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Playamart - Zebra Designs & Destinations

Life along the coastal area of Manabi Ecuador through the scribblings and photography of an artist!

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"This site marries my love of the outdoors with my love of art. Some people say that I bring the outdoors inside with my paintings; many times I literally bring the outdoors inside!

The nearest “Playamart” holds unique treasures: shells, feathers, pottery shards, driftwood, polished rocks – all trigger potential uses for future projects, so I return with arms loaded!

Between the serious paintings and studies, you will find a balance of whimsical work. Artists enjoy working with their hands, so it’s quite natural that I love to cook and garden. You’ll be treated to a sampling of unique foods from Latin America and the Zeebra’s way of preparing them!

Having traveled through Central America and in Ecuador over the last 10+ years, I will also be sharing tales of interesting people and places I’ve encountered along the way." (From "About Zeebra Designs")

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