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How I Became a Writer

A blog looking at daily life in Singapore, the ups and down of expat life in Asia, plus anything else I want to write about!

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Welcome to my blog!

After several years of trying to claw my way up the corporate ladder, experiencing office politics at their very worst and generally realising that working in an office for the rest of my life just isn’t for me (better late than never, hey!) I have finally decided to follow my dream of becoming a freelance writer. This was never something I seriously considered as a full time job before due to certain limiting beliefs (I won’t be good enough, no one will want to read or pay for my written word and what my family and friends would say, blah blah blah). But, I am slowly putting those demons to rest and taking the first, albeit small steps to becoming a writer and most importantly being able to work to my own schedule, and in my own surroundings. Just making this life changing decision has been a breath of fresh air in my life so far!

Apart from providing you with observations of daily life, anecdotes and comments on news stories, the aim of this (daily, weekly, monthly?) blog is to track my career move from a fast-paced corporate environment to being able to support myself purely by freelance writing, proofreading and editing. I will offer insight into how I’m progressing, tips for other people with similar aspirations along with links to useful resources, any pitfalls I encounter and hopefully, in the not too distant future, snippets of work I get published.

Along with this, there will be the inevitable detour from time to time when there isn’t much of interest to report – in such hard times I promise to bring as much humour and thought provoking insight into my ‘normal’ life as possible – after all, living as an expat in Asia provides a wonderful source of inspiration for writing and now I finally have an outlet for such stories – be warned!

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