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Relocating to Lake Atitlan

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5/13/2013 20:45 EST

I'm a retired high school teacher seriously considering moving to the a rental on Lake Atitlan area. However, I need info as to ...well, just about everything. Any advice as to what publications, sites, etc. that would help me with what I need to know? Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks. Roger

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From: Guatemala
5/13/2013 21:47 EST

Hi Roger, please check my site where you will some rentals plus don't hesitate to contact for any personal information. I live on the shore of the lake and fo help a lot of person to relocate, retire around this beautiful lake.
But to help you start you have to know that the lake as several villages where you can retire.. the most look after are Panajachel (easy to go around, bank, doctors, restaurants, market..) Santa Cruz la Laguna (proximity of Panajachel but more sechluded). San Marcos La Laguna (for the healing services and the new age feel) and San Pedro La Laguna (cheap rentals)
The lake is very accessible from Guatemala city (2 1/2 hours drive) and a very safe place to live..
Looking forward to have you as a neighbor soon..

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5/14/2013 01:06 EST

Hello. I am planning on moving to Guatemala next year but because I am Gay, I thought it might be safer for me to go to Guatemala City. I just read your letter and am going to check out but I would like to correspond with you more in the future Please respond. Thank You, Ron.

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5/14/2013 04:04 EST

Thanks for the help. I'll be in touch soon.

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6/3/2013 11:59 EST

ron,, travel smart. pick a place to start. plan on a hotel, hostal for a few days. check out the surroundings, people, services, THEN, IF & ONLY IF, you feel comfortable, find a longer term apt. or rental. maybe you choose pana but...
san pedro, marcos, whatever appeal to you more and you are STUCK having committed blindly to an unwanted rental

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