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JohnSS replied to the thread Need work! Will be moving to Nicaragua from the states within a couple months. on the Nicaragua forum on September 24, 2014:
Nicaraguadreams initially posted:
Hello all! How's the life in Nicaragua? :) I am a 30 year old Caucasian male and will be moving to Nicaragua in a couple months. I am looking for work before arriving. I have a wide range of skills. I own a property preservation business here in the states and can do basically anything when it comes to a house. I also have experience in phone sales and teaching. If anyone could help contacting me with someone for work or absolutely any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks to all, really thanks for all you have already done!
JohnSS replied 4 minutes ago with:
Cold Hard Facts: ---If you don't speak Spanish well forget it! ---Nicaragua is a good place to live if you bring money. Otherwise it is the absolute opposite. You have little to offer this $150-$200/month average family income "economy". ---The only qualifications & experience that you listed that might get you a job at a sales call center $400-$500 to start if you are good. ---Other decent paying jobs - Proven skills as a business manager including tourist industry would do as well or better but you don't have them. ---If you do not have an online business in place you will have a long haul leaning a skill & getting one going. ---Most areas with jobs available lodging $450/month including utilities is realistic and maybe $250/month away from high demand areas of town. A decent "Nica" room shared kitchen maybe $100. ---It is not unusual for an expat to live on $800/month and as low as $600 but emergencies could kill both budgets. ---If "two of us" then slave labor could get you by - But why? ---Last but not least - Don't puke - The best way to learn any area is the Facebook expat groups. 90% chaff though. Start with "Expats In Nicaragua". Then search for City groups, Lodging or For Rent, For Sale, etc. One group will lead you to others. ---Long post because you have a long haul at best. ---Think about it - Your wish is more like the impossible dream.
cedelune replied on September 23, 2014 with:
I suspect you won't make much teaching English (at least, out side of Managua), but here's another approach: get your TEFL certificate and research teaching English online via Skype. There are some countries whose citizens are very keen for their children to learn good English (e.g., Korea) and have the means to pay quite well. By contrast, private Spanish teachers in Nicaragua are earning around $5 an hour from teaching expats. Another advantage of teaching online is that you're not being paid in Nicaragua and so don't have to find a way to get a work visa. Do your research first!
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elduendegrande replied to the thread Driving in Nica on the Nicaragua forum on September 23, 2014:
gatocali initially posted:
Hello all! First time, long time. Heading down in December. Will have a car rental. In the event it happens, what identification is required if we get stopped by the police? I've heard that you never want to hand over your passport Would a color copy due? Are they even interested in your home drivers license? Thanks in advance.
elduendegrande replied on September 23, 2014 with:
You may have to drive a little more aggressively than at home, but don`t get carried away--if you get a ticket or a wreck you were probably wrong. Almost all wrecks I have seen in town involve a taxi and a bike or moto or pedestrian. On the highway, most wrecks involve big trucks or buses. Sunday is Saint Guaro Day, drunks are quite evident and there is no police presense at night. Try to carry a cel and a camera any time you are driving. Also, like elsewhere in latin america, if you move your car after a wreck it is considered something like an admission of guilt. Lane markings are the same as the US--a single center line means no passing for physical reasons, usually a curve in the road. a double center line means no passing, usually for administrative reasons ( high pedestrian area, etc,). Note than almost the whole Panam in the mountains just south of Esteli is a no-passing zone.
gatocali replied on September 23, 2014 with:
Folks, thanks VERY much. I think we're going to rethink a rental.
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bushamy13 replied to the thread Nica Bank loan, or rent to buy? on the Nicaragua forum:
goranbockman initially posted:
Hi again guys Hope I'm not wearing you out with my cascade of questions. Thing is, following 3 divorces, I'm left with no savings/ assets, barring my pension which will amount to app $1700/ month. Now should I find the perfect farm for my dream business (gaited horse riding school) I would obviously like to secure it, ensuring that the owner won't tell me one day that he's sold it. I wonder is it possible for a foreign pensionista, holding a cedula, to get a Nica Bank loan to buy a farm? If so would my monthly income ($1,700) be sufficient for bankers to grant me a loan? As an alternative, do you suppose a presumptive seller could be persuaded to sign a long term 'rent to buy' deal? Thanks in advance for kindly sharing your experience. Goran Bockman
bushamy13 replied on September 19, 2014 with:
Within two miles of Granada city center yet 400 feet higher with constant breezes and awesome views. Just a little over five acres rectangular with perimeter fencing and some interior fencing. We have put in a road, brought electricity to it and now has clean, pure water including a water tank that is shared with neighbor. This is located within a few hundred meters where we are building our new home so you will have us as neighbors. Build a home on it or just use as a farm. Presently pasture land, mostly flat with some small hills. Located halfway between Granada and Vista Lago on the Laguna Apoyo. Why buy a city lot when you can have five acres and still be only five minutes everything Granada has to offer? $59,000 asking price
goranbockman replied on September 18, 2014 with:
Thanks John ss I appreciate any advice, including warnings, even pessimism, that will help me steer clear of any pitfalls. I will start small and hopefully find the most favourable options God willing.
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iguanalover replied to the thread clinic operation on the Nicaragua forum on September 19, 2014:
nic53 initially posted:
Am considering moving to nica, from CR, anyone have experience in operating a clinic, farmacia, any input welcome
iguanalover replied on September 19, 2014 with:
There is practically a farmacia on every block where we live. There is a Salvadoran who speaks English very well that services the expat community who don't speak Spanish. There are many, many clinics most with someone who speaks English. Be prepared for a very, very competitive marketplace.
