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I'm Shopaholicfromhome who moved to Lyon. J'adore Lyon is my way of exploring France, the French way of life, food, places & adding Polish influence to it!

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I am Pole who has been living in London, UK for over 6 years. More then traveling, I love exploring different cultures and differences & similarities between different nations. I have been traveling a bit and love to be in the international environment. I have just moved to France, Lyon and started to learn a bit more about the French. Not having any experience with France whatsoever, not speaking any French as yet, I have been gaining many observations about the French lifestyle, places to visit in France and wanted to share them with others while starting to learn this beautiful yet so difficult language and slowly settling in in France. Your Home is Where Your Hear Is…that is why J’adore Lyon by Shopaholicfromhome has been created. … So if you would you like to join me in the adventure to explore France from the perspective of the Polish girl who is very curious and love to explore, who on top of that all loves shopping, movies, trips & activities & things to do, who loves baking & taking a lot of photos; a girl who has too many ideas per minute, then keep an eye on my Shopaholicfromhome blog and check out on what I have been up to on J'adore Lyon by Shopaholicfromhome FB Page and J’adore LyonTwitter. If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! I would love to hear from you!
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