and definately "off the beaten path" way of living! (Continue)
doniston replied on March 24, 2015 10:03 with:
I would like to know sounds like my kind of town Please email me at Thanks
keithe replied on March 06, 2013 18:03 with:
how is the weather there? and the fishing i dont mean deep sea but but just some fighing off rocky points? gracias bundy67
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astralprojex posted Preparing a move... at 18 on the Nicaragua forum on March 25, 2015:
Hi everyone, At the moment, my plan is to gather the funds necessary for a year or two abroad. I have backed out of the original college of my choice and am staying debt free. I am motivated to make this happen and I really can't see a cause holding me back. I will have family to rely on, if needed. I also wish to bring my girlfriend, who has dedicated her life to this crazy idea as well. I am looking for any advice on cities to move specifically with beachfront that have a relatively low living cost in comparison with the usual cities. Also, has anyone ever done something similar? Any advice will help.
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Nicaman replied to the thread Jobs in NIcaragua on the Nicaragua forum:
gcornavaca initially posted:
What are some jobs for Expats in Nicaragua? My family and I are looking for a new adventure away from all the hustle and bustle of the U.S. We have been working for 20 years and we're burnout.
Nicaman replied on March 26, 2015 with:
Hello , i have property in and near SJDS in front of the beach. If you want more details E-mail me @ Thanks.
AceyDeucey replied on March 22, 2015 with:
Tell us more about your lots near San Juan Del Sur please Nicaman.
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Expat ArticlesArticle Summary: Expats discuss the best places to retire in Nicaragua. From upscale communities on the Emerald Coast to the beautiful city of Granada, Nicaragua is no longer just a haven for surfers. (Continue)
bamalam999 posted Masachapa/Pochomil Expats on the Nicaragua forum on March 24, 2015:
I would like to connect with any expats in Masachapa or Pochomil. Please PM me. Thanks
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cfox posted Seeking Travel Companion in Nicaragua on the Nicaragua forum on March 19, 2015:
I'm a healthy, active senior writer/artist (former nurse) considering retiring to Nicaragua. I've lived there in the past and am returning in mid-April for a month or so of exploration. I have some contacts but would love to connect with other expats and find someone who would like to visit various areas of the country with me. I speak some Spanish but would like this person to be at least somewhat conversant. Specifically I will be looking at property in the Boaco area, might go out to Bluefields, want to visit a friend in San Juan del Sur, and will stay at least briefly in Granada and Managua. May rent a vehicle or hire a driver; if you have a 4WD car I'll pay all the gas... please let me know if you're interested or know someone who might be. Thanks!
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