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Expat Health Insurance & Healthcare Guide to Pakistan

Expats share their experiences with healthcare and expat health insurance in Pakistan.

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Our new Expat Healthcare Guide is designed to collect and share information about expat healthcare and expat health insurance from expats in Pakistan. If you are already living in Pakistan, please take a few minutes to answer several questions in our Expat Healthcare Report.

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Having a Baby in Islamabad, Pakistan

I had our two children in Pakistan, but at different times. The first time I was here on a diplomatic posting, and the second I was not workig at all, but was here as a dependents of my husband, who was working. We never anticipated number 2 being born in Islamabad, but it worked out that way. I went to the Shifa International Hospital, the main one and probably the best equipped. However, I saw a private ob/gyn for the first 7 months with our first before going to the hospital doctor. With our second, I was 35 weeks when we arrived, so had most of the care at home before arriving back in Pakistan. I did not use any pain management, although it was offered and easily obtained. I had a positive experience. Natural childbirth with both, and short labours. I realise I am lucky in that sense. I stayed in hospital for 24 hours after our first was born. I stayed for about 8 hours after our second. My husband was allowed to be present for both, and for our first my mother was also there.

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