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Expat Exchange - Moving with a Pet to Georgia 2024
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Tbilisi, Georgia

Moving with a Pet to Georgia

By Betsy Burlingame

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Summary: Get ready to move to Georgia with your pets. This guide provides key information on vaccinations, what you can bring to Georgia, travel tips, and more, helping to avoid problems when you relocate with your pet.

Moving to a new country can be an exciting adventure, and for those who consider their pets as part of the family, ensuring their furry friends can come along is a top priority. Georgia, a country known for its rich history and stunning landscapes, is becoming an increasingly popular destination for expats and digital nomads. When it comes to bringing pets, Georgia has specific requirements regarding vaccination, paperwork, and in some cases, quarantine. While it's not uncommon to see pets in Georgia, it's essential to be well-prepared for the process of bringing them into the country. This article will delve into the details of what you need to know about moving to Georgia with your pet, covering everything from documentation to settling in.

Can I bring my dog to Georgia?

Yes, you can bring your dog to Georgia, but you must comply with the country's import regulations. Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before travel but not more than one year prior to entering the country. Additionally, you'll need to obtain a veterinary health certificate, also known as a pet passport, which should be endorsed by an official veterinarian in your home country. It's important to note that certain breeds may be subject to specific regulations, so it's advisable to check the latest information before planning your move.

Can I bring my cat to Georgia?

Similar to dogs, cats are also welcome in Georgia, provided they meet the necessary health requirements. Your cat will need a valid rabies vaccination certificate and a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian. The health certificate should be issued within a certain timeframe before your departure, so make sure to verify the current requirements to ensure your paperwork is in order.

Pets that are Prohibited from Coming into Georgia

Georgia does not have a specific list of prohibited pets; however, exotic animals and certain breeds of dogs that are considered dangerous may be restricted or require special permits. It's crucial to check with the Georgian authorities or the consulate before attempting to bring any non-traditional pets or breeds that might be subject to restrictions.

How do I bring my pet to Georgia?

To bring your pet to Georgia, you'll need to prepare several documents and ensure your pet meets the health requirements. The key steps include:

  1. Ensure your pet is microchipped with an ISO 11784/11785 compliant 15-digit pet microchip.
  2. Have your pet vaccinated against rabies and other diseases as recommended by a veterinarian.
  3. Obtain a veterinary health certificate (pet passport) within a specific timeframe before travel.
  4. Have the health certificate endorsed by the relevant authority in your country, such as the USDA or CFIA.
  5. Check if there are any breed-specific regulations or additional tests required, such as a rabies titer test.
  6. Research airline policies regarding pet travel and make appropriate arrangements.
No quarantine is imposed on pets arriving in Georgia as long as they meet the entry requirements. However, it's always best to confirm the latest regulations before traveling, as policies can change.

Upon Arriving in Georgia

Once you and your pet have arrived in Georgia, there are a few steps you should take to ensure a smooth transition:

  1. Keep your pet's documentation accessible, as you may need to present it to customs officials.
  2. While there is no mandatory pet license in Georgia, it's wise to have your pet wear identification with your local contact information.
  3. Find a local veterinarian for any follow-up care or vaccinations your pet may need. Recommendations from other expats or local pet owners can be invaluable.
  4. Although dog parks are not as common in Georgia as in some other countries, there are still places where you can take your dog for exercise and socialization. Ask locals or join expat communities for suggestions.
  5. Generally, Georgians are fond of pets, especially in urban areas. However, it's always good to be respectful of local customs and regulations regarding pets in public spaces.
By taking these steps, you can help ensure that your pet adjusts well to your new home in Georgia.

About the Author

Betsy Burlingame Betsy Burlingame is the Founder and President of Expat Exchange and is one of the Founders of Digital Nomad Exchange. She launched Expat Exchange in 1997 as her Master's thesis project at NYU. Prior to Expat Exchange, Betsy worked at AT&T in International and Mass Market Marketing. She graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a BA in International Business and German.

Some of Betsy's articles include 12 Best Places to Live in Portugal, 7 Best Places to Live in Panama and 12 Things to Know Before Moving to the Dominican Republic. Betsy loves to travel and spend time with her family. Connect with Betsy on LinkedIn.

AGS Worldwide Movers
AGS Worldwide Movers

AGS Worldwide Movers
AGS Worldwide Movers

Tbilisi, Georgia

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