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atz111 replied to the thread Remodel a Nica style home on the Nicaragua forum:
tropicbound initially posted:
Curious if anyone has experience upgrading a Nica style home to more modern standards, what the benefits to, and pitfalls of this approach are. I'm not talking McMansions, but a comfortable home with H/C water, A/C, ceiling fans, real doors and windows, a ceiling, etc. Also wondering about the electrical supply and if people are using battery back-ups with inverters as in much of the developing world and if so are the costs reasonable.
atz111 replied on September 18, 2014 with:
The propane powers a generator which is an option to batteries....two very different systems. About the same cost to install. Not sure propane is easier to get than gasoline which is the other option for running the generator, but stores and runs cleaner. Silence and clean running is the benefit of batteries, although the "run"time" before you have to charge is limited by how much capacity you install (capacity equals cost). When the power comes back on you simple recharge with that. In any case, for a home in Granada, not a real big priority as lately (like this year) the power outages have been infrequent and short. Coulle of years ago...all the time. Things getting better.
cedelune replied on September 18, 2014 with:
Specifically regarding power back-up, my dentist in Granada, who obviously can't wait out the occasional power outage during business hours (I was there for treatment when one happened), has a propane backup power supply. Presumably because propane is more reliable than batteries over the long haul, and you can always get more propane if you need it. A battery-powered uninterruptible power supply would be suitable for electronics, fridge, etc., though.
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atz111 replied to the thread ?moving from honduras to nicaragua ?? on the Nicaragua forum:
BOBNYC initially posted:
currently living in la ceiba, Honduras I love it here but the crime and gang problems are threw the roof.can I find a 3 bedroom rental housel for under $500 a month in san juan del sur.
atz111 replied on September 17, 2014 with:
Close.....might not be top of the line but they are around.
JGitaldezB replied on September 17, 2014 with:
Good move on moving, you will love it here although SJDS is a bit like Granada, to many folks from all over ......
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JGitaldezB replied to the thread Dogs in Nica on the Nicaragua forum:
keywestgirl initially posted:
I read on another site recently that walking a dog on a leash in Nicaragua required carrying a large stick to to keep stray dogs at bay. How true is this? If you're like me and your dog is a member of the family, how is living there with a dog? I 've been considering Nicaragua for a retirement home, but if living there with my lab is a hassle, well, I guess I need to consider other places. Nothing about living in a 3rd world country has made me think twice about making the move until I read this.
JGitaldezB replied on September 17, 2014 with:
Hi there KW, yes we have dogs and we need to carry a stick to keep the strays from biting our leashed dogs, we have 10 dogs and three cats here in Diriamba , Carazo
khamael35 replied on September 15, 2014 with:
It's a small world, exactly where I live. You can't miss me at 6'5" 275 Say hi if you see me walking around.
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JGitaldezB replied to the thread Hipica on the Nicaragua forum:
iguanalover initially posted:
Sunday, August 17, is the Hipica in Granada. I think this Sunday is the running of the bulls. These events happen all over the country on different dates. Granada's event is very popular as everyone has relatives in town and the party is BIG. The Hipica is a horse parade. It starts about noon or whenever the starters are ready. It is really interesting to see, at least once. I had seen paintings of some very different horses in homes and businesses but I thought they were stylized, they were not. Nicaragua is true horse country and the ranchers have many different breeds. The Hipica we saw had at least 500 horses of all kinds and a few mules too. The cowboys were in full dress. It starts at one end of town, winds thru the streets and ends in the center of town. It is very informal and the Tona flows freely. By the end of the parade, things can deteriorate depending on how much Tona has been consumed. Hipicas are held in many towns, you will see a banner with the date on it. If you get a chance, go. Remember, the crowd can be huge and rowdy with lots of pickpockets. Don't take anything you don't need with you and don't get too friendly with anyone. Be prepared for it to last several hours, it can be an endurance test. It was truly a local spectacle and extremely interesting.
JGitaldezB replied on September 17, 2014 with:
Come and visit where it all started, Diriamba Carazo...I am orginally from Granada but lived abroud most of my like now make my home in Diriamba , its nice and smaller and cooler Temp wise ,,,regards
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JGitaldezB posted Pet Shelters Pet health care on the Nicaragua forum on September 17, 2014:
I would like to know if orgs like this are incountry. I have heard of someone in Granada but find it had to locate. My GF has 8 dogs and three cats , me I have two dogs , all good on two houses , what a family but she loves these animals so much she is pulling them off the street and its getting expensive,,,,and suggestions , George in Diriamba
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AlexCatLady replied to the thread What phone to buy? on the Nicaragua forum on September 16, 2014:
AlexCatLady initially posted:
I know nothing about phones...(got a flip phone for emergencies in US) What is the best phone to get to be able to continue my hour long conversations with my friend in LA while living in Nica? Do I keep a US phone number? Do not know how international phones work. But I know practically all of you will now!! Thanks in advance!! :)
AlexCatLady replied on September 16, 2014 with:
Heaps of thanks for all these ideas :) !!
majicjack replied on September 16, 2014 with:
We have Magicjack and it works fine when the signal is good. It works very well if you have cable instead of the stick. You should be able to get one at Radio Shack in Nicaragua
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