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Trying to help young woman in Kazakhstan

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4/28/2014 08:29 EST


Is there an easy way to send small sums of money from the US to Kazakhstan?

About 10 years ago I got involved with a program run by 2 young women in the Peace Corp that was helping children in an orphanage. I sent things to a young girl - clothes and toys. She wrote to me several times. When she was 16 she left the orphanage and I lost track of her. Eventually she wrote to me again and told me the sadness in her life. I've received a few letters over the years. The last was a very sad story with a desperate request for money. I cannot help her secure a place to live, but would like to send small sums of money when I am able. I'm not sure what city she is in, but can ask the woman who translates for me. Thank you!

4/29/2014 03:58 EST

I can help with translation. Send me details and I will translate for you.

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4/29/2014 04:07 EST

The easy way is to use Western union.

4/30/2014 18:51 EST

Thank you! I was unaware that Western Union was an option. I will write to Irina and ask where her nearest pick-up location is.

Thank you for the offer to translate, but I have a friend who helps me with that. She did not translate the address for me, but has offered to do so.

I appreciate your help!

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