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iguanalover replied to the thread Screening for fever at the airport in Managua on the Nicaragua forum on October 21, 2014:
tortuganica initially posted:
Hi, friends, I am taking a group to Nicaragua in January. I read that they are now screening for fever at the airport as part of the immigration process. Does anyone know how high a fever is too high? Does anyone know what happens to a traveler who has a fever? Are they detained or sent home? Thanks for any help you can provide. Peace.
iguanalover replied 17 minutes ago with:
We haven't heard anything about that type of screening at the airport in Managua. It would be posted on Facebook. That is the place to check. Someone would be complaining. What I can tell you is that the Cuban doctors are organizing and training all over Latin America for a response to ebola. They are good doctors. Nicaragua has a good public health service. Don't be afraid of them. They are on it. They are fighting some big public health issues and they are doing a good job. Public health in Nicaragua is not run by politicians looking to get votes, it is run by professionals who want to keep you safe. Most of what has been in the press about ebola is meant to scare people and create a media crisis. January is long way off, I wouldn't worry about it much at this point. I have been checked at the land border at Penas Blancas but the health care workers were looking for a mosquito borne illness that is pretty nasty. They were very nice and polite, and I appreciate their work on my behalf.
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JGitaldezB posted House for Rent in LindaVista Managua on the Nicaragua forum on October 20, 2014:
I have a 4 br huge yard and a Store front on Avenida 35 in LindaVista, great for business , office slash home , in a really busy street , its in front of ProCredit bank with all banks represented within two blocks Rent is 600U$ a month for the whole thing Contact me at 77313691 George
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barblam1 replied to the thread I have a super nice rental on the Nicaragua forum on October 20, 2014:
JerryHoover initially posted:
I moved to Granada over 6 years ago and built three homes. One I live in the other two are rentals and I have one available at this time. Its a small furnished one bedroom house with cable, high speed internet. air conditioning and shares a beautiful enclosed patio garden with my home and the other rental. The rent is $400 a month, plus $100 deposit. Includes all utilities except electric. Non smokers please. For more info. and pictures contact me a t
barblam1 replied on October 20, 2014 with:
Hello: Do you have some pictures? Thanks!
senormike replied on October 19, 2014 with:
i will do just that jerry
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explorer56 replied to the thread gold mining on the Nicaragua forum on October 19, 2014:
explorer56 initially posted:
Howdy, I was wondering if there might be any expat gold miners on this forum. I will be in Nicaragua this coming week to do a bit of prospecting, just looking for a small project to operate myself and a couple of helpers. I am a 20+ year resident (expat) of Costa Rica. Thanks in advance.
explorer56 replied on October 19, 2014 with:
I might add that I am considering relocating as well. Costa Rica has become very expensive, theft and violent crime are way up and government bureaucracy has tripled in the last 10 years. I hear some interesting things about Nicaragua although I have no illusions of paradise having spent many years in Latin America. Any help / tips are appreciated.
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Laperro replied to the thread Animals in Nic. on the Nicaragua forum on October 19, 2014:
Laperro initially posted:
I am hoping to travel to Nic. sometime before the end of the year. My eventual hope is to relocate there. As a life-long animal / nature lover I found myself lying awake last night considering the potential everday horrors one may have to overcome in order to live in C.A. Though I admittedly only spent a few days in Nic. while traveling in C.R. I saw extreme cases of animal disregard in both countries. In La Fortuna mamed and disfigured street dogs dragged themselves down alleyways and across streets. No one cared. Ditto for dogs in Nic. so infested with mange that they were furless and bleeding from cracked skin....again no one cared. I know they are relatively poor countries and unfortunately animals are seen as disposable. Worse yet the Latino machismo B.S. prevents neutering. Thus a perfect storm for the thousands of desperate dogs. I wonder if there's anyone on here like me? If so has this issue made it difficult to both live there, and face the locals without contempt? I am now rethinking the notion of taking my dog if I move there. It seems that she would likely be far better off rehomed here, which would allow me to rescue another once there. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
Laperro replied on October 19, 2014 with:
senormike replied on October 19, 2014 with:
the lease for an apartment for short term is probably not necessary. there's a person called " magicjack " who lives in nica and he is a great source of info. contact him. just be careful about asking questions that have been ask many times before and vary depending on a location. cheers
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senormike replied to the thread Leon on the Nicaragua forum on October 18, 2014:
luto2home initially posted:
What is the cost of living like in Leon and safety?
