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Live the Life in Ecuador

Bringing you facts, tips, and stories about living the life in Ecuador, we'll help you make the transition to this beautiful country.

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The Live the Life in Ecuador blog is here to help you discover the many joys of living in Ecuador so that your move here will be a stress-free one. From recommendations and helpful tips for the preparation of your transition to adventures to partake in once you arrive; we have a little something for everyone. I moved to Ecuador about 2 years ago with no house, no job, and no visa. Now I am the owner of a fantastic business located on the beautiful beach of Puerto Lopez and couldn’t be happier. Ecuador is a marvelous country that has so much to offer and I want more people to be able to live out their dreams as I have without fearing the unknown. Uprooting your life can be a major decision so I am here to share my experiences and thoughts and help take away some of those common doubts, unanswered questions, and misconceptions that may be inhibiting people from living the life they have always wanted.
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