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For rent, big commercial location on main street. This property can be a hotel, bar and or restaurant, or any other type of business you want.
Ranch for sale in Esteli Nicaragua 500,000 Dollars
LovetheBeach replied to the thread Internet Speeds on the Nicaragua forum:
chrismc1571 initially posted:
I'm looking to outsource a portion of my business to Nicaragua (or any central American country). However, I need to be somewhere with a solid internet connection to download numerous word and excel files. Price is not really a concern. What are your speeds where you live? Any suggestions would be great.
LovetheBeach replied most recently with:
You're more likely to get faster and more reliable internet in Panama than any other Central American country.
elduendegrande replied most recently with:
No matter who you go with, it can vary day to day and neighborhood to neighborhood. Claro, in particular, is used to providing bad service but their employees are well trained to blow you off. I`d go cable in a big city rather than 3g in the boonies. Again, service can vary from neighborhoof to neighborhood,as can the power failures.
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Michaelweb710 replied to the thread Nicaragua Real Estate on the Nicaragua forum:
NYCExpat initially posted:
I'd like to hear opinions on final sales price vs asking price for Nicaraguan real estate. During my research online and in-person this appears to be 100% a buyers market. It seems a lot of asking prices are fantasies and if you compare different listing sites/sources you can usually find the property listed for different prices. Example: I've seen the same property listed for 185-225 on different sites. I've also seen property listed for 249,000 reduced 3-4 times down to 165,000 asking. (which implies many of the asking prices aren't based on any logical valuation techniques or market forces) My question is based on asking price what do you think an acceptable starting offer typically is? 70% of asking? It seems there are few buyers and many sellers and there is little reason to offer asking on most properties unless they are clearly price below comparable properties. Curious on others offering experiences and thoughts!
Michaelweb710 replied most recently with:
JGitaldez, I have land on the other side of the Nature Refuge from you, a little south of Astillero up on the hill overlooking Punta Conejo. . . I'm curious, how much did you pay per square foot? did you contract an established group of builders that work for another extranjero or did you simply assemble a group of your own? . . . I was going to start construction this winter - Oct-Dec, but I was just going to hire a group that is already established in the Rancho Sentana/ Guasacate area (run by gringos) and I was worried about getting ripped off and not getting the steep discount on labor that I know is readily accessible. . . If you want to email me in private to discuss numbers my email is
JGitaldezB replied most recently with:
about building class A housing , I built one in a beachfront lot in Huehuete here in Carazo and it was a 7 month deal with local labor and good security , the project came out under budget by 34 percent. It was a 5 br 3 bath two stories,,,,still the nicest in the area.
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glockdiver69 replied to the thread Local Bank Account on the Nicaragua forum:
Jocubes2 initially posted:
I am American and my wife carries dual citizenship. Today we attempted to open a bank account at BAC with a modest balance in San Juan del Sur and the bank rep recommended we review the U.S. law FATCA before opening the account. I reviewed FATCA on the U.S. Treasuery websiite which I understand was enacted 2010 for the IRS to be informed of American citizen money in foreign countries for purposes of taxation. I did not see NIcaragua on the list of jurisdictions with reciprocal agreements which I interpret as the NIcaraguan bank needs not report our bank account to the U.S. IRS. We plan to stay in Nicaraguan for some time. Is it ususal for expats to open bank accounts in NIcaraua and does anyone know if FATCA is a concern? Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Thank you.
glockdiver69 replied most recently with:
Thanks Tim!
croyd replied most recently with:
I think I can explain why some people can transfer large sums of money to their account or cash using their ATM/debit card, but others can't. A couple years ago when I was looking for ways to transfer money, I talked with the manager at the Esteli BAC. I was told that I could take $400 at a time from the ATM for however many dollars the fee was or at the counter I could take (I think it was) $2500 for the same fee. I tried getting $2000 at the counter. The teller smiled and took my ATM card to a back room. When she came back, she said it would not work. The card worked fine in the ATM. I talked with the manager again and she seemed puzzled. She had a meeting with the teller and a couple other people and came back with a believable story. There are several networks for transferring money. Their machine to transfer large sums of money only works with the VISA network. The ATM machine works with all the networks. My ATM card does NOT use the VISA network, it uses the Cirrus/Star/Accel/ the exchange network.
