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12/16/2009 23:58 EST

Hello. I am considering a move to Sofia and am wondering about the availability and reliability of public transportation. Is it possible to live in Sofia without owning a car?

12/17/2009 11:40 EST

hi, yes it's definatly better to get around sofia with out a car. drivers are horrendous there and the are many potholes.
We lived there for two years and only considered buying a car once we were assigned to work out of town.
There are buses , trams, trains, minbus taxi style, but cheaper than a taxi and taxis of course.
The only disadvantage is if you like to stay out till the wee hours as they don't run regaularly 24hrs, after 11pm it's good to know what's running as most close up until 5am. But taxis are plentiful then and if you get street wise as to the prices and make sure you have correct change to hand over they are manageable.
hope this helps, the best help is a decent street map as it has all the routes on it.
we live in pazardjik now , much quieter and not so many potholes and crazy drivers, we have horses and carts instead!
We work furnishing homes with ikea kitchens and all the kit for doing up your house collected from ikea greece so if you need anything let us know,
kind regards sarah temblett

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