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Mum On The Move

Diplomatic spouse on posting to Kuala Lumpur - making it work with our toddler and new baby.

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I can't profess to being a travel agent, a child psychologist, nor a UN Peace Keeper. However, as the Australian wife of a British diplomat, and mum to a very lovely, very rambunctious toddler (and another on the way), surviving nightmare flights and seeking out soft play centres in unlikely cities is what I do best.

I've taught and worked with children in Australia, Japan, the UK, Uganda and Malaysia. I've watched street children play tag in Hanoi. I've laughed with Tanzanian children seeing elephants for the first time. I've seen two-year-olds perform acrobatics in the streets of New Delhi. And I've watched my little chap spend entire afternoons playing away happily with children with whom he shares not one common word.

Of course, I've also lost my brand new prescription sunglasses down a long drop (ah, the joys of toilet training on the road), upturned a stroller in a pothole along one of Asia's busiest streets and broken an arm while navigating a course through my first Malaysian supermarket, two-year-old in tow. I've learnt a lot.

I love discovering new things, new places and new ways of seeing the world. At the moment we're enjoying our latest adventure on a posting to KL, Malaysia. When I'm not working as a freelance translator or volunteering at a local refugee centre, I'm occupied with exploring our newest home turf and packing my little family off onto more adventures around the globe. I hope you'll enjoy sharing some of it.


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Top-quality coverage for people who live, work, study and travel internationally.
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