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JGitaldezB posted Construction materials for sale on the Nicaragua forum:
in the Carazo area, old doors and windows of Mahagoney is what we are looking for ...any input
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JGitaldezB replied to the thread Housing in Tecuantepe on the Nicaragua forum:
extexan initially posted:
We are going to be volunteering at the animal rescue in Tecuantepe soon and are looking for a apartment or small house in the area. Starting Jan 20 for 2 months. Anyone know of a place for around $ 300 a month. Thanks
JGitaldezB replied most recently with:
volunteering at the animal rescue please let us know about the program
JGitaldezB replied most recently with:
please let us know about the program
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I wanted to share my experience and recommend a driver / guide I hired on a recent trip. I spent 8 full days with him driving around Granada, Masaya but mostly Managua looking for a rental property I need for commercial use. He is very reliable and honest. He speaks perfect English having lived in the US for 6 years (although language was not an issue for me as I speak fluent Spanish, living in Costa Rica for 22 years) He drives a 4 door Toyota, newer model, has air conditioning. He charges very reasonable rates. His name is Gabriel Matus / cell number is 7781 1337 / email address is One bonus is he has a membership at the government commissary in Managua where military families can buy groceries, appliances and all types of goods at a discount. He will take you there shopping if you want. If you like, tell him Jeff from Costa Rica referred him.
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KeyWestPirate replied to the thread old cars ? on the Nicaragua forum:
alki initially posted:
I have been restoring/repairing/customizing cars from the 30s to the 70s , I was wondering if they are around in Nica ? Are there car clubs ?
KeyWestPirate replied most recently with:
Did the Silverado have a camper shell? There are some weird Gotchas! you have to watch out for. Anything that looks like an automobile or SUV will be treated like one. I've heard many horror stories about Managua aduana, everyone seems to have items stolen..... If you miss noting something on the itemized list, it will just disappear. Food packages broken open and partial contents missing . . . Just out of curiosity, what did you pay to ship your Silverado by container? And what was the total import cost after it got there? A vehicle that gets 20 MPG will cost just under $900 to get into Nicaragua, with gas, tolls in Mexico, and car permits for Guatemala and Honduras. If anyone wants to see my registration for the 1992 Ford F250 4WD diesel I imported last January, just PM me with an email and I'll send you a copy of the registration, and a pic of the truck loaded. The truck was loaded above the cab, with one of those hitch carriers behind, also loaded. The total import cost of my goods was less than $200. The two processes happen simultaneously: Customs decides what is taxable (clothes, food, personal articles, books,, come in free). They make two piles, dutiable and non-dutiable, and then make a list of your declared values for the taxable pile. There is a caja there, so you pay right on the spot, no need to find a bank. If they need more than a day to complete the paperwork, they will give you back the non-dutiable portion, and they have a secure fenced in area where you will stash your dutiable portion. If you stuff is not in bins (the only way to go), then you will need to remember a tarp to cover it all. While the goods are being assessed, the customs agent is gathering and verifying info about your vehicle. The chassis number is a biggie, sometimes hard to find. Once he finds that info, he accesses the Aduana server, inputs the info, and waits for the paperwork with a unique identifying number assigned. The day I was there the server was taking two hours to return the documents. It varies. Import took 2 days at El Espino, taxes were $700 and change, I remember $125 for the customs agent,, and various other fees put it right at $1000 total. If we had started VERY early in the morning, we MIGHT have made it in one day -but probably not. The total fees, with insurance, to get it registered were about $100. The process is simple, but time consuming, with a lot of stops. You only need the vehicle present at one point, the mechanical inspection, the VIN is verified there. There are people who will do it for $100 or less, you see them standing in line at Transito carrying over-the-shoulder bags for the (numerous) documents.
Jocubes2 replied most recently with:
Coincidentally, I just received my 2003 Silverado 2500 from Customs yesterday. However, I had it shipped in November 2014(took 2 monts to get out of Nica Customs) and my wife tells me that our broker says the law changed December 2014 and we would not have been permitted to bring it as of December. I guess you need to verify. This is all the info I have.
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JohnSS posted ATTENTION: KeyWestPirate on the Nicaragua forum:
In case you missed the post on TRN: DON"T MISS THIS! Great present for your wife's birthday or better yet wedding anniversary.
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