senormike replied on October 18, 2014 with:
thanks for the lease info magicjack
majicjack replied on October 17, 2014 with:
Most Nica's that own property for rent or lease like to have a lease even for the short haul. You simply can't go on a handshake or trust anyone. Being you will be in their country get a lease and they have to pay the lawyer. Also throw in what you want and expect regarding maintenance and repairs should they be needed Some want a deposit but on short term it is probably negotiable. Give them first and last month rent. Check the place and anything you see wrong, put it on paper and have the owner sign it. If it is furnished, inventory. Save a lot of pain in the ass later.
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iguanalover replied to the thread Granada on the Nicaragua forum on October 15, 2014:
luto2home initially posted:
Whats it like to live in Granada? The food and health care?
iguanalover replied on October 15, 2014 with:
There was a very interesting article in the Nica Nuggets newsletter that came out today about an experience at the Vivian Pellas Hospital in Managua. It gives a different picture of the care in that facility.
JohnSS replied on October 15, 2014 with:
""Many single women live in Granada. You can connect with them on the facebook page expats of Granada."" Again iguanalover has the best way to see an area in detail - Day to day reports from local expats. 90% chaff so you have to dig but people are eager to answer questions. Even if you are not thrilled with Facebook in general like me. Also others: SJDS: NICARGUA: MANAGUA:
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majicjack replied to the thread medicare in granada on the Nicaragua forum:
senormike initially posted:
some one wrote about medicare and who to get in touch with in Granada. the info was from probably a year ago. any case I can't find it now. does any know any thing about the subject
majicjack replied on October 15, 2014 with:
This is the same as Golden Health Medical Center or the same person is running it. They will do the diagnostics here but treatment will be done in FL. We have been down this road.
JGitaldezB replied on October 15, 2014 with:
Great Tip....look at your interests and your abilities. Think long and hard on what you would like to do. Be safe and enjoy the country George in Diriamba
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iguanalover posted Nicaraguan law on the Nicaragua forum on October 15, 2014:
There are two interesting articles posted in the last few days in the Nicaragua Dispatch about a fatal traffic accident in Granada about a year ago. The articles give different details about what happened. Nicaraguan law is not based on English law, it is based on another system called Napoleonic law (did I spell that correctly?). Keep that in mind. The articles are interesting and give insight into the Nica legal system. You need to read both to get a picture of what happened.
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majicjack replied to the thread 7.4 on the Nicaragua forum on October 15, 2014:
majicjack initially posted:
Got woke up a little after 10 tonight by a 7.4 earthquake. Several months ago we had six 6.1 or higher but this is the worst it has ever shook. According to The USGS, it was about 70 KMs in a direct line from us in the Pacific off the coast of El Salvador. Our bedroom is on the second floor and it was really rocking. Had tsunami warnings but never amounted to anything. Need to check the house for damage in the morning. Have a nice night.
majicjack replied on October 15, 2014 with:
We have a warning system here and USGS warning system on the computer. It has been raining for two days and we have damage to the roof. Water is running down the walls in one bathroom and one bedroom on the second floor. The people we lease from are very good about getting repairs done very fast
JohnSS replied on October 15, 2014 with:
An addition for the next one if you live near the coast: Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Click the appropriate messages below the graphic for details. On the right side: "text" rather than "HTML" may be best SJDS sounded the Tsunami sirens several times Police closed all the businesses on the beachfront and told people they should consider going to higher ground. Why? In 1992 a Tsunami put several feet of water into the city and did quite a bit of damage.
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