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Exploring Uruguay

The Exploring Uruguay website, blog and forum provide information about Uruguay for expats and visitors.

Web Site:

Very little information is available on the web about moving to Uruguay, especially for young families not of retirement age. So, we decided to create the Exploring Uruguay Website, Blog and Forum to help other people like us.

The website provides detailed information about Uruguay and is a good source of information for both current and prospective expats, and tourists. You'll find facts about Uruguay, an overview of healthcare in Uruguay, hotel listings, information about getting your internet set up, details on electricity and electronics in Uruguay and much more.

The blog chronicles our family's daily life and experiences with exploring Uruguay. We share restaurant reviews, recommendations on what to pack, perspective on the culture in Uruguay and much more. Don't forget to subscribe to our blog so you can keep up to date with our adventures.

The forum is designed for expats and travelers to ask questions about Uruguay, and to share their experiences with Uruguay. The Exploring Uruguay Forum is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Stop by and post a question or share your knowledge!

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