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6 Important Tips about Healthcare for Expats in China

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Expats living in China discuss health insurance and quality of medical care in China.

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Expat Health Insurance and Healthcare in Shenzhen, China


An expat in Shenzhen, China discusses health care and health insurance in Shenzhen. She advises expats who don't speak Chinese fluently to bring a someone who is fluent with them to doctor's appointments and to the hospital if there are ever any medical emergencies.

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Having a Baby in Shanghai, China

I went to Shanghai East International/ private clinic in Pudong. I had a wonderful experience! I choose a British doctor (Dr. Mahad) and all my wishes and requests were full field. I had a natural birth with a epidural.10 hours labor. The staff was great! spoke English very well.I was treated like I was in 5 star hotel :-)

Having a Baby in Guangzhou, China

I gave birth via c-section at VIP Birthing Center in Guangzhou. I stayed in hospital for 5 days and was given IV pain relief. It was a wonderful experience, the staff spoke some English and my husband was able to stay the entire week in our private room.

Having a Baby in Shanghai, China

I went to a foreign hospital. The cares was the same and even better than what I would have had in Europe. The Chinese people are really attentive with the pregnant women.

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