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Life in a State of Wanderlust

A 20s-something girl from the USA transplanted to the Netherlands, taking advantage of all that life in Europe has to offer.

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I’m a 20s-something girl with a passion for travel. I grew up in Virginia, USA, but needed something more so I moved to London for grad school. Now I’ve finished my MSc. in Global Politics and am living in the Netherlands. I’m perpetually planning for my next trip, and I’m one of those people (if there even are others) that gets an adrenaline rush on the hunt for an airline ticket deal. North, south, east, or west: if it is a place on this earth, you can bet that I want to see it! Aside from my severe case of the travel bug, my other obsessions include soccer (vamos Barca!), the Spanish language, everything green, snow, and the new series of Downton Abbey. I prefer walking over cycling or driving, which is a good thing since I have neither a bike nor a car at the moment (blasphemy in the Netherlands, I know). When I’m living abroad, I miss Mountain Dew, Cheez-its, college sports, Thanksgiving, family and friends, and good BBQ. But I wouldn’t trade my life for the world. Follow me and my crazy adventures as I learn to live life the Dutch way, while taking advantage of all that Europe has to offer.
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